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Chapter 13: “One story, Thousand Perspectives!!!”

The episode starts with the stunned faces of Kabir, Aryan and Sia. They were shocked to core to know the incident that happened 5 years ago. Ishani was fuming with anger at the reminder of the incident. Sejal and Angre had mixed feelings because they both had witnessed each and every memory in front of their eyes. Aryan not controlling it anymore bursts out,
Aryan: Its impossible!! I don’t believe you.
Sejal: What do you mean?
Aryan: That Riddhima’s betrayal part. I don’t believe a single word of it.
Ishani: Then Don’t!! Who’s asking you to believe?
Angre: Exactly! You insisted so we told you. Believing or not is completely your choice.
Kabir: Its not about choice. What you are saying is baseless. RIDDHIMA CAN NEVER EVER BETRAY ANYONE SPECIALLY WHEN ITS ABOUT MONEY.
Aryan: Exactly What I wanted to say. For Riddhima, money is worthless. Her relations are the most important for her. Nothing else matters to her.
Sejal: If you had witnessed that day, you would not be saying this.
Sia: Even I agree with Aryan and Kabir. Riddhima is never such to betray others.
Ishani: Its your perception only. The day Riddhima will do the same with you then you will understand.
Aryan: She will never do this.
Ishani: How can you be so sure?
Aryan: Let me tell you in detail now. Just give me the answer of one question? (Serious) What do you think where does the earning of this hospital goes?
Ishani: To Riddhima. Obviously.
Aryan: No.
Kabir realizing what Aryan is going to say, starts to stop him.
Kabir: Aryan Stop!
Aryan Let me clear their misunderstandings Kabir.
Kabir: You know well that Riddhima will not permit you doing this.
Aryan: I dont care. For me, Riddhima’s self respect is more important which these three are trying to destroy right now. Please keep quiet.
Kabir gets quiet. Aryan turning to them spoke again,
Aryan: You know what.. the Riddhima whom you all are accussing of stealing never even spends a single penny earned from this hospital for herself. You know why she made me the head of finance department?
Sejal: Why?
Aryan: Because she never compromises when its about her kids!!
Ishani: What!! Riddhima has kids too?
Kabir: Oh come on Ishani! Riddhima has no kids of her own. Aryan is talking about the kids of the orphange , “Angels’ Heaven”!
Aryan: All the earnings of this hospital goes to the Angels’ Heaven. Riddhima supports that orphange financially. And She trust me compeltely in This that’s why, she made me the head.
Sejal was shocked. She spoke,
Sejal: Its the same orphanage in which I used to live.
Ishani: She would be doing it to remain in your good books only.
Angre was fed up of these discussion, so tried to end it up,
Angre: Ok listen you all. Look! We all have different perspectives about Riddhima and I am sure there is one or the other truth that we all don’t know. So, Its better we end the discussion here. Everyone agreed on this and sat quietly again on their seats waiting for Dadi to get concious. All this while everyone was indulged in their own thoughts. Everyone thinking in their own perspectives.

Aryan’s POV:
“ I can’t believe a single word these all are saying. How can this even be possible? Riddhima is never such. I have been living with her for 2 years. From a mentor she has become a sister to me. Since the time, I am with her, I never ever saw her spending money for her own self. And these hospital earnings…Never! I know what they told is truth but what was the reason for that. I am damn sure Riddhima should have some definite reasons for doing it. But How will I know the truth? All their arguments are totally basless. Why didn’t Riddhima spoke anything to defend herself. Her silence has always been proved a grave danger and I am worried she is silent now a days”

Ishani’s POV:
“Riddhima is always so confusing. What happened that day was her reality but this Aryan… Stupid!!! Before that incident, Even I was convinced that Riddhima actually loves Vansh Bhai. But Thank God we got to know her reality. I don’t know when this mess is going to end. I seriously wanna get rid of that Riddhima… She had already played alot with our feelings. I will not let her play anymore. But one thing that’s disturbing me even now is that where did she spent or invested that money. That was the money of vansh bhai for one of the biggest achievement of his life. I can’t let go the struggle of Vansh bhai, a compelte wastage. I really wanna know..”

