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Choti Sardarni 13th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab makes Seher sleep. HE checks her temperature and says see I told you your fever would go away. Meher’s tricks never fail. How do you feel? Seher says thank God. Param and Karan say thank God. Seher says papa please sing a lullaby. Param says yes we want to hear it too. Sarab says I will sing you all a sweet lullaby. He sings terribly. The kids laugh. Param screams. All kids say papa please stop. He says see you loved my voice. Let me sing another one. Seher says no papa. Param says we will sleep without it. Seher says we can’t sleep now. Mama sings so well. Param says you fall asleep right after hearing it. Karan says I miss mama. Sarab says no one can take a mother’s place. A father can never become a mother. Karan says okay but how will we sleep now? Param says I wish Meher mama came today. Seher says she would sing us a lullaby. Someone sings a lullaby. They run out saying mama.. Sarab says Meher? The kids run out. Sarab comes after them.

It’s Samaira playing Meher’s recording. The kids smile. Sarab recorded Meher’s lullaby once. The kids sleep on the bed. Samaira puts a blanket on them. Sarab sits with the kids.

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