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Thank you everyone for the love and support. I know all are waiting for Riansh moments, don’t worry it is on the way…

The next day, wedding preparations are in full swing in both RR mansion (Riddhima’s house )and VR mansion. Siya is the wedding planner for both the weddings.


Siya : Di, how is the arrangements for Haldi ceremony ?

Ishani : Siya, its really amazing !!! As a party planner, you’re great.

Hearing this Siya became happy and Ishani went to her room.

At that time Riddhima and Ragini came there. Seeing them Siya ran and hugged Riddhima.

Siya : Thank god Riddhu, you and Ragini di came at perfect time. I need your help to choose some decorations.

Ragini : Ohhh!!! Siya, sometimes I think that both of you were siamese twins in the past.

Riddhima : Why not? We are siamese twins in this life too. We have a special heart connection, right Siya?

Siya : You’re absolutely right Riddhu.(to Ragini) Ishani di asked you to go to her room so that both of you can choose you dresses for the wedding rituals.

Ragini : Ok siya. I’ll go.

Saying so she went to Ishani’s room.

Riddhima : Siya, I’ll help you in decorations but only after meeting Dadi. By the way tell me where is the GREAT KADOOS RAISINHGANIA??

Siya : Why are enquiring about Vansh bhai today ?? One minute…Do you have anything in your mind??

Riddhima avoided her question by a evil smirk.

Siya : Riddhu your smile makes me nervous. I am sure there is something cooking up in your mind. If you have anything dangerous in your mind then please spare my arrangements. I did it with great difficulty.

Riddhima : Don’t worry Siya. Everyone can see the aftereffect of my plan tomorrow in the Haldi ceremony.

Saying so Riddhima went to dadi’s room while Siya stood dumbstruck.

After sometime, Riddhima is helping in the decorations. She stood in a stool and hanging the flowers while Vansh walks into the hall with Angre discussing about some business deals.

Vansh : Angre, this deal should be finalized today. We can’t take any risk in this deal.

Angre : Ok Vansh. I’ll. You go and fresh up. Tomorrow is Haldi, so everyone needs your help.

Suddenly Vansh noticed that Riddhima is going to fall from the stool and he ran towards her. Riddhima fall into his arms. They share their WORLD FAMOUS EYE LOCK. Angre and Siya are witnessing this with a smile. Suddenly become aware of the situation, Vansh safely landed Riddhima on the floors.

Vansh (to Riddhima) : You always talk about big things but can’t you protect yourself…You’re always a Cry baby.

Riddhima : What??? Am I a crybaby !!! You’re actually Khadoos… Khadoos Raisinghania..

Saying so both of them went to different directions with an angry face.

Siya : Angre, If accidentally they became a couple, then there will Volcanic explosion everyday.

Angre : Don’t say so Siya. I can’t imagine such a day. They are entirely opposite. Leave all that, first say this did you spoke to Vansh yesterday about our relationship ???

Siya : No Angre. I think we shouldn’t tell him suddenly. We can slowly slowly make him understand.

Angre : Not bad Siya..Actually you want me to be your boyfriend for a long time, right?? (He winks)

Siya shyly go from there.

Scene shifts to Vansh’s room..

Vansh who was in a virtual meeting shut his laptop and went to washroom for freshen up.

Understanding this as her opportunity, Riddhima went to Vansh’s room. She spreads some marble balls near the washroom.

Riddhima(thinking) : Now we can see the Great VRS will enter his sister’s Haldi by limping. It would be surely an entertainment for me.

She hide somewhere in the room so Vansh won’t notice her till her plan would success. After taking a bath Vansh opened the door and touched his feet on the marble balls on the floor. Due to his bad fate he had a great fall. He tried a lot but couldn’t wake up from there. Riddhima watched this from away with happiness. Then she made entry in front of Vansh by laughing.


Riddhima : Don’t shout aloud. Someone will hear and comes to know that I made you fall down. Didn’t I say not to mess with Riddhima Raichand. I can’t believe my eyes that the great VRS is on the floor without being able to stand own his own legs. Now you’ll come to tomorrow’s haldi ceremony by limping. Ok I have taken my revenge so I’ll help you. Come on hold my hands.

Vansh(stern) : I don’t take help from my enemies.

Riddhima : Don’t be stubborn. I won’t tell anyone that you have taken my help. Its about humanity. I can’t comprise with it.

After a lot of Riddhima’s lecture, he finally agreed and hold Riddhima’s hand. He pulled her down and made her fall.

Vansh(with attitude) : Even Vansh Raisinghania won’t let his enemies win over him.

Riddhima (anger) : VANSH…YOU

Vansh : Let’s put the revenge game aside and save ourselves from this situation before anyone noticing.

This time Riddhima agreed to him. They both managed somehow to wake up from the floor by holding each others arms. And they started to dance in the marbles (actually losing their balance they tries to stand straight but it turns out to be like a dance).
Siya who entered Vansh’s room stunned to see the scene.

Siya : Vansh bhaii!!!!!

Precap : At night, A man in hoodie entred RR mansion through a window and closed Riddhima’s mouth by his hands.

Who will be the man in hoodie??? What is his intention??? Share your ideas in the comment box. Wait for the next episode to find out the man in hoodie.

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