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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the ladies taunting Amrit on her choice. Amrit says right, I have chosen a unique guy. Randhir smiles. Radha asks how did Randhir get blamed when you went to the brothel. Brij asks how did you know. She says Zara told me, Randhir went there to get you. Brij asks what was the need to interfere in my matter. She says you liked Randhir, you are saying bad about him, Lala dislikes him already, poor Randhir. He scolds her. He asks her not to tell anyone about his visit to the brothel. Randhir comes and says you are Lala’s younger brother, I stayed quiet to save your and Lala’s respect, I m an outsider, I m going tomorrow. He asks Brij to not visit such a place again. Radha blesses him. Brij says its all because of you.

She worries for Vashma and Uday. Rajrani worries for Uday. Vashma cries. She asks what did you do with Uday. Abrar asks Zaheda to take Vashma. Vashma holds Uday’s hand and cries. Zaheda pulls her. Rajrani cries for Uday. Abrar threatens her and asks her to explain Uday, her daughter or bahu will get punished for Uday’s mistake. Rajrani gets shocked.

He further threatens her. He goes. She tries to help Uday. She hugs him. Zaheda says you can’t cage me. Vashma says I will go to my Uday. Abrar comes and beats her with a stick. Zaheda says her wounds will become a question on us, its her marriage. Rajrani locks up Uday. Uday gets conscious and shouts to her. Abrar says I will kill you. Vashma says kill me. Zaheda asks him to leave the gun, she is his sister, his blood. Rajrani takes the gun. She asks him to go, trust her once. He says I don’t trust my family. He says don’t do anything that shouldn’t happen. He asks Zaheda to come. He goes. Vashma asks why did you stop Abrar, I can’t live without Uday. Rajrani says fine, I will die along with you. He says I shouldn’t be alive to see all this. Vashma worries. Rajrani says we will die, people will not let Amrit die, she will get punished for your mistake. They cry.

She says you both will get the love, but two families will be ruined, you don’t care, right. Randhir packs his bags and talks to Sharfu about Zohra. He says don’t you think its more than coincidence. Bua comes to taunt Randhir. She says you made a mistake in choosing the girl. She goes. He sees Amrit’s anklet. He gets sad. He leaves the anklet in her room. He thinks of his words. Amrit comes. They get emotional. He says what if I leave from your house, I won’t leave from your life. He holds her hands. She sees Vashma coming back. She says Vashma and Uday had eloped to run, they love each other. He says what, but she is marrying Farooq. She says don’t know what had happened. He asks her to meet Vashma and know the problem, I won’t leave the house if you are in front of me. She cries and goes to see Vashma. Zaheda doesn’t let them talk. Vashma cries. Abrar comes and shouts on Amrit. She asks Amrit to get lost. Zaheda says we don’t have to publicize the matter. He says Amrit would have known it before. He warns Amrit.

Amrit goes to Randhir and tells everything. He says we will go and find Uday, we will bring him to the marriage and stop it, we will unite them. Vashma sits sad. Farooq’s mum gives the jewellery. Zaheda takes it and keeps aside. Farooq asks Abrar what happened. Abrar says I was just thinking of the arrangements. Zaheda signs him. Its night, Radha prays for Uday and Vashma. Randhir and Amrit try to find Uday. Uday is chained. He tries to shout. They leave from there. Uday faints.

Zaheda ties up Vashma’s feet to her feet. She cries. Vashma cries and recalls Abrar and Rajrani’s words. Randhir says where is Uday. He asks her to come and sit. She thinks where is Uday, is he fine. Its morning, Randhir wakes up and sees Amrit sitting beside. They see Bua there and hide from her. Bua doesn’t see her. Randhir and Amrit see each other. Music plays….

Rajrani prays for Uday and cries. She takes the food for him. Randhir and Amrit see her going and follow. They say where is she going. Amrit says Rajrani was also there at that time. They follow Rajrani and see her going to a godown. Rajrani meets Uday and asks him to have food. He begs her to let him go to Vashma. She explains him to forget her. He says we will go very far from here, we will not let anyone fight, try to understand our love. Rajrani cries.

Uday goes to Vashma and asks her to come along. Vashma scolds him rudely. Randhir and Amrit look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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