Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 38 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with Aryan being in his house and he was very angry.
Anurprya was being besides him to calm him down.
Aryan( being angry): Vansh Rai Singhania has done a lot of things to me mom and I can’t tolerate his behaviors more. He has crossed all the limits after sending to me a lot of people to beat me and insult me in that way. I will never leave him. Siya was right when she has said that Vansh and Riddhima must to die. I will never tolerate leaving them alive for another time. I will kill them and I will make them suffer a lot. Killing them both by my hand is the thing that will make me very relaxed. I will not give them the chance to be together and insult me more. Vansh and Riddhima will die and just die.
Anuprya was putting her hand on Aryan’s shoulder to calm him down.
She was trying to minimize his anger, but without any result.
As she was also passing through the same anger.
Aryan: Everything is getting out from my hand mom. Siya has called me and has told me how Kabir has exposed her and he has known all her motives and he is keeping his eyes on her so that’s why she isn’t able to do anything from our plans.
Anuprya: Regardless that I got very angry on Siya that she has done something without telling us, but I was hoping that she could has succeeded in killing Riddhima especially after what Vansh has done with you my son.
Aryan: Everything got destroyed at the same time mom as now that fool girl that is called Sejal isn’t talking with me in the same way that she was doing it before. I could observe from her attitude that she starts to doubt me. My control on her starts to be vanished.
Anuprya: Please my son relax. Your anger will not help us in completing our plan. You must to be in your complete senses and concentration so you could complete controlling that Sejal as she is the golden card to you Aryan. She is the one who will keep you being able to attend to VR mansion. Actually, she is the one who will make you complete attending Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage rituals so you could implant the new step in our new plan which is killing Vansh and Riddhima and get rid of them forever. We must to punish them with this hard and tough punishment after what they have done to you my son.
Aryan: Yes Vansh has forbidden me yesterday from going to his and Riddhima’s music ceremony and I got forbidden to cause problems in their ceremony, but he will not be able to do that at every ceremony. In today’s ceremony, I will be at VR mansion whatever are circumstances. In Vansh and Riddhima’s Mehendi ceremony, I will not leave them be satisfied or relaxed. I will kil…
Before Aryan could complete his words, his mobile rings.

