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Shaadi Mubarak 25th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KT saying you remember that girl, who stole the baby. She says Phurti doesn’t chat always. She gets Phurti’s call. Phurti says I got the answer from Guru ji, come home, I will tell you. Preeti says okay. KT says get ready for celebrating your success. Preeti meets Phurti. Phurti says Guru ji has refused. Preeti says let me talk to her. Phurti says you will steal him like Ritu has stolen my money. Preeti says let me meet him once. Phurti takes her and shows the bottle in place of idol. She says that’s my Guru ji. She smiles.

Preeti says I don’t have time for jokes, you said you will help me. Phurti asks her to leave. Preeti says listen to me once, its your decision, I won’t force you, our coins were together, its fine if my dream doesn’t complete but your dream will complete, I will help you go to London, give me your details, my happiness is short lived, but you have a long life. Phurti asks really, will you help me. Preeti says yes, it will be deal to help for something in return, it gives real happiness when we help someone selflessly. Phurti asks are you a person or an angel, Ritu is my room partner, she ran away with my money, you are my relative and want to help me. Preeti says get the passport, trust me, I will help you. Phurti gets her passport.

Preeti says I will call you. Phurti says your goodness made me meet my goodness. She hugs Preeti. She says surprise, I will get your child in the world, I like you, your husband isn’t good, he always gives Gyaan, tell him that I don’t take his gyaan for free. Preeti smiles. Phurti asks what to do next, come.

Preeti leaves and thinks I will give happiness to KT before going. She dances. Mai happy vappy kyu…plays… Preeti comes to a restaurant for KT’s surprise. She thinks how to convince KT. KT comes and says I want you all to meet my wife, my friend, Preeti, who made my life beautiful, she is a magician, she knows the magic of turning everything into magic, thanks Preeti for choosing me as your partner, I got all the happiness after she came in my life. He asks will you walk with me in this journey of life. He forwards his hand. She recalls the doctor’s words. She goes to him and holds his hand. Bolna….plays… They sit to dine and laugh. She asks did you arrange a writer. He asks are you happy. She says I will be happy when mom’s wish gets fulfilled, when you get your own child. He says I m happy with you, I want you, not the baby, I don’t need anyone when you are with me. She thinks how shall I tell you that I m not with you for long. He stops her and asks what happened, are you fine.

She says I have dreamt of giving you a child, I want to see your happiness. He says it can be tough to try for a baby in this age, you would have tolerated pain to fulfill family’s expectations, I don’t want to see you in pain. She says we can opt for surrogacy, I won’t be hurt. He says surrogacy process isn’t easy, it can take time, that person has to be healthy. She says yes. He gets a call from home. He gets shocked and says we are coming. He says mom….

They come home. Shivraj says Kushala fainted down. Neil says she kept a fast. KT asks why. Priyanka says so that Preeti gets pregnant, she is worrying Preeti as well. Neil says Kushala wants your child soon. Priyanka says its not right to harm Preeti’s health, surrogacy will be the best option. Kushala shouts someone make this girl shut up. She says surrogacy will never happen, Preeti will give birth to the baby herself. Priyanka asks why, what’s the problem to accept modern science. Kushala says we won’t talk about it. Priyanka says you are hiding something, there is a big reason behind this.

Preeti acts and says I m pregnant. Kushala gets happy. KT says you hate lies, why did you lie, you are hiding a big truth.

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