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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Seth Ji arguing his son Sooraj and clearly stating that if he needs money he should work in the factory. Sooraj shouts at his father and denies working, as he is his father and everything which belongs to Seth ji is his. Sooraj threatens taking his own life and goes to hand himself. The workers in factory try to stop Sooraj. Sooraj shouts that Seth ji will regret listening to Bhim. He blames that Bhim lost his parents, and one from his lower class will now control lives of them father-son. Anand whispers to Bhim what will be the outcome of all this, he should stop Sooraj. Sooraj puts the rope around his neck and demands money again. When Seth ji was silent, Sooraj now threatens to finish everything first. Bhim confronts Sooraj straight away and asks what he will do, will push him? He will get up again until he dies; and then Sooraj will turn into a murderer. It is right to kill one ownself, otherwise killing others turns one a murderer. Seth ji deters Sooraj to come for work till evening, otherwise he will get no money. Another worker fills Sooraj’s ears that Bhim interferes in every matter of factory and even Seth ji listens to him. Sooraj decides to teach Bhim Rao a lesson.

Ram ji was working with accounts. A man comes to Ram ji with his minor son and says he will work in his father’s place now, because the man was ill himself. Ram ji objects as it is his age to study. But the man mentions his son can’t study empty stomach, he isn’t any Bhim Rao. Ram ji inquires how he knows Bhim Rao. The man tells him Bhim participated in a competition of English language, he is a keen learner and an extremely intelligent boy. A passer by says Ram ji came from Sadhara and must know Bhim. The man was excited to know that. Ram ji recalls Seth ji’s forbiddance not to mention his caste. Ram ji says Bhim Rao is a good boy; and he believes any one can become Bhim. Seth ji sends the man, then appreciates Ram ji for not mentioning his caste. Ram ji sets for work. Puranjan comes to Ram ji. Ram ji was shocked to see him. Puranjan says he did not expect Ram ji would hide his caste. Ram ji takes Puranjan inside.

Maharaj asks the beggar how it feels wearing neat clothes. The beggar was gratified. Maharaj sends him to go and announce amongst people that Maharaj can be a way to reach God and get one’s wishes fulfilled. The beggar obliges.

Sooraj comes outside in the hall and throws objects around Bhim. Bhim was calculating in a corner and continue his work. When Sooraj spills the chilli, Bhim forbids Sooraj saying he is overburdening other workers. Sooraj shouts at Bhim to stay away from him, he is a minor caste guy. Bhim can never equalize Sooraj, he isn’t worth the dust under his feet. Sooraj shouts at everyone to go inside and continue their work. Bhim sets to work again.

In a corner, Puranjan was annoyed that Ram ji taught them to be proud of their caste and is now lying about his own caste. Ram ji says Jijabai claimed to be from a upper caste in front of everyone; later Seth ji forbid him. Now he must earn to making a living. Ram ji says marriage turned out to be a mistake for him. Puranjan was apologetic to force Ram ji into this marriage.

Sooraj now grabs a pot of water and spills over Bhim’s accounts book. Anand questions what he is doing. Sooraj says an owner can do anything on his will. Now he wants all accounts completed. He sends another fellow, Arvind to fetch water for him.

Dhansuklal comes to Maharaj in astonishment over beggar’s change of attire. Maharaj questions if the beggar is not worth wearing new clothes. He tells Dhansuklal to go and find some work for himself as well, he should arrange money. A few pennies can buy him beggar’s favors; there are many in Sadhara whose needs can be fulfilled. Dhansuklal wonders where he can bring the money. Maharaj leaves the matter on Dhansuklal. Maharaj says more is the appreciation for Maharaj amongst masses, easier it would be to counter Bhim and people from his caste. Dhansuklal was still quizzical where he can arrange such huge lot of money. Maharaj knew Dhansuklal’s reserves and could get all the money even without his will. Dhansuklal thinks about a way out.

Seth ji arrives in the factory and questions what is going on. Sooraj complains that Bhim ruined all the accounts. Anand blames Sooraj. Seth ji says this behavior will ruin his business and agrees to lend Sooraj money. Bhim stops Seth ji and offers to reproduce the account book, he has read all of it and remembers the details. Everyone was in a disbelief. Sooraj throws a book at Bhim. Bhim sits with ink and starts writing.

Ram ji speaks to Puranjan to explain Bhim that the world is full of Maharaj. Another will replace this one. Puranjan says Bhim thinks in his own way. Ram ji was sure Anand will stay besides Bhim, but Bala might not be able to support him always. He requests Puranjan to pray that his divided family get united again. Jijabai comes to complain why she would let this happen. She blames Puranjan to filling her husband’s ear, while he himself had married her. He wants to break their house. Ram ji interrupts and clarifies to Jijabai that houses are broken by family members themselves. Puranjan accuses that Jijabai broke the family, and what she did later on. Jijabai questions if they always wanted her to abide by whatever unreasonable things they say. Puranjan says Jijabai made a huge loss of herself; people might have known her as Bhim Rao’s Ayi in future. Jijabai tells Puranjan not to meet Ram ji secretively again. Ram ji strictly shouts at her to value his friend. Puranjan feels pity for Jijabai as she couldn’t recognize Bhim Rao. He left his father for her. In future, Bhim will stand with her if she would need him.

Bhim reproduces the accounts of the date. Seth ji tells Sooraj to see what Bhim is doing in such a minor age and Sooraj has been useless at his age. Sooraj decides to work for prolonged hours day to night in the factory. Seth ji was moved. Sooraj places a condition to fire Bhim and Anand from work.

PRECAP: The post man comes with a news for Bhim that their money order was stolen in the way. Anand and Bhim find work and ask for Rashan on credit but no one wanted to lend them anything. Maharaj offers them to clean outside of temple (God’s house) and get salary. Bhim wanted to clean whole of temple, even from inside.

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