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Pandya Store 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam and Kaka meeting the officers. The officer says we learnt about an illegal shop outside your shop. Gautam says its not here, what shall we do to open a shop here. The man says you can open the shop, but not on the road and shop compound. Gautam talks to Kaka. Kaka asks him to take Dhara to celebrate Maha Shivratri. Gautam agrees. Anita and Prafulla meet Dhara. They taunt Dhara. Dhara asks them not to trouble her, else they will get a punch back. Prafulla insults her. The kids look on. Prafulla says you won’t get any laddoo if you marry a beggar. Shiva and kids tease Prafulla. Anita gets angry. She goes with Prafulla.

Gautam and Dhara go to the temple and pray. Gautam prays to get courage to give love and respect to his Gauri, his Dhara. Dhara prays to have a pairing like Shiv and Gauri. A thief enters the house and makes Suman faint. He takes the keys from her to loot the locker. Dhara says we will go home. Shiva says we are going to the fair. Dev says Hardik is waiting for us. Gautam and Dhara smile. He asks her to come to the fair. The thief robs all the jewellery. Gautam and Dhara eat laddoos and get intoxicated. He starts laughing. She also laughs. They have a moment. They go to the fair and dance. Kanta is cooking in the house.

A man comes home with vegs. He collides with the thief and catches him. The jewellery falls down. The man takes thief to the police. She takes the jewellery. She runs to Suman and sprinkles water. She asks her to get up. Suman says thief had come. Kanta says yes. Suman says he took my jewellery. Kanta says no, Umesh came on time and caught the thief, is everything there, check it. Suman says don’t tell Gautam, he will be worried.

Kanta says anything could have happened, you will be fine soon, but you can’t defend the thief next time, I will tell Gautam. Suman thinks Gautam will give the locker keys to Dhara, I can’t give my right to her. Dhara and Gautam dance in the fair. Chogada tara….plays… They get close.

Hardik tells stories to the kids. They laugh. Shiva says we won’t go home today. Hardik says I will tell stories, I will message Gautam and tell him that you all will stay with me tonight. Gautam and Dhara buy balloons and romance. They pay the vendor and leave for home. They have a moment and light the candles. They say its our first date.

Dhara is at the gynac hospital. She says I got these medicines for me. Gautam worries. She says I don’t want a child at this time.

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