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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini and Nidhi searching proofs in Anuradha’s room. Nidhi asks Shreeman App, where someone hides precious things. She gets the answer that it hides where nobody can think it is there. Anuradha takes the call and invites Jagannath and the family members to her daughter’s marriage. Kaushalya comes and takes the call, but Anuradha disconnects the call and tells Babu that his family is coming to attend the marriage. Jagannath tells Kaushalya that Pratap’s wife called and invited them for the marriage. Kaushalya gets upset and tells that Anuradha wants to snatch my son from me and asks him to bring babu back by tomorrow itself. Else she will go and bring him back. She says if my heart gets hurt then Pratap can’t see his daughter’s marriage tomorrow. Jagannath shouts at her.

Baby imagines her mandap burning to the ashes and everyone going missing and she is left with just ashes in her hand. She gets shocked and wakes up from the sleep. Anuradha and Pratap come to the room calling her. Baby panics and feels hard to breath. Anuradha asks her to drink water. Baby tells Pratap that she will not get married and she will be remained unmarried again. She cries and says nobody can change my destiny. Pratap says your marriage will be very grand and it will be done with happiness. He promises her that everything will be fine and happy. He hugs and assures her. He says you will get married, and take the rounds, will have sindoor and mangalsultra. He says no pain or fear can touch you, tells that she will marry tomorrow. Anuradha assures that everything will be fine.

Babu prays to God and says today is the big day for Baby. He says everything shall be fine and baby shall go from here happily. Anuradha comes there and says you have sacred and pure heart. I am sure that nothing wrong can happen with baby when you are around. Babu says everything will be fine, and if not then I will make everything fine. Anuradha goes. Babu prays that he shall not do any mistake even by mistake. He prays that baby’s marriage shall happen, so that he can go from here.

Baby is getting ready for her marriage and asks the make up man, that she will not apply this lipstick. She asks Nisha and Tokyo, where is her perfume, shoes etc. Lata asks her to relax. Babu brings her shoes/sandals and anklet, which she dropped yesterday. Baby tells that he had stolen yesterday, and now returning it to act good. He says whatever you say today, I will take it as a prasad and says sorry for his misbehavior yesterday. He says today is the big day for you and I think that everything will be fine. He says he didn’t see many marriage, but have seen his parents’ love and affection. He says they are the partners of happiness and sorrows. Baby says how my marriage will happen, when you are standing infront of me with your inauspicious face. Lata says he is giving you good wishes and you are telling this. Baby says yes. Babu asks you think that I am inauspicious. Baby says yes, wherever you go, you ruin everywhere and tells that you had cursed me, now acting to be good. She says you don’t deserve anything, you are badluck, keep this in mind. She asks her not to show his face to him before marriage. Babu promises that he will show his face to her only after the marriage and tells that he knows that she is angry as she don’t like Preet. He says any relation is meaningless without love and respect. He asks her to think why is she marrying, as she has no love or enthusiasm. He says such relation just have anger and repentance and not peace and happiness. Baby says how dare you? Babu says I will not show my inauspicious face to you. He says if God wills, then I will see your face after marriage.

Precap: Preet comes in the car. Pratap welcomes the groom. Preet makes baby wear garland. Baby is about to make him wear the garland, when Babu comes there and shouts stop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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