Divyanka Tripathi Reveals the Indecent proposals she has received from men – Telly Updates

Divyanka Tripathi is a face of our TV industry who doesn’t need an introduction. Her stint in ‘Crime Patrol’ is fast coming to an end but she has been appreciated for the journey she has taken on so far. She had confirmed the same with ETimes TV, saying that she won’t be seen in the show beyond the on-going month. While talking to her, we had steered the conversation to the crimes against women in our country as her series basically dwells on them.

Now, in an interview with TOI, Divyanka says, “Yes, and these crimes are rampant only because the problem lies in the upbringing itself. Men are made to feel stronger. Women are made to feel they are meek and have to be submissive. They are supposed to adhere to conditions and keep smiling and talking in a pleasing language and tone. Jab tak upbringing nahi badlegi, badlav nahi aayega. The second problem is in the laws which are supposed to protect women; they aren’t harsh enough to induce fear in men; people don’t get scared before wronging a woman. Itne strict rules hone chahiye ki unki rooh kaanp jaye.”

When asked how have the men around you in the industry been with you? The ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ star was frank and forthright. Without mincing words, she said, “Well, they have been okay. It’s not that all have gone rotten. But there definitely are some men who just can’t take ‘No’ for an answer. They make indecent proposals and make inappropriate remarks. And would you believe that they still want to be respected? If you retaliate or don’t respect them, they make sure that they spoil your name. They take it to their ego. Character assassination karne ki koshish karte hain. I have faced it. But I am was new then and like today, even then I was sure of myself; I never succumb to such pressures. Few try to get overpowering but I don’t let them. While being kind, I can still put across my point and say ‘No means No’. I know how to hold my ground.”

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