He has seen that his jean is the one who is calling him.
Aryan: Oh shit! I have totally forgotten the jean! I didn’t have checked if he got escaped safely from the country or not!
He picked up the call.
Aryan: How you didn’t left the country till now?! The number that you are using it is the country’s number so how you didn’t traveled to London like I have reserved to you on your ticket to London?! As your flight must has been on the air now so how you are still at the country?!
The jean: I was going to leave the country when Vansh and his men have came to me and have caught me.
Aryan stands from his seat while he was super shocked from what he has heard it from his man.
Aryan( Shocked): What?!
The jean: Yes Mr. Aryan. Vansh Rai Singhania has caught me and he started torturing me and I wasn’t having any choice other than telling him everything I know it about you. I’m sorry Mr. Aryan that I have said everything about you to Mr. Vansh as there wasn’t any other choice other than that Mr. Aryan. If I didn’t have said everything about you Mr. Aryan, Vansh Rai Singhania was going to kill my family along with killing me. But don’t worry Mr. Aryan as I got succeeded in escaping from Vansh’s hands before he could use me more in exposing you in front of his sister Sejal.
Aryan: So why you are calling me now?! Do you want to tell me that you have cheated on me and you have told every single information about me to Vansh?! What will make any difference if you got escaped from him or not?! As at the end he got all the information that he was wanting it from you idiot.
The jean: I have called you boss to tell you that Vansh Rai Singhania has collected proofs against your Mr. Aryan. He is going to give it to Sejal at the end of the Mehendi ceremony. Those proofs are on his phone. Save yourself before you could be exposed. I have known that from him when I was under his captivity. He was wanting to use me and take me with him during the Mehendi ceremony and make me admit everything you have ordered me to do it in front of his sister, but I have succeeded in escaping from him so I could try to not cause more problems to you Mr. Aryan. I just called you now to inform you about what has happened so I could warn you and make you be alert. Please save yourself Mr. Aryan. I have called you to make you be able to take those proofs from Mr. Vansh before he could make his sister see those proofs. I have to end up the call now as I’m going to leave the country through a ship. Take care about yourself Mr. Aryan and try to rescue yourself before Vansh Rai Singhania could expose you in front of his sister and end all your plans.
After the jean has said those words, he has ended the call with Aryan before he could give him any chance to reply to him.
Aryan got shocked after what he has listened from his man’s words.
Aryan( being very angry): Vansh Rai Singhania will not destroy my plan. I must to go to VR mansion during the Mehendi ceremony to stop Vansh from exposing me in front of Sejal.
Anuprya: I will be with you Aryan. I will come with you to destroy Vansh and protect our plan.
At the same time, Vansh and Angre were discussing together what will happen in the Mehendi ceremony.
Angre: Everything is happening the way you want it to happen boss. Your plan is going very well.
Vansh: Great! I’m sure that Aryan will not miss the Mehendi ceremony so he could take his revenge for what I have done with him and this is the thing that I will take an advantage from it as during the Mehendi ceremony I will expose him in front of Sejal to end up his chapter forever.
Angre: Don’t worry boss as all the preparations are ready to welcome the end of that stupid Aryan Oberoi.
Vansh: During today’s ceremony, not only Aryan and his mother who will be exposed and getting rid of them but also their partner that has helped them in trying to destroy me and my business. During today’s ceremony, I will know who is that closest person to me who wants to destroy me that much. I’m sure that after exposing Aryan I could know from him the name of the cheater that is found very close to me. At the end who is that closest person who is cheating me and is appearing something to me that isn’t the same as what this person is owns it inside me?!
Angre: Don’t think so much boss. Leave everything to me and try to enjoy your ceremony with Riddhima until your plan got to be started as we also don’t want your Mehendi ceremony with Riddhima to be spoiled because of that idiot.
While Vansh and Angre were talking together, Angre got distracted when Ragini appeared beside the same place that Angre and Vansh are standing on it.
Angre was staring at Ragini and he wasn’t concentrating on anything Vansh was saying it to him.
