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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Darsh helping Nandini. She worries for the tv. He drives the goat by following the voice instructions on his watch. Nandini talks to Kanha and thanks for saving them. The weather gets clear. She thanks Darsh for saving her items. She stumbles. He holds her. He asks did you buy these things, I felt the things have bought you, you are so materialistic, how expensive is it, is your life cheaper than things, life doesn’t give you a second chance. He gets the boat to the harbor. Nandini asks Kaki to get the things first then she will come. Darsh says remember one thing, life has many things, things don’t have life in it. He goes. Nandini goes to Bansuri and hugs her. She says I didn’t let anything happen to your bidaai things, I stayed back for your happiness, none can snatch your happiness from your fate, worry was for the respect, not things. Bansuri asks what happened.

Nandini says I had to say this to Gyaankumar, he called me materialistic. She searches the meaning and says he called me greedy, I have to meet again and settle scores with him. Nandini says we will go to the temple now. A baraat is seen. The groom’s mum is greedy for money. Dadu shouts on the servants to get halwa. Parul comes to answer. Rajvi says you don’t need to have sweets if you have a sweetshop. She greets Dadu. He says I m a Candyman. Parul says if you eat sweets, then I will go to Darsh’s exhibition by wearing all these jewellery. Dadu lies to Rajvi about his walk. He asks servant Laxman to come along. Rajvi asks Laxman to get transfer to the shop if he wears Dadu’s watch and completes the walk. Dadu goes.

Parul asks shall I remove the jewellery now. Rajvi says wear some, jewellery suits you a lot. Parul says its your jewellery. Rajvi says what’s mine is yours, Darsh is my son, but you worry for him a lot. Parul says fine, I will keep the Pukhraaj, all the Mangaldosh will get away. Rajvi asks her to take a Pukhraaj for Sangeeta also. Parul says I forgot it, how do you remember everything so well, how. Rajvi says I m born in a sweetmaker’s house, almonds used to come in whole sale. She blesses Parul to get a baby soon. She says I have to make sugar free halwa soon. Parul goes.

The groom and his mum reach the temple. Nandini welcomes the baraat. She does the aarti and wears her dad’s Pagdi. She does the rituals. Dadu asks Laxman to check steps by using the watch and set the furniture. Rajvi jokes on him. He says Vipul is calling go. She goes and sees Vipul and their son talking. She asks her son to do something rather than posing with someone else’s trophy. She asks why didn’t you call Darsh. She scolds him. Vipul tries to stop her. Their son asks him not to stop Rajvi, at least she talks while scolding him. Naveen asks his Baa not to create issues all the time. Baa says they should remember our favor. He says its not my age to marry, I want Gunjan to get a mum, where is she. Kaki asks Gunjan to talk. Baa goes to them and stops Kaki from knowing anything. Baa praises Gunjan. Gunjan acts opposite and performs Naagin dance. Baa says she is ruining our respect. Nandini plays the dhol. Kaki taunts Baa and taunts.

Kaki says Nandini has a cow as an asset. Baa calculates. Darsh talks to his brother and asks him to get his clothes and shoes. They talk and have a laugh. Bansuri come for the marriage. She sits in the mandap. She asks did you think anything about Nandini. Naveen says Baa refused. She asks how will she stay here. Naveen says I can’t help. She thinks I can’t leave Nandini alone. Baa gets the sweets and likes it. The man says Nandini can make 25 types of sweets herself, she can surpass Rawal sweetshop. Baa calculates. She thinks again. She says I did a mistake by refusing to Naveen, Nandini can benefit us, how to cage her. Rajvi smiles seeing the exhibition. She says I hope that girl is in Dwarka, I wish she meets Darsh. Baa comes and stops the marriage.

Baa says you will come my house, or I will find another girl for my son. Darsh gets rejected by a girl. Rajvi argues with Rakshu’s parents. Rakshu’s mum says I got the alliance for Shobit. Rajvi swears to get Darsh married to the best girl.

Update Credit to: Amena

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