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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shri Ram tells Vaishnavi that in Kalyug he’ll take avatar of Kalki who’ll definitely marry her & she while mediating on Tirkut mountain one of her devotee will come to help her to achieve her goal & she feels happy about it expressing that she’ll wait for him.
Shri Ram tells her that Shri Hanuman will guard her position on that mountain & also make her devotee to meet her & Shri Hanuman also assures her about it & finally she’ll get the status of Mata Vaishnadevi whom people in this world will come to pray for her & she feels blessed.
Shridhar expresses his happiness of knowing that she is the same Mata whom he is devoted while Shri Hanuman tells him that do not know who can be her devotee might be you too & he feels very delighted about his devotion towards Mata.
Ganesh tells Pushpadant that this way Shridhar’s journey started of devotion towards Mata.
Shridhar is praying Mata’s idol while his wife is supporting to arrange Pooja materials for him.
A Rich villager Brahman is appreciating himself in his egoistic behavior while his wife loves her son a lot taking care of him but her husband keeps telling her for help but she instead shouts him which scares him.
Brahman villager along with his student Shridhar is getting ready for Mata’s Pooja while Shridhar’s wife helps in his work. Brahman is waiting for Shridhar to come while he comes running & Brahman taunts him.
Brahman’s wife curses Shridhar’s wife who doesn’t have a child while Shridhar’s wife hears it & leaves emotionally from there.
Shridhar performs Pooja as per rituals but he is humiliated by other Brahman’s who teach him to perform in their way.
Brahman is chanting mantra for Mata’s Pooja while his wife & son comes to attend Pooja & Brahman after seeing her gets disturbed scaring him hence can’t chant mantra properly while Shridhar wonders why his wife hasn’t arrived yet.
Shridhar’s wife is praying Mata’s idol emotionally in her house wishing of a child while Shridhar sees Brahman disturbed & he starts singing prayers for Mata while Brahman’s wife wonders about him thinking that his student is singing prayers & he thinks himself a big Brahman& Brahman is surprised to see his student singing prayers nicely in which all people are engrossed.

Precap: Shridhar & his wife pray Mata Saying that there might be late of Mata’s blessings to get of child then too I feel without child she might be wishing us to devote ourselves to her. Shri Hanuman intimates Mata that they both are your ultimate devotee’s while Mata tells him that he is going to get boon of his devotion very soon.

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