He was staring at Ragini while she was sitting with Riddhima and the others to start the Mehendi ceremony.
He was smiling seeing Ragini laughing and enjoying her time.
Vansh was giving his back to Angre.
So he wasn’t knowing the reason that could make Angre isn’t responding to him.
Vansh kept talking to Angre and calling his name without a respond from Angre.
Vansh: Angre, why you aren’t answering me?!
At that moment, Vansh turned his face to see why Angre isn’t concentrating on his conversation with him.
When Vansh turned to face Angre, he has seen Angre staring at Ragini very much.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! Now I could know the reason that makes you aren’t concentrating at all on my words. I can observe that you start to walk on the same path that your boss is walking through it. You are walking on the same path Angre which is the love path. You have totally fallen Mr. Angre Rathoar. Ragini has made you aren’t concentrating in anything other than staring at her so this is the love bro.
Angre was silent and he was just smiling.
Vansh: Your silence and smile proves to me that what I’m noticing it is right Angre. I just want you to put something in your mind Angre.
Angre: What is that?
Vansh: You mustn’t to take so much time before you could confess the feelings that you own it towards Ragini. You must never waste any single moment without spending it with the girl that your heart has chosen her. Confess your feelings to her very fast before anyone could take her from you.
Angre: You are right Vansh. I must to be fast in confessing my feelings to Ragini. Thank you Vansh for encouraging me to express what I feel to Ragini.
Vansh: So let’s go now as the Mehendi ceremony will start and each one of us will be wanting to enjoy his time with his girl. I must to go to enjoy my time with my sweetheart and you also must go to your love Ragini.
Vansh winked at Angre and smiled at him.
They both smiled.
Then they went to the hale of the house which the Mehendi ceremony of Vansh and Riddhima has started on it and its preparations were ready.
At that moment, Siya was standing in a far area while she was very angry.
She was looking at Kabir in a very aggressive way.
Kabir was signing to her with a sign that means that he is keeping his eyes on her.
Siya to herself: I’m really captive and I’m aren’t able to cause problems in today’s ceremony. That idiot Kabir is making me caged in my own house like he has vowed to do, but I will not allow you to succeed in forbidding me from doing my plans Kabir. Aryan and Anuprya aunt are on their way and they are the ones who will do everything today and I will just watch and enjoy seeing Vansh and Riddhima being in so much pain and at the same time I could be safe from being exposed in front of everyone. Please come fast Aryan and Anuprya aunt as I can’t tolerate seeing Vansh and Riddhima’s happiness.
Kabir was looking at Siya and keeping his eyes on her.
Kabir to himself: Even if I will not be able to expose you in front of Vansh and the whole family now Siya, but at least I could be able to forbid you from causing any problems in their marriage rituals. My eyes will always be on you Siya so I could be sure that you will not do anything until I could collect all the proofs against you idiot.
He comes near to Vansh who was going to sit beside Riddhima.
Kabir: My men have told me that Aryan and Anuprya are on their way. I hope that they could come fast so we could get rid of that cheap people.
Vansh: Don’t worry Kabir everything is well planned. You just must do the things that I have told you to do it as your role in my plan is very important so please do everything the way I want so Riddhima and I could get rid of those irritating people.
Kabir to himself: I wish that I could tell you Vansh that you will not get rid of the irritating and evil people who hate you and Riddhima a lot by getting rid of Aryan and Anuprya as if Siya is still in VR mansion you and Riddhima’s lives will still be in danger. I just hope that by exposing Aryan and Anuprya Siya could also be exposed with them.
Kabir: Don’t worry Vansh I’m remembering my role very much and I will do everything very perfectly.
Vansh: So go now and start doing your role as I want to enjoy my time with my fiance before the dhamaka could be started.
Kabir: Okay Mr. Romeo go and enjoy some time with your Joliet.
Kabir smiles at Vansh.
Then he winks at him.
Afterwards, the Mehendi ceremony starts.
Riddhima starts applying her Mehendi while Vansh was staring at her.
He comes near her and he sits besides her.
Vansh: You look gorgeous sweetheart while you are applying the Mehendi of our marriage. I didn’t have seen a beautiful bride like you Riddhu. I’m really blessed that I will get married to an angel like you.
Riddhima was smiling very much.

