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Hamariwali Good News 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mukund asking what are you saying, you can’t make the baby away from me. She says I m just giving the rights, the baby will stay here. Mukund says no, I can’t give the baby to Adi, he is selfish, he will accept the baby who is my heir, he has no love for the baby. She asks how can you think so about your son. He says I m the baby’s dad, no one can change my decision. She says mum has the first right on a baby, I m taking this decision for family betterment. He thinks I wish I could tell you Adi’s truth. She thinks I wish I could tell you that I won’t be here after the baby’s birth. She says forgive me, I have to do this. He says you can’t do this. His hand burns by the diya. She runs to get first aid for him. She does the aid. He thinks you love Adi a lot, I can’t tell you the truth. He looks at her.

She checks her reports and cries. Mukund comes. She hides the reports. He lies to sleep. The report falls under the bed. Renuka feels sorry to lie to him. Its morning, everyone see the puja arrangements in the house. Preeti says maybe mum kept some puja. The kids ask Mukund for a gift. Mukund says sure. He looks for Renuka. Renuka says I kept this puja for the house peace and happiness, check if Adi got ready. Navya says he will come in some time. Renuka says I wish no bad sight catches your happiness. Navya says I have a complain, you call me daughter but hide your feelings, tell me what’s bothering you. Renuka says nothing, you will know when I do the puja. She goes to Mukund. He asks her not to get stubborn. He says you are just thinking of Adi, I m thinking of everyone’s rights. She says don’t snatch my rights, don’t stop me.

Mukund says what if I stop you, you can’t give this child to anyone without my permission. She asks are you threatening to take me to the court. He says what are you saying. She says I request you, don’t stop me, I can’t change this decision. Renuka and everyone sit for the puja. Alok asks did you find out what is Renuka going to do. Preeti says no. Renuka asks Adi to sit in the puja. Adi agrees.. Mukund comes and stops him, saying this place isn’t for you, you don’t deserve it. He takes Adi with him. He shuts the door. Renuka asks Mukund to open the door. Mukund takes Adi to the shop. He says I got you here to show the real place, how dare you play with Renuka’s feelings. Alok looks on. Mukund asks Adi to see the shop well. He shouts do you know the importance of this shop, how did you and Preeti study, its because of this shop, you had burnt this shop in a moment. Adi says but Papa… Mukund says shut up, you won’t say a word.

He shows the video. He asks shall I tell your truth to Renuka, she wants you to fulfill our dream, she doesn’t know that you have ruined our dreams, you did all the wrong things, I had hugged you and forgiven you, but you burnt our dreams, I thought you are Arjun, you are worse than Duryodhan, I can’t tell this proof to Renuka, she blindly loves you, she will die when she learns your truth. Renuka shouts open the door, Ashraf. Mukund says I can’t show this to her. Adi says yes, I burnt this shop, you are the reason, it may be a temple for you, its a place that burnt my dreams, tell Renuka that I had burnt this shop, I have no regret. Mukund slaps Adi. Renuka and everyone look on shocked. She asks what’s this, you are slapping your son, why. Mukund leaves.

Adi starts acting in front of her and cries. Renuka cries for him. Navya thinks why isn’t Mukund telling Adi’s truth to Renuka. Mukund goes home. He throws his blanket. The reports get covered by the blanket. Mukund picks the blanket. He sees the sonography reports. He gets shocked. He says Renuka has hidden such a big thing from me.

Mukund says you had hid a big thing from me, you want to give your life and give me happiness, I will not let you do this. Renuka says I will explain you. Lady asks Mukund to get a kidney transplant done if he wants to save Renuka.

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