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Episode begins with… 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, my decision is final..

VANSH: Even I won’t change my decision…

ISHANI: Bhai,…

VANSH: Ishani, you please don’t support her..

Saying so, he forcefully lifts riddhima in his arms. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, what are you doing? Have you gone mad?

VANSH: Just shut up…

He lifts her and takes her to the car.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, you are crossing your limits..

VANSH: You have made me to do that.. Now, will you shut up? Or else do I need to tie any cloth to make you shut?

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, I’ll never forgive you for this..

VANSH: Did I ask your forgiveness? I’ll never ask sorry to you hereafter. And, even I won’t compell you to speak with me. It will be better if you stay angry with me..

Riddhima gets upset by his words.. 

Vansh drives the car..

VANSH: ( thinking) I’m so sorry riddhu. I know that I’m hurting you. But, god saved you and now it’s my turn to keep up the promise. I need to stay away from you. It’s so important. This wound will disappear for you within few days because, you don’t love me. You consider me only as a friend. Being a friend you’ll forget me within few days. But, I’m deeply hurt because I’m hurting my love. It feels like as if I’m hurting myself. But, I have no other option. If something happens to you, then I can’t forgive myself. I’m sorry riddhu. But, don’t worry. Soon this will end. Once this challenge gets over and once this aryan’s chapter closes, I’ll leave completely from your life. I won’t come again in your life. I’ll never disturb you. I won’t even show my face to you. Just bear with this pain for another 5 days. Once I leave your life, within few days you’ll forget me and will move on in your life. I want you to be very happy in your life. Vansh is just a passing cloud in your life.. 

Saying so, he wipes his tears before anyone could see it. But, angre notices those tears.. 


RIDDHIMA: ( thinking) No vansh. As ishani said, you are not a passing cloud in my life. I couldn’t even think a life without you. Even when you went to London I was just living a namesake life. I missed you badly. After you left, everything that happened in my life turned my life into a miserable one. Because, even during the college days it is you who made me smile. It is you, who made me happy. If you had been with me during those six months atleast, I would have been able to handle myself. Everything ruined my life. I forgot to smile. But, finally you came. I tried much to hide and forget all those bad memories. But, again I failed before my fate. You came again in my life. You understood me, you saved me, you made me to smile, you showed me a new sunrise in my life. You made me happy. I know, that I have fought with you for many reasons. But, even at those times I didn’t feel any distance between us which I’m feeling now for the first time. Yes vansh, I’m feeling as if you are moving far away from me. I want this distance to end now itself. But, I don’t know the reason for this distance. Then, how will I clear this distance? What will I do? Just once vansh, please tell me what happened? I don’t know the name of this feeling. I don’t know whether I love you or not. But, I want you to stay along with me throughout my life. I want you to be there by my side in all my happiness and sadness. I can’t even think a life without you.  I’ll somehow make everything fine as before. I won’t allow you to move far away from you. 

Everyone reaches VR Mansion. Sia, sejal and kabir were already present there to welcome them.

Ishani looks at angre who walks away ignoring her look. Seeing this, her eyes were filled with tears. Both vansh and riddhima notices her.. 

VANSH: Why is ishani upset? I have not seen her like this before. And angre, what’s wrong with him?

Ishani and riddhima both move to the room..

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, what happened to you? I know, you are upset and hurt. I saw you crying. Till today, I have not seen you like this. If you ever considered as my true friend then tell me the truth.. I also saw you seeing bhai and he ignoring you. If I’m not wrong,…

ISHANI: Riddhima, I love angre.. Till yesterday, I have not expressed my love to him.

RIDDHIMA: Which means..

ISHANI: ( tells everything) .. I don’t know the reason, why he is ignoring my love. Moreover, he is considering my love as attraction.. I’m madly in love with him. I can’t live a life without him. I don’t want him to love me immediately. I can wait for him. But, I want him to understand my love. My love is a joke for him… and, this is hurting me a lot..

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, I’m sorry.. I don’t know, that you love bhai.

ISHANI: It’s not your fault, riddhima. Even after hearing all this, your bhai didn’t understand me. This is my problem.. But, I’m sure that my love will win. My love is true..

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, don’t worry. I’ll speak to bhai..

ISHANI: No riddhima. Don’t do this. I want him to realize my love by himself.Please, don’t tell to anyone about this.. I’ll wait and see the result for my true love..

Saying so, she cries and riddhima hugs her and consoles her… 


Vansh comes downstairs and calls everyone..

ISHANI: Bhai, why are you so excited?

SEJAL: Is anything special?

SIA: Bhai, what happened?

KABIR: Angre, at least you tell us.. Why vansh is so happy?

ANGRE: Even I don’t know the reason for his happiness. Vansh, what happened?

VANSH: Guys, wait. I’ll tell you. I’m happy because, I have a good news.

RIDDHIMA: Good news?

VANSH: Yes, and that good news is for ishani. She’ll be very happy after hearing this..

ISHANI: Me? Bhai, please tell what it is? You know very well that I can’t bear suspenses..

PRECAP: Are you happy? Finally your dream came true.. You got what you want.. 

Do comment your views and suggestions if any to be made. Also please share your guesses, what good news that vansh is speaking about.. 

Guys, I even have an idea to write another ff. If you want, I’ll simultaneously write that ff. Almost the plot is ready. If you want it, then I’ll write. Please do comment your views about this too.. 

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