Kabir’s POV:
Yes! I believe them. I believe whatever they all said. Its obvious that they all are saying the truth but why? As far as I know Riddhima, Yes! She can do this. She can do this for the sake of her family, her relations. She can do anything to save and protect what she cares about. But stealing 50 crores doesn’t make any sense. If she had needed it for her own self, she could’ve taken from Vansh directly. The way they are describing their love, Its not a big thing to take favour from Vansh. They were ready to do anything for each other. What made Riddhima so helpless to steal? I really wanna know the truth.

Sejal’s POV:
Riddhima! I want My answers. Only you can tell what exactly happened that day. There is a big guilt in my heart that I didn’t listen to your side of story that day. I want to rectify it too but what if you wronged me again. What if the thing I am not able to believe completely is actually the truth. Whether whatever happened with you was a big scam or maybe YOU are the biggest scam yourself. Your love for Vansh was pure then How could you deceive him? If you had needed money, you could’ve asked me, Vansh or your that Uncle. Why did you chose to steal? Were you helpless or ruthless? I have so many questions. How am I gonna find my answers”

Sia’s POV:
I can’t be wrong about Riddhima. Even I can’t deny the fact that she decieved Vansh bhai. Vansh bhai is a true gem and so does Riddhima is. To me, They had always shown that everythingis perfect. What was the imperfection in all those incidents that made her to steal? I am not able to digest this fact. Only Riddhima knows why she done all that?

Angre POV:
“I had always been close to Vansh but that doesn’t mean I was not judging Riddhima. The fear Riddhima had that day has one story and the cruelness she showed tells another story. And here, Kabir and Aryan are telling a whole new story. What’s the truth? What the deception? If I think in the way that she took that money as she was forced to do so then only our enemies can do that. And Our enemies never showed any such move in all these years in which Riddhima seemed involved. If I say that she took it as a ransom money to rescue some Kidnapped person then who could it be? All the RaiSinghania were present there who are close to Riddhima. And if Talk about Riddhima’s family then sejal told me that she herself identified the dead bodies of them. So, saving a close ones makes no sense. What was the reason? Riddhima’s silence is either proving her guilty or pointing towards a big disaster.”

Meanwhile, Vansh was sitting in the lawn closing his eyes. He was remembering each and every moment spent with Riddhima. After sometime, he opened his eyes that were filled with pain and restlessness. He thought to himself,
V (to himself): “For the first time in all these years, I have seen you this way. As If you are in so much pain. As if you are so much angry and guilty at the same time. The pain was visible in your eyes. Helplessness was visible on your eyes. You know what Riddhima! Stealing away the money was not a big thing for me. Your betrayal was the thing that broke me. You wanted to say something that day but I didn’t listen and today, I wanted to listen but…You said nothing. Riddhima! I have never ever left any mystery unsloved. Why am I not able to solve you? What secrets are you hiding inside? From the time you left, each and every minute passed was like a new hell for me. I was never able to forget you and now this now version of yours…I don’t know why It gives me the vibes that you are trying to hide so much in yourself and trying to be stern from outside. I want to know what happened with you in all these years? I want to know what made you do that? I want to know whether you loved me ever or not. If yes then why didn’t you ever try to show yourself in all these years? If you had lovd me, you would have come back but you didn’t…..Why Riddhima Why? If there was a hidden reason behind it then you could’ve told me but you didn’t trust me Riddhima. You didn’t trust me…”

