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Chapter 19: “The Cruise Attack!!!”

Two Days later,
10th March,
A big white cruise ship is shown in the middle of the sea. Far away from the Mumbai City. There were some people in the cruise. A big private party was going on. And there comes the man in his Black pants and black tuxedo, with orange sun glasses,…Vansh RaiSinghania, The host of the party!
Vansh villainous bgm plays….
Then, all the RaiSinghanias are shown, Dadi, Ishani, Sejal, Sia and Angre. They were chittchatting with the guest. Vansh was giving mysterious vibes. He gestured Angre to come to him. Angre came near him.
V(in low voice): What the news?
A: Nothing till now. Everything seems safe.
V: But it is’nt. Stay close to Dadi and others.
Angre nodded.
Saying so, Vansh started moving to the top floor of the cruise and stood at the cruise’s forward corner point. From there, he was watching the moves of everyone in the cruise, the staff, the guests, the guards, everyone! He was extremely stern and focused. Riddhima, Aryan and Kabir were nowhere to be seen. He stopped watching them and removing his glasses, He looked at his wrist watch. It was 3:45pm.
V: 15 minutes are left.
He smirks. He was standing alone at the terrace. Someone came from behind and Pointed gun at Vansh. Vansh smirks and says,
V: Welcome!! I was waiting for you only.
Person: Get ready to die Vansh RaiSinghania! You have just 15 minutes left.
Vansh turned towards him and says,
V: What would you do in 15 minutes? You can’t escape from Vansh RaiSinghania’s web today.
P(smirks): Oops! I already have done something.
He gestures him to look down. Vansh looks down and is shocked. All the people and his family was being held at gun point by no outer person but his own staff. One of the men shot a guest in front of everyone and pushed him in the water. Everyone gave loud shrieks. They were crying, sobbing and pleading the intruders. The guards came and started shooting which lead the men to throw minor bombs on them. They blasted killing the guards who were standing a distance away from them. The blast made the ship shake a little.
V(shouts): No!!!!! You can’t do this. How dare you Hurt my family. i will not leave you!!
The person: Its just the beginning Vansh! There is so much in store for you today.
V: What do you mean?
The person: BOOM!!!
As he said it, Everyone listened minor blasts in the lowermost portion of the cruise. All the mechanical machinery and system engines of the ship were blasted. And the cruise stopped in the middle of the sea with no one near them. Many more men came from inside the cruise and stood behind their boss who was pointing gun on Vansh. The boss shouted from the terrace holding gun at Vansh’s head.
B:(shouts): Let these irrelevant people go. They are creating so much noise. I just want…..THE RAISINGHANIAS!!!
He laughs evilly. His men pushed all other people from the cruise. Loud shrieks were being listened everywhere. Everyone was totally traumatised.
B: Hahhaha! Your cruise has been hijacked Vansh RaiSinghania!!! You won’t be alive today. I will make you a history today!!!! (To his men): SHOOT THEM!!!
All his men following his command aimed their guns at the heads of Dadi, Ishani, Sejal and Sia. Before they could do so, Vansh twisted the arm of their boss , wrapping his neck around his arm and pointed his gun on their boss!!
V: Don’t you dare do anything or else your boss will not be alive anymore.
B(laughs): You will kill me surely but how will you save your family? The cruise will sink in an hour because I damaged its basement and the bombs that I have planted almost after every 20 steps, will blast soon. There is no way out now. You all will die one way or the other.
Saying so, he kicked his elbow in Vansh belly and Vansh punched him back. All the men who were pointing guns at Vansh, started beating him. Vansh fought back with them. They were six in number and Vansh was alone. They overpowered Vansh and punched him so hard that he fell on the ground. Blood was coming out of his mouth. He touched his lips, panting. He looked at his fingers. It has blood on them. He thought,
V(to himself): Where are you Riddhima? How more you want me to be beaten? I need you!!!

