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Author Note:I know you guys are getting doubts about Riddhima and Ragini..Let me explain you,Riddhima and Ragini are two different individuals.. Ragini is the daughter of Avinash Sehgal and Riddhima is an orphan…In this episode you can know How Riddhima is ended up with Sehgals as Avinash Sehgal’s daughter..

The Episode starts in Vansh’s room..where Vansh is in hell shock by looking at Ragini’s photo…

Vansh to himself: Why Ragini’s photo is here..?Why siya asked me to have a look at this pic…?Who is she..?I will ask daadi..

Vansh comes down stairs..


Daadi comes out of her room..

Daadi: What happened Vansh..? Is everything OK..?

Vansh(shows her the pic):Who is this girl…?

Daadi: Ohh!!This girl..she is Avinash Sehgal’s daughter Ragini…your would be wife..You were ready to get married right..?So,I fixed your wedding with this girl…She is beautiful right..?

Vansh(Inside): What..?Daadi fixed my wedding with this girl…..But she was aware of my relationship with riddhima right… Oh my god!!it means daadi didn’t hear me that day..Is ragini aware of this….it’s OK..Ragini knows about my relationship with Riddhima.. She will understand..

Vansh:Daadi I will be back in 2 hours..

Vansh rushes from there to hospital…

Daadi:What happened to vansh..?He is behaving weird..


Vansh(walking towards Riddhima’s ward,inside): God!!Please give me strength to face situations.. Please save her..I want to be my rest of life with her..I can’t see her like this…

Vansh enters the ward,sits beside her and takes her hand in his hand..

Vansh(with teary eyes):Riddhima!! please get up yaar…I can’t live without you,you know that right..? It’s been three days you’re still on bed..please get up..for my sake…We were already discussed about our future after our wedding…you,me,RiAnsh,Vari what about all those..?…You will see my dead body if you want to be on this bed permanently…Doctor said that you need a bone marrow which suits you..But I didn’t find any donar..sorry riddhima.. I promise you I will make you fine..

Voice (from outside of the ward):Why you can’t save my daughter… You’re a doctor right..? This is your responsibility to save her…

Vansh comes out and sees Avinash’s wife crying there..

Avinash holds doctor’s collar…

Avinash(with teary eyes):Save my daughter at any you understand…If anything happens to her I will kill you doctor…

Avinash sees Vansh..

Avinash: Vansh!!

Avinash: Vansh, you came here to see Ragini right..? Ragini met with an accident..Doctors declared that she is brain dead…She is on death bed…(Avinash shows Ragini in operation theatre)..

Vansh gets shock..

Vansh: Ragini!! (Inside) What happened to her..?Two hours back she was fine…

A Doctor came out of operation theatre..

Doctor: Sorry!Mr.Sehgal we tried our best…her brain is dead we can’t save her.

Ranveer:What you’re saying.. No,she will be fine…don’t say like sister will be fine…

Avinash falls on his knees,Vansh holds him…

Doctor(shows Avinash a contract paper): She has signed on organ donation contract before 2 months…You have to sign on this form…

Avinash signs on the Ragini’s organ donation form…

Vansh tries to console Sehgals Riddhima’s doctor calls Vansh and informs him that Ragini’s bone marrow matches to Riddhima..

Doctor:Mr.Sehgal your daughter’s bone marrow suits a girl of age 22…we can save her..your daughter saving many lives today even after her death…

Avinash (inside): My Ragini’s age is also 22(he cries)…

Scene: A room

Killer:I did the work perfectly which you gave me..I need 5 crores as payment..

Anupriya: Hmm..I will pay you..

(she Goes behind him and hits him on his legs..he falls on his knees)

Anupriya(ties a rope around his neck and pulls that): I have a habit of finishing work without any thing left out…I won’t even give someone chance to expose me …

He dies…

Scene:A room

Vansh:Any information you find out the person who shot Riddhima..

2 days back

Sejal:I saw the person who shot her..but I don’t know him..

Vansh: Are you sure..?

Sejal: Yeah!!

Vansh:Let’s take sejal to a sketch artist

Angre:OK Vansh

Flashback ends

Angre shows him the sketch of the shooter

Scene:Riddhima’s ward

Doctor:Now she is out of danger..but she needs some more time to get out of coma..we are not sure for how many days she will be in coma.

Vansh: Thank you doctor for saving her life..

Avinash: Vansh,who is that girl..

Vansh:She is my girlfriend Riddhima.. I love her much more than anything else in the world…

Avinash looks on


Riddhima: Sejal..Sejal ..

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