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Story 9 Months Ki 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Elaichi telling Bua that she is acting to unite Lalla and Alia and tells that she will actually separate them. Alia hears her. Rabia asks her to convey her feelings to him. Brij Mohan gets kidnapped by the mysterious men and taken in the jeep.

Sometime back: Elaichi plays music and dances. Sarangdhar also dances with her. Alia gets upset seeing him dancing with her. She thinks her dream came true so soon, can’t believe it. She is about to go. Kamleshwari asks her to sit. Sarangdhar’s friend asks them to practice the dialogues. Sarangdhar and Elaichi practice the love dialogues. Alia coughs. Kamleshwari tells Elaichi that the dupatta is not suiting her and asks her to come with her, says she has nice dupatta with her. Elaichi goes with her. Sarangdhar asks Alia if she can do Radhe’s role for sometime until Elaichi returns. Alia says no. Bua ji says she said no. Sarangdhar says her hindi is weak and says I had translated some words for her. Alia takes the script and reads it. She says Aye Murli Manohar….Bua ji says she can’t do it. Alia reads the dialogues and tell them. She says my hindi is weak, but my memory is sharp. She says lets do it. She practices the dialogue with him and asks Aye Murli Manohar, how do you play the music of Murli Manohar? His friend asks Sarangdhar to depict the romance of Radha and Krishna. Sarangdhar comes near Alia and holds her hand. He says Radhe…do you have love feelings for me? Kisna song plays…..Bua ji gets upset. Sarangdhar asks do you see me in your dreams in the night. Did your heart beat can hear my heart beat? Alia smiles and says yes… heart ….Just then Elaichi comes there and asks Alia to move. She says Aye Murli manohar…..Alia goes…Elaichi tells the dialogue. Sarangdhar tells the another dialogue. Alia goes to the room upset. She thinks the more I realize your importance, the more you are going far from me, why? Sarangdhar says I know you can’t express your feelings, but I will take it out.

Kamleshwari tells Sarangdhar that there is something in Alia’s heart for him. She says idea is good. Sarangdhar says Elaichi gave this idea, but I don’t want to hurt Alia ji in this condition. Kamleshwari reminds him of Kuch Kuch hota hai, Kal ho na ho. Sarangdhar asks her to give some example of holy books. She says she will give, but right now she can just enjoy seeing his love story. She says his father had caught her from the cinema hall and since then she is banned from going there. She says I will just see your live telecast of love story.

Bua ji scolds Elaichi and asks if she has gone mad. Elaichi says she is doing what is right. Alia tries to get the network. Kamleshwari tells Sarangdhar that Elaichi is clever. Elaichi tells Bua ji that she is doing vamp’s role and tells that she is acting to help Sarangdhar to make Alia jealous, but actually she will separate them and will send Alia empty handed. They think someone listened to them and asks who is here, but don’t find anyone there. They leave. Alia comes there and it seems she listened to them.

Sarangdhar’s friend asks him if Alia is getting affected. Elaichi tells that they shall practice. Sarangdhar says this is acting for Alia ji. He sees Alia coming there and plays music, asking Elaichi to dance with him. They dance. Alia asks them to stop the music and tells that she don’t like this. She comes to them and gives Sarangdhar’s hand in Elaichi’s hand.

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