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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sirat asking them to check her bags for the ring. She says we will never come back here to take this. Nani calms her down and asks her to think about Kairav. Sirat says Kairav’s family will think about him. She argues. She asks Suwarna to explain Manish and Kartik that she will return the 7 lakhs given for Maudi’s treatment. She asks them not to blame her. She says if he asks for me, then tell him that I didn’t break my promise, I was insulted and ousted from here, I didn’t leave the house, I m not venting anger for him, I will still pray for him. Sirat and Nani leave, and cry. She gets water for Nani from the roadside water pot. Nani asks where will we go now. Sirat cries. Kartik sits worried. Rhea sees the ring and tries to take it. She takes the ring and puts it in her pocket. She says I will get water for everyone.

She throws the ring out of the house. She gets relieved. She says thank God, no one had seen the ring, it was a tough work, even then I did it, Sirat will never come back here, my way is clear. Surekha says I felt our house is a veg market, such people don’t deserve anything. Suwarna says we have no proof that she had stolen the ring or slapped Manish intentionally. Manish asks really. Suwarna says there is a difference in slapping and getting hit by mistake. Surekha says you are saying such a thing. Suwarna says I would have slapped her if she slapped my husband. Manish says you didn’t think I m so hurt. She says your ego is hurt, not you. Manish gets angry and goes. Suwarna asks Kartik to think well once. Kartik is worried. He says I know that girl, she isn’t ill-mannered, we irritated her to the point that she reacted like that, I came to tell you that we missed the truth. Manish asks him to leave. He shuts the door.

Rhea says I can’t believe that whatever happened was real. Suwarna asks why do you want to repeat that and trouble us. Kartik comes. Kairav comes from the ground. He says look what we found. He shows the ring. He says we got this from kitchen window, we went to find the ball there and got this, its mumma’s ring right, if you don’t know where to keep it, give it to mumma, she will get angry if you lose this ring, she is a Babbar Sherni now. Vansh calls him. Kairav goes back to play.

Rhea says maybe she had thrown the ring outside before she went. Suwarna says she would have taken the ring if she took it along. Sirat and Nani are on the road. Akhilesh says she left her bags here. Rhea says maybe staff.. He says staff is old and loyal. Kartik recalls Sirat and leaves. Rhea says poor Kartik, he would have gone to apologize to her. Surekha says its that girl’s magic. Dadi says no, its our values, he can’t see anything wrong happening with anyone. Kartik looks for Sirat and Nani. He asks the staff. He goes to see. He says how did they go, they don’t even have their purse. He asks Naira to guide him, why didn’t he stop him. He says I couldn’t become a good husband, a good Papa and a good person. He prays.

He says please Krishna ji, give me some hint. He sees a truck mentioning come to Jaisalmer…. Sirat and Nani come home. Sirat finds it locked. Sirat shouts to Sheela. She says I have come back. The man says they aren’t here. Sirat says they have gone to Jodhpur two days back, Mukesh had a match. Nani says we will sit here, its our house. Sirat breaks the lock. She asks Maudi to not worry. She throws the lock. Mukesh’s name plate falls down. Nani says Mukesh will not leave us. Sirat says he will send police this time, come. They enter the house.

They see the house completely messed up. Sirat cleans few things and makes Nani sit. She asks her to have some snacks. Nani says I m thinking of Kairav, he is worried. Sirat says don’t remind me about him, I won’t think or meet them again. Surekha says why are we giving imp to Sirat, she isn’t Naira. Manish says that girl is a fraud, she is taking an advantage of Kartik and our emotions. Sirat recalls their words. Someone knocks the door. Sirat goes in anger. She sees the police. Inspector says we have an arrest warrant, we came to arrest her. She gets shocked.

Sirat sees Kartik and scolds him. She says this police isn’t your staff to check.

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