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Shakti 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Archana asking Heer to come back home and says Maa is waiting for you since long. Heer comes and greets Beeji. She says you have returned 1 day before and touches her feet. Beeji asks about the injury to her forehead. Heer recalls getting hurt when Virat threw the things on her. Archana says I told you that Heer had saved Kuhu by risking her life. Heer says you have returned, now take care of your responsibility. Beeji takes the keys and says do you know that I was away from you all and that’s why thought of something, which I couldn’t think here. She says you love me and call me Maa fondly, so I want to tell you something. She says you want me to forget Akshay and see his daughter’s face, wants everyone to live happily here. Heer gets happy and says Doctor is a nice man and feels guilty. She says kuhu and he deserve your love. Beeji says I can forgive my son Akshay, but for that you have to agree to my sayings. Heer says I agree for all your sayings. Beeji says you are staying here since 6 months as my daughter, and asks her to become daughter in law/ bahu. Heer is shocked. Beeji says when Akshay agrees to marry you, then only I will forgive him. She says his daughter will get my love and I will get my choti bahu. She asks will you marry Akshay and will become my bahu. Archana thinks she will say yes and then I will be homeless. Jaggi and Akshay come there. Beeji says it is good that you both came, now I will hear Heer’s reply infront of everyone. Akshay asks what answer? Beeji asks will you become my bahu? Akshay is shocked.

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