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Krishna describes Radha how he married Yamuna on her insistence. He says she knew that he has to go away from her, even then she married him as he didn’t know the pain of separation. Yamuna says their marriage is a result of her stubbornness, but now she realized that love doesn’t need any relationship, Radha is still with him even without marrying him and she is alone even after marrying him; she apologizes him for doing many mistakes in anger. Krishna says she should not apologize for her mistakes and asks Radha if she now realized why he brought her here. Radha tells Yamuna that she should accompany her and Krishna to Dwarka for sometime. Yamuna says she will stay here and sing songs of separation. Krishna says she should stay in Vrindavan and sing songs as evidence of their love. Yamuna says she made one more mistake by informing her troubles to Shani and now he is very angry and adamant to punish him. Radha asks Krishna to stop Shani dev. Krishna says Shani dev will put his angry vision no him for sure. Shani walks away angrily while Sam tries to stop him. Radha asks where did Shani dev go. Krishna says he went to put his angry vision on Mahadev and he can do anything.

Jamvati with Laxmana travel towards Vrindrana when she stops chariot seeing Sam and asks what is he doing in jungle. Sam says he found a way to punish Krishna and explains in detail what he did and says Shani dev will put his angry vision on Krishna. Jamvati ways Shani devi’s angry vision are very powerful. Sam says even gods are afraid of it. Jamvati says she heard Shani got powers from Mahadev. Sam says that is why Shani’s angry vision is very powerful. Radha asks if Shani can harm even Mahadev. Krishna says Shan got his powers from Mahadev and starts shani’s story when he was just a Surya putra/son and not karm phal data Shani and his wife was not Suryadev’s wife Sandhya but her shadow Chaya; Suryadev never accepted Shani as his son and Chaya as his wife. He goes into flashback where Suryadev’s minister asks him if he should invite Shani and Chaya for rathasaptami festival. Suryadev shouts that he never accepted Shani as his son as he doesn’t have powers like him. Minister says Shani has all qualities of becoming his heir. Suryadev shouts he cannot be Suryalok’s heir as he doesn’t have brightness and powers like him, so he will be its king always. Krishna says Shani had to bear his father’s injustice and one day revolted against his father that put whole universe in trouble. Shani enters Suryadev’s sabha and turns it dark. Suryadev says his son cannot be so dark and asks him to get out of Suryalok. Shani says he disowned his wife and son, so he will make his world dark. Suryadev provokes to fight with him. Shani says he will put his angry eyes on him for throwing his wife and son in darkness. Suryadev pleads not to do that as whole world would be in dark and attacks Shani. Shani puts his angry eyes on Suryadev and turns him dark. Suryadev pleads Narayan for help. Shani says he will be in dark now for throwing his son and wife in dark always and walks away from there.

Radha asks Krishna if whole world went dark and if Mahadev helped Suryadev. Krishna says there is even Narayan in this story and if she forgot him. She says not. He says Narayan may be near her and she didn’t notice him. She asks him to continue the story. Krishna starts story again that Suryadev went to Narayan and requests him for help. Narayan says he is rightly punished for ignoring his son and wife. Suryadev says he is very handsome, but Chaya and Shani are very ugly. Narayan asks how can he hate his own son, his mind is ugly and not Shani, he ignored his son’s goodness and powers and didn’t realize that Chaya and Shani’s darkness is because of praying Mahade. Suryadev says he didn’t know about it and will apologize them both later, but first Narayan should help him. Narayan says he cannot help him, he should bear his punishment and pray Mahadev instead. Radha says Krishna that Narayan always helps gods, then why didn’t he help Suryadev. Krishna says Narayan shows the solution if he cannot help, Mahadev takes care of punishment though. Radha says Narayan put all the pressure of handling the world on Mahadev. Krishna says he does it sometimes as he needs rest sometimes. Radha asks why he compares himself to Narayan. If she has a problem if he calls himself as Narayan. She says there is a problem as people will think him mad if they hear that. He says people think a lot. Radha asks him to tell what happened next. Krishna says a bit battle happened after that and continues story where Suryadev reaches Kailash and requests Mahadev’s help. Devi Parvati says Mahadev is meditating now. Suryadev says he escaped from Shani’s angry eyes, so she should help her now before Shani comes here. Devi Parvati asks him to take Narayan’s help. He says he sought Narayan’s help first and then came here. She asks how can Narayan deny help. Shani reaches there and says he at last found his father. Suryadev requests Devi Parvati to help him. She tells Shani that Suryadev is under her protection, so he cannot harm him. Shani requests not to interfere as neither her nor Mahadev can stop him from putting his angry eyes on even them. Se asks to try then. He says as she wishes and puts his angry vision on her. Mahadev angrily opens eyes. Radha asks if Mahadev punished Suryadev. Krishna says no, it established a powerful god instead.

Precap: Shani tells Mahadev that he will put his angry eyes on Krishna for his deeds. Radha asks what will happen if that happens. Krishna says they both will separate.

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