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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna warns Sagar to dare not make a mistake of burning the confidential file. Sagar says she made a mistake of burning his heart and lights match stick. Gehna pleads not to burn it as country’s security will be in jail and even Anant’s life, only this file can prove Anant’s innocence, he can take revenge from her and spare the file. Sagar says he wants Anant to be in jail forever and asks if she fell in Anant’s love. Gehna tries to free herself and thinks she needs to keep Sagar busy in talks till she frees her hand. She repeatedly pleads him to return the file to her. Sagar gets Hema’s call and informs her that he has tied Gehna to take revenge from her. Hema asks him to free Gehna and not to do any mistake that will put him into trouble. Kanak says he shouldn’t listen to Kanak and hold Gehna till Anant’s court proceedings finish or else they will go to jail, he should burn the file as Anant cannot prove himself innocent without file. Hema tells Kanak that she is tensed as she heard Chetan speaking to lawyer and was confident that lawyer will get Anant out of jail. Kanak says he will not let the lawyer reach court itself and says her children have grown up and its time for her to give a good news third time. Hema stands confused. Sagar burns file while Gehna continues to plead him not to.

Family waits outside court. Police brings Anant. Baa emotionally cries hugging him. Bapuji says Anant didn’t do any sin and nothing will happen to him. Pankaj says their lawyer will free him from jail. Chetan says he need not worry as they all will fight for him till the end. Anant cries hugging his brothers. Inspector takes Anant in. Pankaj asks Chetan to call lawyer soon. Chetan calls lawyer and asks to come soon as its time for court hearing. Lawyer driving car says he is on the way and bends to pick his phone when Hema comes in front of his car disguised a a pregnant woman and starts drama. Lawyer says she herself came in front of his car and its not his mistake. Kanak joins Hema and yells that he hit pregnant sister and its his mistake. Lawyer apologizes and offers money. She insists to take her sister to doctor. He thinks court time is passing, but agrees to take them to doctor.

Anant is brought into court room for hearing. Family waves at him and signal not to worry. Judge starts hearing. Prosecutor lawyer introduces himself. Judge asks where is defense lawyer. Bapuji says he is on the way and thinks he must be stuck in traffic. Kanak continues to mislead lawyer and makes him take right and left turns. Lawyer says she is misleading him since 30 minutes, where is her family physician. Kanak warns that if something happens to her sister, she will file a case against him. He thinks he is stuck. She stops him in a remote location and says their physician is nearby and they will go by themselves. Hema punctures car tyre and leaves with Kanak. They both get into their car and rejoice seeing their plan succeeding. Lawyer sees his car tyre punctured. Bapuji asks Pankaj to check if their lawyer came. Pankaj looks at door. Kanak with Hema enters and says they were waiting since long, but lawyer didn’t come. Prosecutor says they are waiting since 1.5 hours for defense lawyer, but he didn’t come, hence they should start the case. Judge permits. Prosecutor alleges Anant that he sold defense file and put country’s security at risk, so Anant should be punished rigorously for betraying the country. Judge asks him to sit back and says their lawyer didn’t come and its an insult of court. He tells Anant that he has allegation of betraying his country, what he has to say about it. Anant says he is innocent, but doesn’t have any proof. Judge says without any proof, this court pronounces him.. Gehna enters and stops him. Everyone look at her. Gehna says Anant Desai is innocent and she will prove it.

Precap: Prosecutor taunts that defense lawyer left the case and now wife will fight the case for him.
Gehna says she is not a lawyer, but knows that law demands proof and she has proof and would like to prove her words if judge permits.

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