Flashback starts,
It was the time when Riddhima warned Vansh about the danger. Listening to her words, Vansh said,
V: Are you sure Riddhima? If its so much danger then why Can’t you tell?
R: Because I am not allowed to do it. Its a battle of life! Your legacy is in grave danger.
V: I will protect my family. You don’t need to to do it.
R: My mission is to protect you all. I will do it whether you trust me or not. I won’t step back until I complete my mission. You will need me.
V: I don’t know what this all is. You are not even telling the whole story. But…I am ready to be your partener if its about my family. I will go to any extent to save my family.
R: Sure!
Angre, Aryan and Kabir came inside that hideout.
V(shocked): What are you doing here?
R: I called them.
V: What is your plan?
R(smiles): The Cruise Party.
V: What?
R: We don’t know when and where they will attack. But we surely know one thing. That the attack will be on 10th March. It would be a big one. Bomb blast in VR mansion, your company or anywhere else. They want to kill you all. So, I have a plan. We will organize a cruise party away from they city. So, there are no chances for anyone in the city getting harmed. Knowing that you all are in cruise, they will definitely plan to attack on cruise being disguised in any way.
V: How are you so sure that the attack will be on 10th March. What is on 10th March?
R: The final hearing of the high court! The case of mafias and Manish Raichand!
V(shocked): What is the connection of that with us?
R: You will know soon.They are going to lose that day so, in rage they will plan to kill you all in once. The hearing ends at 4pm. They will wait for 4pm and then, They will start their work. We have to do everything before that.
Angre: We will not take Dadi, Sia, Sejal and Ishani there. So, that they can be safe.
R: No! Angre! They all will be in cruise.
V(anger):You want them to be killed?
R(furious): Why would I ? Look! If you hid them somewhere else then remember they all are keeping an eye on you all. They will find them and kill them. If they are away from our sight then we won’t be able to save them.
Kabir: What are the commands for us Riddhima?
V: You both are also…???
Aryan: Yes Vansh! We are Riddhima’s Officers!
R: So, The plan is when they will attack. Vansh! You will keep them all busy in your warning and arguing like you do with me. Say big dialogues or whatever just keep them busy.
Aryan , Kabir and Angre hides their smile. Vansh narrowed his eyes and gazes Riddhima.
R: Angre! No matter what happen, whatever the situation is but you will never ever leave Dadi, Ishani, Sejal and Sia’s side. They are your responsibility. Just be with them and protect them until, we come.
V: What will you do.
R: Aryan and Kabir!! You both know what you have to do. When you both will arrive, Angre! You will immediately take them all at a safest point from where you all will be rescued. And Vansh! (She stopped) You know what you have to do.
V: Yeah! You are asking the Man of action to do gossips with the goons?
R: Do you call your arguments a gossip?
V: Whatever! But arguing with you has become gossips now a days for me.
R: So, what I was saying, Just keep them engaged until I come. If they beat you or punch you, let them do it but please don’t make any move in my absence. Wait for me.
V: You are asking Vansh RaiSinghania to get himself beaten up by them?
R: Oh come on Mr. RaiSinghania! One punch is not even enough to destroy your ego. How will it destroy the whole Vansh RaiSinghania? If you get punched once or twice, You image will not tarnish at all.
V: Again Mr. RaiSinghania! Don’t you feel itching in your tongue calling me Mr. RaiSinghania all day? Give some relaxation to your tongue Riddhima!
R: How can I relax when You start arguing at every issue! Give some sense to your head!
V: Interesting very Interesting!
R: Whatever!
V: Fine! I will make myself a victim pleading for life until YOU, the great Riddhima Shah arrives.
R: You….
Angre: What you both are doing?
R & V(in unison): Can’t you see. We are fighting!
Aryan: Oh stop it! Is this the time to fight?
K: You both just need an opportunity to do it. If you both are done, lets continue our plan.
R(calming herself): Here, take these guns and keep them with you.
She handed high powered guns to all the boys.
V: I have my gun. What’s the need of this one?
R: These are licensed intelligence bureau guns. In case, you or Angre shoot someone and he dies, then to save you both from any murder accusations, these guns will help. All officers use these guns and wear gloves so it becomes difficult to identify who shot whom in mass encounter. You both are civilians. So, I think you should take some precautions in this case.
V: What if you didn’t come in time? What if Regret trusting you again?
R: You won’t regret. As far as my promise is concerned, If I got late by even one minute, I will shoot myself. But for your surety, Keep this contract with you.
She handed him a contract.
V: What is this?
R: In this contract, it is written that If I didn’t show up till 4:15pm, then all my property will be yours. For you, I am a gold digger Right? So, I guess, money should be the most precious thing for a gold digger. I am giving you the most precious thing of my life Vansh RaiSinghania! I have signed it.
Vansh was dumbstruck!
V(himself): Am I doing a mistake by not trusting her? Make some sensible decision Vansh!
V: Fine. I am with you.
A: Even I am too until its about Vansh.
Aryan and Kabir: All the preparations are done Riddhima! Waiting for your orders!
R: Lets arrange a cruise attack!!!
She smirks!!!
Flashback ends.

Vansh was lying on the ground waiting for Riddhima.
The watch of the boss struck 4 and it gave an alarm. The boss smirks, pointing gun again at Vansh, he said,
B: Good bye Vansh RaiSinghania!
He aimed the gun at Vansh and loaded it….then a loud gun shot was heard.

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