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Shakti 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Beeji taking Kuhu from Heer and tells Akshay that his daughter will not be punished for his doings and she will not let her walk on his footsteps. She says your daughter is my responsibility now, I will bring her up. Heer thinks although Maa hates me, but she has accepted Kuhu, nothing is bigger than this. Beeji tells that she has accepted Kuhu, but there is no place for Akshay. She asks Akshay to take Heer and leave from there. Akshay asks what are you saying? Beeji says my house is stained, due to you and asks Jaggi to send them out. She asks Archana to make arrangements of Kuhu’s shuddhikaran. Akshay asks how will I stay without Kuhu, she is my daughter. Heer asks her not to separate Kuhu from Doctor. Akshay asks Beeji to stop, but she walks away with Kuhu. Jaggi keeps Akshay and Heer’s stuff out of the house and tells that he can’t help him, as Maa’s decision is final. Akshay asks them to take care of Kuhu. Heer asks can I meet Kuhu once. Archana says Shuddhi is happening due to you and asks her to go. She closes the door. Heer takes her trolley and is leaving, when Angel comes there with kinnars and asks where are you going Apsara? They make kinnar sound, claps and surrounds Heer. Angel asks what do you think that I will let you go from here. Heer says let me go, everything is finished now, what do you want? Angel says I have done your sanskar with my hands, you belong to my community, come to your real house. Heer refuses. Angel asks her to be in limits and asks her to come to kinnars’ house. She is about to take her when Akshay comes to Angel and asks her to leave Heer. Angel says another handsome. She says I will not agree to your sayings and says I was jailed for her murder, but when I came to know that she is alive, I came to take her. Akshay says she is not a stuff, but a human. Angel says you are handsome dude, but rude. She says Heer had come with me, I didn’t force her. She asks Heer to come with her. Heer twists her hand and says I know how to handle them. She tells Angel that she is not that foolish Heer whom she will teach anything, tells that she will not go with her and will do whatever her heart wishes. She says my heart don’t want to go with you and if you force me again then my Harak Singh and Preeto will not leave you. Shakti song plays….Heer asks Akshay to come and they leave from there. Shakti song plays…..

Harak Singh and Preeto along with the family are happy to see Heer. Preeto says it is good that you came here. Harak Singh says everything is yours and blesses her. Preeto asks Akshay to stay there. Akshay says I will stay in medical headquarters. Rohan asks him to think as his friend and stay here. Preeto says your family didn’t leave Heer, when she was in need so how we will leave you alone. Heer asks Akshay to agree and tells that Maa will understand and forgive you. She says Maa had not seen Kuhu’s face until today, but now she has decided to do her upbringing. She says Mata Rani will make everything fine.

Virat wakes up and asks Isha, if Heer had come here. He says don’t lie to me, I have felt her smell. He asks Heer to come infront of him and says I have felt your smell. He calls Heer and asks Isha where is she? Isha asks him to drink the syrup. Virat refuses. Isha says if you don’t have medicine, then how will you get fine and then how you will meet Heer. He drinks medicine and goes. Isha thinks Virat is getting normal due to Heer’s impact, but I won’t let him unite with her, he is just mine.

Heer gets ready like she used to get ready in her room. She wears anklet, earrings, make up etc. She comes to Parmeet and Sant Baksh’s house. She tells that the farmhouse idea is good, Virat can be treated there. She says she can do anything to make him fine. She asks where is Isha? Sant Baksh says Isha had gone to bring his medicine and had given injection to Virat, so that he can wake up in the farmhouse and don’t get disturbed during the journey. Isha gives money to the goons and asks them to kill Heer. He says everyone shall think that she had died while trying to stop them from doing robbery. She comes back and tells that medicine is brought, now they can leave. Virat is made to sit in the car. Heer goes to the car door and stops Isha from sitting there. Parmeet asks Heer to take care of Virat. Heer says she will take care of Virat and will not let anything happen to him. And Virat will not let anything happen to his Heer. Isha sits on the front seat along with the driver. They reach the farm house. Heer makes unconscious Virat sit on the wheel chair. Isha asks the watchman if he got the farmhouse cleaned. Watchman says yes. Isha says did you get the lunch cooked. Watchman says no. Isha asks Heer to take care of Virat, until she makes arrangement for lunch. Heer says ok and takes Virat on the wheelchair. Isha then goes to the car and calls goons, asking them to do the work.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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