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Mere Sai 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tarachand looks at Madhusudhan’s sketch. He is stunned to see it. Omkareshwar? He realises the meaning behind Sai’s words. I have understood why you told me to stay back and told Pari to make this sketch. You want me to save the villagers. He tells the villagers to stop. He tells everyone to pay attention to him. Govinda asks him what happened. Tarachand says Madhusudhan is a fraud. Govinda says it cannot be but Tarachand says he came to our village last month and introduced himself as Omkareshwar. He won everyone’s trust. Everyone invested in his scheme. I gave him 5k. He disappeared within a month’s time. Everyone lost a lot of money. Villagers get tensed. Govinda says he is a rich guy. Why will he do this? You must be mistaken. Tarachand tells him to call anyone from Dhulia village and confirm this information. I even told this incident to Nanasaheb. He shared that this has happened in many parts of Maharashtra. I have seen the sketch made by Pari. I can never forget this face! He shows the sketch to everyone. Govinda requests him to meet Madhusudhan once. Tarachand agrees. Villagers decide to go as well as it is about their money too.

Padmini is in Dwarkamai. I tried a lot but my husband wont stop. Only you can do something now. Sai says he will stop when his conscience will wake up. We can only try to make that happen. Padmini says it will be too late by then. Sai says everything happens at the right time and as per Ram ji’s wish. She asks Sai what she should do. He asks her to come along.

Tarachand, villagers are on their way to Madhusudhan’s house. More villagers join them on the way. Sai and Padmini are also headed somewhere. Padmini looks at Sai curiously. Sai and Padmini see the group coming towards them. Sai nods at Govinda. He stays back with Sai and Padmini whereas everyone else continues their journey. Padmini asks Govinda where everyone is going. He tells her everything (in mute). She is shocked. My son is alone! She runs towards her home. Govinda leaves as well. Sai looks worried.

Everyone reaches Madhusudhan’s house. They are shocked to see the lock on the main door. Padmini reaches there and is stunned to see the lock. Aayi and Gautam were at home. Where would they be? Villagers glare at her. Padmini knocks at the villagers and cries. Tarachand says we saw a similar scene. Villagers decide to break the door. They use their entire strength and check inside. The house is empty. Padmini recalls her husband’s decision last night (about leaving Shirdi today). She stands there rooted in shock. One villager tells everyone that the house is empty. That thief ran away with everything! Sai and Govinda reach there as well. Padmini cries. He took my son Gautam and left Shirdi! She breaks down. Sai tells her to calm down. Govinda speak about their savings. Sai says Madhusudhan took them with him. Villagers start crying as they realise that they are doomed now. A lady taunts Padmini. Atleast your son is with your husband! He will be able to feed your son with our hard earned money but how will we take care of our kids now? Another lady blames Padmini too. We have 3 kids. Now they wont be able to go to school because of you! You knew the truth beforehand yet you kept quiet! You are equally at fault. Sai says she is the only one who tried to stop Madhusudhan. Madhusudhan punished her this way. An old man says I invested all my savings. My life is finished! Tejasvini’s maid looks on. Sai says what you have lost because of your greed, you will regain with patience. Sai looks at their sad faces.

Tejasvini shouts in shock. My money! Banta asks her what happened. She tells him what Madhusudhan has done. Banta says you gave it to him yesterday only. How could it be? She tells him to find Madhusudhan. He reasons that Madhusudhan would have gone far away by now. I told you not to invest but you ended up scolding me. I am wondering what Sarkar will do to you once he finds out the truth? Tejasvini tells him not to scare her. I am his DIL. He reasons that no one is more precious to Sarkar than money. His wife donated Rs. 10 to someone and he ended up locking her in a room for 10 days. You put his 10k away. Think about what he will do to you! She imagines her fate / punishment and shouts. It cannot happen! I will bring it back from anywhere.

Madhusudhan has put Gautam to sleep. He tells his mother that they will stay here tonight. She asks him if it was important to leave Padmini behind. He says it is she who left me. She could never understand me. I went home in the day and asked maid about Padmini. She told me that Padmini was headed to Dwarkamai. I understood that she has gone to speak to Sai. It means Sai knows everything now. We would have been beaten up if we had stayed in Shirdi. She can escape even after telling the truth but we wouldn’t have survived.

Govinda is in Dwarkamai. Tatya and Keshav look on. Tatya asks Sai what He is looking at (in dhuni). Sai says the fire of anger and pain is spreading.

Angry, agitated villagers are on their way.

Madhusudhan says Padmini should think from my point of view. Right and wrong changes as per people. His mother asks him if Padmini will never come back. Madhusudhan says she is more than welcome in my life and home if she will support me. If not then she is not welcome here. His mother asks him what they will say to Gautam. I could pacify him today but what if he asks tomorrow again. Madhusudhan says he will understand. He is closest to me after all. She reasons that Gautam may love him the most but he needs his Aayi too. He loves her a lot. Madhusudhan denies. I am enough for him. He loves me the most and so do I. I will make him get used to living without Padmini. He will forget her in some time. Gautam has overheard everything and is in tears.

Precap: Villagers reach Srikanth’s house. Your son has eloped with our money! We wont spare him. We will destroy your house if ours has been destroyed. We will set it afire. They throw a burning log there but Sai catches it just in time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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