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Santoshi Maa 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Indresh taking Swati to meet Bubli’s mother & she tells him that while returning we’ll visit Mata Santoshi’s temple also but she sees woman with her children’s near their tent hut & reminds about the same family whom she had helped & sees children’s are studying while their mother is preparing food for them hence stops to meet them while Indresh wonders.
Devi Polomi comes asking Mata Santoshi that why did you called me while Prabhu Mahadev comes telling them that I have called you to ask if are you ready to face test & they both agree hence Prabhu Mahadev tells them that the test will have five hurdles so the first one is that you both have to go & bring my favorite special five things from earth which I love the most & whoever brings first will be declared winner but Devi Polomi asks him what are those & Prabhu Mahadev tells her that’s what you need to search hence both of them leave.
The woman tells Swati that you are the same who had helped us giving Prasad of Mata Santoshi which has changed our whole life amazingly & her son also brings Prasad from their house temple & tells Swati that now you take Prasad from us as we have also started praying for Mata Santoshi & Swati feels very happy about it while Indresh is surprised.
Mata Santoshi finds the three Bail Patra Paan’s attached within one tiny branch in a garden hence she picks it but Devi Polomi also sees her & she too picks the same.
Mata Santoshi is moving around the garden finding various other things which she keeps picking it while Devi Polomi keeps searching wondering what Prabhu Mahadev’s liking’s must be & also abuses Tridev due to fooling her of giving such a hard test. Mata Santoshi finds four things & thinks saying that fifth thing I understood while Devi Polomi is still under confusion & gets wild on herself saying that how can I know what Prabhu Mahadev likes.
The woman appreciates Swati for helping & showing the right path while her son also prays her & Swati tells her son that to keep studying this way & become a great person in your future life & she leaves emotionally while Indresh calms her & they both steer each other lovingly.
Mata Santoshi arrive in Tridev’s meeting before Devi Polomi while Dev Rishi smiles thinking Devi Polomi must have accepted her defeat but Devi Polomi also arrive later.
Prabhu Mahadev tells Devi Polomi that as told first Devi Santoshi has arrived hence she’ll get the chance to show & Mata Santoshi takes out four things which she brought one by one describing the importance of it & which are favorites of Prabhu Mahadev & Prabhu Mahadev appreciates the importance of the Bail Patra Paan she brought which is sign of his attachment with Mata Paravati. Lastly Mata is asked about fifth thing & she tells them she hasn’t brought the same hence they ask her why as you were told of five things & in meantime Devraj Indra says it means Devi Santoshi has failed but Devi Santoshi says I didn’t bring because it’s already being gifted by my form Ushma earlier to Prabhu Mahadev that is Rudraksha & Prabhu Mahadev reminds about Ushma’s gift.
Devi Polomi is cursing them saying that this is injustice towards me to give this test to fool me.
Prabhu Mahadev looks towards Prabhu Narayan & Brahmadev signaling them & Brahmadev tells Devi Santoshi that after discussing with Prabhu Mahadev & Prabhu Narayan it is being decided that you have passed this test & Devi Santoshi as well as Dev Rishi are delighted.
Devi Polomi again curses them saying that Devi Santoshi is Prabhu Mahaev’s favorite hence she knows what he like being part of their family too hence I do not accept this test so Prabhu Mahadev tells her that next test will be as per your choice hence tell me related to which subject you need the test & she thinks telling him that related to Guru Shukracharya & he tells her to think before deciding or else you’ll again change your mind & she tells him I have thought about it & he assures that the test will be as per your choice.
Indresh & Swati reach outside Bubli’s mother’s house but they hear Bubli’s mother telling Devesh that Bubli had called me before leaving from marriage celebration telling me that she was going to meet Swati for reuniting her with her husband Indresh while Devesh asks her is it true & yes she says & hearing this Indresh gets shocked while Swati is confused but Bubli’s mother who is telling Devesh is none other than Laila using her voice & Indresh leaves from there but Swati is trying to stop him & he is cursing her saying that you thought I am a fool who won’t know all this you planned to divert my attention but I won’t ever believe against my father anything henceforth. Swati is trying to explain him that we didn’t meet Bubli’s mother so not to believe this immediately before meeting her hence let’s meet but instead Indresh leaves from there.
Devesh comes out telling Swati that you were fooled so see now your husband Indresh will also won’t believe you but Swati assures him that I’ll make my Indresh believe me & nothing can divide me from Indresh.
Prabhu Narayan asks Devi Polomi & Devi Santoshi that are you ready for the next test while Devi Polomi reminds him what she had requested to Prabhu Mahadev & Prabhu Mahadev tells her we know about it hence it’ll be as per your choice & she thanks him while he asks them again are you ready for the same & they both agree. Prabhu Mahadev takes away both of their powers within him while Devi Polomi asks him what is this taking away powers & he tells them this test is part of it hence your Godly powers will be with me till you finish this test while all are surprised.

Precap: Devesh shows Indresh the ghungru which was along with Swati when she was at his place & Swati as well as Indresh are shocked. Prabhu Mahaev tells both of them because this test will surprise you both like a child wondering when Sumadra Manthan happened & Devi Laxmi immerged so you have to ask meaning from Guru Shukracharya about this including support of this story & also to understand from we three Gods who is ultimate & able.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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