She was very happy hearing those lovely words from Vansh.

Vansh and Riddhima were enjoying their Mehendi ceremony so much.

They were feeling very happy being together and feeling each other’s presence.

Dadi: Now Riddhima’s Mehendi is almost done. Only one thing is left.
Chanchel: Which is writing Vansh’s name on Riddhima’s hand.
Ishani: So you must to leave now Vansh bro as you mustn’t see your name while it is being written on Riddhima’s hand so you could be able to search about it and see if you will be able to find it or not.
Ragini: Yes Vansh. You must to leave now so we could be able to write your name in a hide way so Riddhima could win the challenge by making you fail in finding your name.
Vansh: Hold on guys I will not leave to any place as I will make a change in this ceremony.
Ishani: What will be this change?
Vansh: The groom will be the one who will write his name by the Mehendi on his bride’s hand.
Everyone was surprised with that change in the Mehendi ceremony.
Chanchel: But Vansh it is an unusual thing!
Kabir: And what is the problem mom? Why not to make him do that?! As you know that we are at Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage and we have seen from the beginning of Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage rituals that their rituals are happening in a very special way. So why not to also make them change the traditional way that is used in the Mehendi ceremony like what it has happened in the engagement and the music ceremony.
Dadi: Okay Vansh you could be the one who write your name on Riddhima’s hand by the Mehendi. Now I could be sure that this is Vansh’s marriage rituals as each ceremony is happening in a very special and unique way like you Vansh.
Everyone starts smiling very much.
Then Vansh takes the Mehendi and he comes very close to Riddhima.
Vansh starts writhing his name on Riddhima’s hand in a very romantic way.
Riddhima and Vansh were smiling very much while having this romantic moment together.
Riddhima: I was sure that you will not miss this ceremony without doing something special as if you didn’t do something like that you will not be Vansh Rai Singhania.
Vansh smiles from Riddhima’s words.
Vansh: Of course Riddhu as my unique and special attitude is one of the things that shapes Vansh Rai singhania. Actually, I’m also noticing that there is another person who is very unique which is you Riddhima. My would be Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania is very unique like her would be husband so that’s why we are the perfect partners to each other. I promise you Riddhu that every occasion with you will be very special sweetheart.
While Vansh was writing his name on Riddhima’s hands and having this romantic moment, Aryan and Anuprya have arrived.
Sejal has welcomed them and she made them sit beside her.
Sejal was trying to act normal with Aryan, but Vansh and Ishani’s words were being repeated on her mind.
Sejal to herself: I don’t know why Vansh and Ishani’s words aren’t being removed from my mind?! I will never be satisfied without knowing the whole truth so I could live peacefully. I must to be sure of Aryan’s loyalty so I could be defending him with a 100% sure of his loyalty. Please God make everything be cleared in front of me very soon.
Vansh has observed the arrive of Aryan and Anuprya.
So he signed to Angre and Kabir to start implanting the plan.
Kabir and Angre have understood Vansh’s sign.
So they nod their heads to Vansh to make him know that they have understood what he wants to sign them with it.
Vansh has finished writing his name on Riddhima’s hand.
Dadi: We must now to leave Riddhima’s Mehendi to be dried so she could wash it and make us see the color of the Mehendi. Actually, I’m sure that the color of the Mehendi will be very dark and this will shows how Vansh loves Riddhima so much especially that he is the one who has shared in her Mehendi by writing his name on it.

Rudra: We don’t need to wait for the Mehendi to be dried mom so we could be sure from Vansh’s love towards Riddhima as Vansh’s love is very noticeable from his behavior and the way he looked at Riddhima with it, right Vansh?

Vansh and Riddhima have started at each other and they were smiling without saying a word.

Afterwards, Ishani gets a plate of food towards Riddhima.
Ishani: You must to eat this food Riddhima as you didn’t have ate anything since morning.
Riddhima raised her hands to Ishani to make her see the Mehendi that is on her hands and will forbid her from eating the food.
Ishani looked at Vansh.
Ishani: Even if your hands are busy being on it the Mehendi, you still could be able to eat this food as your soul mate is near you and he could make you eat the food, right bhai?
She smiled at Vansh.
Then she left them to do her Mehendi.
Vansh: Everything happening around us wants to make us more closer to each other sweetheart, Am I right or am or am I right?!
Riddhima: My Vansh will always be right.
They have an eye look.
Then they smiled at each other.
Precap: A message has sent to Sejal.
This message was from an unknown number.
The message was written on it:
“If you want to know your boyfriend’s truth, leave the garden and come to the hale of the house to see your boyfriend’s truth by your eyes”

The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Let’s see how Aryan’s truth will be exposed in front of Sejal. Let’s see how will be his end. Let’s wait to see if Siya will be exposed with him or not. All those stuff will be cleared at the upcoming episodes so stay tuned for the upcoming updates. Thank you so much guys for your support and encouragement. I’m really thankful for you all for always showering me with all of yours love and support. Thank you so much for making me succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope you could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond and making me reach to my target. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope you could all make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me reach to my target. Please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. So please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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