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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was morning. The villagers make fun of Ram ji family and his problems. They laugh that their lives have been troubled; a son left their house; wife is troublesome, and Anand was beaten. Anand comes outside and accuses Mangesh of hitting him. Mangesh denies any accusations. Anand was determined to send Mangesh to jail, the police captain will take him. The police arrive to take Mangesh and says Bhim Rao Ambedkar filed a report against him. Ram ji thinks Bhim knew about Anand last night, may be this is the reason he took this step. Jijabai thinks what if Bhim taught Anand all these guts.

Mangesh denies any accusations. He demands witness and proofs for his warrant. Chandralaka comes as a witness. Jijabai goes to accuse Chandralaka at once. The villagers decide to accept the blame. Ram ji demands if only Mangesh was involved, or anyone else was a part of it. Mangesh takes all the blame on himself. Anand asks them to let Chandralaka speak. Mangesh goes to clutch Chandralaka by neck. Chandralaka takes Mangesh’s name. The police take Mangesh and Chandralaka to police station.

Puranjan comes to demand a societal punishment for Chandralaka. Her biggest mistake is also that she was the mastermind behind cutting Ram ji’s family. Today they announce a social boycott of Chandralaka. Chandralaka cries that Jijabai is not involved in anything, she requests them not to punish her. She joins her hands to Jijabai as well and tells her to accept even their accusations. Ram ji assures they cannot misbehave to Jijabai because of her. Before the captain could take them, Chandralaka’s husband vows to never forgive her and breaks any relation with her. Jijabai thinks she will revenge Bhim of this act. She will take any step to scatter this family, and weaker every pillar of the house. Ram ji asks Anand if he met Bhim? Anand says Bhim came yesterday and helped him find the culprit, but he denied staying back. Ram ji tells Meera he is going to work. Meera was worried that he had not eaten anything. Ram ji leaves saying he will eat there.

Maharaj was determined to attempt for release of Mangesh. They discuss where Bhim Rao can be.

At home, Jijabai was sitting in the kitchen. She thinks about the warning from Chandralaka to stay cautious of Bhim. She mixes something in the food and thinks now Bhim will witness the drama in the house.

In the factory, tea was being distributed. Bhim says he does not drink tea. The fellows mock if he takes milk. He says yes, he drinks milk. They make fun of him, as one cannot afford milk from office money. Bhim replies one must never change good habits due to change of situations. Ram ji comes with milk for Bhim. He says it is alright, he can lend him today’s salary. They can afford his food and milk in it. And the rest can go indebted, amongst son and father. Bhim discusses with Ram ji to distribute their property. This is right that Anand is also unhappy. Ram ji scolds Bhim for talking unmindfully. Who can they distribute; father-son or son with son?
At home, Jijabai cooks food for everyone. Bala complains the food is salty. Jijabai takes a bite and says it is not so much. Meera also complains there is not much. Anand thinks about Bhim’s request not to insult her. Anand suggests Bala to eat bread only. Jijabai was offended. Meera suggests cooking another vegetable herself. Jijabai objects that earning of 2 penny, and cook 10 penny? When Meera was annoyed at her behavior, Jijabai shouts at them, snatches their plates and throws the food outside. She tells them to cast her out of this house if they have a problem. She stresses that the family cannot work as a single unit. It is good to divide the house.
Bhim speaks to Ram ji to think with a cool mind.

PRECAP: Jijabai demands a division. Ram ji decides that all the children, house and Meera go together; he will leave the house. All the rest belongs to Jijabai.

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