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I hope none forgot me 😜. Am so sorry for the delay but the fact is am stuck with many works so couldn’t work on the updates. I’d like to clarify that I’ll be updating when I’d get some time to work on the updates. Hope you’ll understand and support Me!!!

So, coming to the update – Riddhima is narrating her past to Aryan and Sejal – 

Everything was fine until one day (my eyes welled up as my thoughts went into that day when my life turned upside down), there was a party of his department and everyone was invited along with their families. Kabir took me along and he introduced me to many of his colleagues and their wives. I was standing there as he was with his colleagues and some of their wives were gossiping about their husbands and stuff, I was just faking a smile and was glaring at Kabir who was ravishing and laughing along. Then I saw a woman, maybe the wife of one of his colleagues approaching Kabir. And I guess she asked for a dance and Kabir smiled and accepted her offer and they were on the floor dancing around, twirling. I was smiling at their dance when a hand approached me, I turned to see who it was. It was one of his colleague whom Kabir introduced me a while ago, I smiled at him

Colleague: Mrs. Kabir, can I have a dance with you?

I was hesitant and was staring at Kabir and saw him dancing and I guess he didn’t notice my glares, I turned towards the colleague and hesitantly smiled at him

Colleague: It’s ok Kabir won’t mind because he is dancing with my wife. So, even you can join the floor with me.

I: No thanks am fine. I don’t know how to dance. (smiling)

I didn’t want to create any awkwardness so I declined his offer, he smiled and he offered me a juice which I had to accept as a token of gratitude, and then we were talking some or the other as he was sharing his stories with Kabir and I was listening to them keenly. I didn’t realize Kabir giving glares to us. I saw him approaching us in a hustle and then he grabbed me by my waist and held it tight and it was hurting. His grip grew tighter and I was giving him glances when he was speaking to his colleague and after a while, he excused and dragged me out in a swift manner with his hand still on my waist. I was shocked to find his behavior as I never saw him doing such. He forced me to sit in the car and drove back home, there was utter silence and I was rubbing my waist which had his hand marks as it was hurting. I decided to confront him

Riddhima: What was that Kabir?

I saw him glaring at the road with anger in his eyes and he was driving rashly. I felt he was heavily drunk. It was freaking me. I was trying to handle his anger but in vain. I held his hand asking him to slow down but he jerked my hand off his and gave me a fierce look. It was the first time I saw him such and I was afraid so I dared not speak anything. The journey back was silent. Once reached home, he once again dragged me holding my wrist to home, and threw me on the bed with much fierce and anger in his eyes. I was glaring at him with fear in my eyes flowing as tears. He pounced on the bed and pinned me to the head of the bed with the hands-on top of my head and with another hand he held my cheeks angrily and was hurting me. I tried to get rid of his hand but he was holding it in a tight grip. Then what he spoke broke me

Kabir: You were having much fun right with my colleague!

I (pain): Ahh…..

Kabir: Aren’t you ashamed to flirt with my colleague!

I (pain): I…. was… not

Kabir: Shut up! Just shut up!!!

His hold on my hands and cheeks turned tighter. (Reminiscing that night am still crying)

Kabir: You were in my departmental party and you were flirting around with men. How do you expect me to show them my face from tomorrow!

I: Kabir…. It…was nothing such! He was just talking about your missions ….. Ahh (his hold got tighter) and achievements…

Kabir: Woahh!! So, you’ll now listen to my missions from my colleagues and not from me! (sarcasm)

I: Kabir you are hurting me. Even you were dancing with your colleague’s wife

My face had a certain audacity and observing his eyes I realized I shouldn’t have commented that but it was too late by then. The very next moment I received a tight slap on my face and I fell off his grip on the side and then he grabbed by my wrist and hit me again. I was shocked to see his this side. He held my arm tight and then started blabbering

Kabir: You are comparing yourself with her? She’s educated, independent, and has a company for herself. She’s the epitome of beauty with brains and you… (disgust look) you are just crap. Not well educated and am feeding you with my hard-earned money and you are enjoying yourself and then you dare to question me? Am giving you lenience that doesn’t mean I’ll see you flirting around. Today I’ll show you what a man is

His eyes had some evilness that I couldn’t understand at that time. I was crying listening to his words then something unexpected happened which was out of my way of understanding. He smashed his …… lips on mine and was biting them like a hungry beast. I tried protesting but he slapped me, holding the hands-on top of my head and he was biting on my neck and collar bone. I never saw Kabir showing his audacity on me this way. That moment I felt am just a toy the way he was ripping my clothes off and biting me ruthlessly. I was crying as he was …. He pulled my panties and thrusted into it cruelly and I was winching in pain, he snapped his palm on my mouth to avoid my shouts. He was at that moment only a hungry monster trying to satisfy his hunger by showing his audacity of being a man on a helpless woman. (I didn’t bother revealing my ordeal in front of Aryan because he was so close to me and if not him and Sejal then I can’t share with anyone)

