Badshah says he prefers lush fields of Punjab to Canada



Rapper Badshah has sung a promo song for the television show Udaariyaan, which focuses on people migrating from Punjab to Canada. Badshah says he prefers the lush fields of Punjab to Canada, adding that he has the option to settle in that country but does not want to. “Everyone has their own thoughts and views. Like, I am happy being in Chandigarh, Punjab, and would never want to leave. That is my choice. Eventually, it is an individual’s perspective. If anyone wants to go, it’s their choice and I respect that,” the rapper said.

“I do have an option to settle in Canada, but I don’t want to,” he added.

Earlier, while shooting the song in Punjab, the singer had said, “It is such a great feeling to be in Punjab, being surrounded by lush fields and the amazing people of this land. It was ‘Udaariyan’ that got me here back home.”

Talking about the issue highlighted in the song, he added: “I have known a lot of people who have dreamt the same dream and the struggle is very real.”

Udaariyan revolves around the character of Fateh Singh, who is a boxer and loves a girl named Jasmine. However, another girl named Tejo is stuck between the love story of Fateh and Jasmine.

On the show, he described it as one “that portrays the hopes, dreams, aspirations and the journey of a lot of people from Punjab who dream to go to Canada”, adding: “This is a show about a family and their struggle to migrate to a foreign land, which is a reality I have observed first hand.”

The show is produced by popular telly-couple Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta.

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