While Riddhima too was in her own thoughts, sitting on the terrace of her mansion,
“ Vansh! I have missed you so much. Each and every passing day, I have missed you alot. I know what I did was not right. I know that I have betrayed you and didn’t tell you the truth. But Vansh! I was helpless. I had no other option. I had to lie that day about all that money. I had to lie because I couldn’t tell you the truth. I am hiding this secret inside me for the past 5 years and I will hide it forever until everything gets fine. I know Vansh that you still love me but your hatred is bigger than your love. Vansh! You asked answers from me that day,…I had no answers. But the only thing I know is that if I had to choose between your love and your life then I would definitely choose your life. I will not hesistate from sacrificing my love If its about saving your life. I am ready to be a traitor, a deceiver in your eyes and in everyone’s eyes but can’t compromise on my relations Vansh. I can’t compromise on your life. You Don’t even know the grave danger hanging upon you and all others. My motive is to protect you. To protect you all till the last breath Vansh. I have hidden all the secrets deep down in my heart and never even let my shadow get to know it then, why do you think that you will find out about me. What you did that day was not wrong. You did what you felt right. You believed what you saw. I don’t have complaints regarding that. I was prepared that day. The only thing that hurt me was your accusations on my Love. You called it fake Vansh. You called my Love Fake!! You didn’t even give me a chance to explain myself. Do you call it love? I begged for forgiveness. I let down my self respect just for you but you accused me of being characterless. Riddhima had died that day Vansh. Riddhima lost all the feelings and all the emotions of her heart that day. Today, Apart from your protection, I have only one motive. I won’t die before completing it. I don’t have any grudge towards you but my life is not mine now. Its for the one who demands justice from me. Justice will be served…Today, I had no place of love in my heart. Emotions are still there but just for the revenge I am seeking from someone.”
She was holding a rose in her hands having teary eyes. After a while, She closed her teary emotional eyes and then again opened them giving fierce and dangerous looks, she brought out a lighter from her pocket and burnt the rose thinking to herself,

“Abhi aetbar baki hai…
Zehen me kuch raaz baki hai…
Ehesas to aaj bhi hai is dil me…
Pr ab mohhobatt ki jagah mera intekaam baaki hai…”

(Dear readers, here I want to thank Aisha, a lovely reader and mesmerizing poetess of this IMMJ community. These poetic verse are beautifully penned down by her. Dear Aisha! Thank you so much dear for making my update so beautiful with your words! You are amazing dear!)

Riddhima was staring at the burning rose, thinking,
R: I burnt away this rose the same way that I had burnt away all the money that day…..

(Flashbacks shows 5 year ago, a deserted place at night, Riddhima was sitting in front of the two suitcases of money. She threw kerosene on it and put the bags on fire. She was hurt and emotionless. She stood there staring at the bags burning away. When nothing was left except ashes, she went away from there.)

Riddhima was thinking about that incident when her phone buzzed. She picked it up.
R: Yeah!
Voice: Riddhima Ma’am please come fast. There is a news for you.
R: Yeah I am just coming. Tell me your location.

After that, Riddhima hurriedly went down, sat in her car and drove away.

Its the next morning, Dadi got concious and Sia went on her duty after examining Dadi’s condition. Sejal and Ishani were taking care of dadi. Vansh and Angre went on a business meeting. Aryan and Kabir also went out for some work. Some people were keeping an eye on all the girls. One of them spoke,
1: Its the right time now. We will attack her sisters. That Vansh will be left with no other option than to agree on our terms.
2: You are right. These girls will now lead us to our goals. Gather everyone, we are going in now.
They both put on their masks , took out their guns and called their companions.
Meanwhile, Riddhima was driving very harshly on the road. She was full of anger.
R: I won’t let anything happen to anyone of them. How can I be so careless. Don’t worry I won’t let you all get a scratch even.
She remembered the last night conversation with her infromer where he told Riddhima that someone is planning attack on the hospital tomorrow. Their target is to detroy the Raisinghanias. She was continuously dialling the numbers of Kabir and Aryan who were not picking up..
R: Pick up Dammit!!! This is not the time to joke!!!

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