I lost my consciousness seeing his beast form. The moment I gained conscious I was naked with him sleeping beside me. I tried to get up but my lower self didn’t cooperate and with difficulty when I wrapped myself in the duvet I saw the bedsheet covered in blood. I didn’t lose my virginity in fact I lost myself to him without my approval. I felt it difficult to even walk and then I realized the stains of blood on my thighs and my legs were wet by blood. I ran to the washroom and washed myself but the pain wasn’t fading! But whenever water dripped on the injuries I realized my soul died. The pain was unbearable. I lost myself, I lost my soul to the hungry beast. After a lot of crying over the night and shower, I reached the room to find Kabir awake, and seeing him my fear was turned on and I gasped when he was approaching me. I tried to back off but he held my arm gently and kissed that as I closed my eyes out of fear. Then what I heard shook me

Kabir: Am sorry Riddhima! I was not in my senses. I never wanted to force myself on you. Seeing you with another man I was hurt because of which I couldn’t control myself and all this happened. Am sorry I hurt you! I can’t see this hatred for me in your eyes. Please forgive me!!

He hugged me asking for forgiveness but though I couldn’t hug him back, I did feel he needs a chance so I smiled towards him agreeing. Indeed, in the later on days I realized he was upset so he committed that sin because after that night he never ever did anything such as which could hurt me. I was once again happy. But his harsh words did hit me hard and I was trying hard not to pay attention to those words and even he was feeling sorry for all that and he was pampering me to erase those memories. I was happy!!!

But ….. but seemed like that happiness didn’t last forever. Once again such a night came into my life. That night I was waiting for him when he didn’t show up. I was sleepy so dozed off. After a while he came and saw me sleeping, he threw a vase towards me and it hit my head and I woke startled to find myself bleeding and him throwing things angrily. I approached him to stop him but in vain. He hit me hard that I fell on the floor. I glared at him in fear and he stamped my hand and was pressing it hard as I was crying in pain. I tried to get rid of his foot but in vain. He bent to my level and slapped me repeatedly. I tried to understand what was happening but I was late. He pulled my hair and started shouting pinning my chin with his hand.

Kabir: You bought me bad luck. You are just trash which am bearing I don’t know why! You spoiled my career. I was right when I told you that you are useless and uneducated crap. You are a burden to me. You don’t earn and just waste my money for baseless spending. Only if you were lucky enough I’d have got the promotion but no! You are a bin of unluck that I lost my promotion. Snatching my happiness, you are leading a happy and peaceful life? You were sleeping happily!!!

I was crying literally but he didn’t stop, he once again forced himself on me to show that he is a deserving person for the promotion. That night and that tortures didn’t stop there. It continued to happen in all these 2 months. He’d vent his anger, frustration on me by hitting me, kicking me, and slapping me. He’d snatch my soul for his satisfaction by forcing himself on me. Every night I die. He just needs my body and nothing else. Even if I surrender for his thirst for my body, he hits me and at times even uses a whip to hit me as this gives him satisfaction. He laughs evilly seeing me cry. He thrusts into me every night whenever he is hungry for pleasure.

He doesn’t satisfy by thrusting me, he wants me to cry so slaps me hard until my tears fade away. He closes my mouth to stop my shouts & cries and enjoys seeing me dying. His daily thrashing, thrusting, and shouting made me a victim of phonophobia. A slight loud sound of anything and anyone freaks me. Even now I am unable to sit here normally as my lower body is hurting and whenever I try to sit, it ….. hurts!!! Legs and lower body hurt by the pain he gave and my hands and upper part of my body have bruises given by him. I couldn’t bear this and if I raise my voice then he’d hit and thrust me hungrily making me die on bed. I tried killing myself too but failed drastically and he warned me if I do this once again then he’ll satisfy his hunger even on my dead body. I felt disgusted and I stopped trying that too. I tried to divorce him but then he blackmailed me that he’d sell my parent’s last memory their house!!! A few days back he transferred the property on his name and is now blackmailing me. Without any option, left am bearing his cruelty.

I wanted to earn rather than living on his money, so I asked him permission and he hit me mercilessly until I lost my consciousness. After few days of begging him for permission, he gave me a chance informing if I didn’t get any worth job then he’ll punish me for being irresponsible and a burden to him. So, ….. I applied for the post of PA here and I hope I get a job.”



Guys am totally against Martial Rape and Domestic Violence. This my FF is for such ladies who go through this in every part of the world but there are fewer who either take a stand for themselves or who get justice by taking the help from the law. But most importantly they need support from friends and family who’d stand by them in this fight against cruelty. They go through depression, trauma and may need counseling and at times they even take a drastic step by killing themselves which mostly they succeed in. But is it the end of cruelty? Will they get justice by killing themselves? Will their soul find peace??? I don’t think so!!! They need to live to conquer their fears, to stand against their cruel in-laws and husbands, they need to start afresh to show the world that women arent weak. They have the power to give us a bright world. They have the power to bring a new life from their womb. They have the power to stand against the world for their dignity!!! My this FF is dedicated to all the strong souls who stood for their self-respect and dignity! I want such women to start afresh with new confidence and willpower to achieve their dreams!!!!

Now, lets see what Riddhima’s life has in store after all that she faced!!! Any guesses how her life is going to change in the future??? Keep guessing and do let me know your views

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