Game of hearts – A love story never seen before! Chapter 8-RIDDHIMA’S TRUTH – Telly Updates

SCENE 1: Vansh is in the closed room drunk and Riddhima is searching for him.

Riddhima: Vansh…Vansh where are you? Weird he came home and didnt even go out, then where did he disappear all of a sudden, a while back he was near the pool side right?!….Vansh….Vansh where are you.

Grandma: What happened dear, why are you so worried, are you alright?

Riddhima: Its vansh, i cant find him!

Grandma: Leave it dear, when he feels sad or outrageous he goes into that room and locks himself and comes out the next day.

Riddhima’s pov: I cant leave him there!

She goes near the room and knocks the door.

Riddhima: Vansh, please open the door, i am worried please open the damn door Vansh.

She knocks for 3-5 times then suddenly Vansh opens door and she falls on him

Vansh: What do you want?

Riddhima: Nothing….I was worried.

Vansh: Wow, you are worried about me.

Vansh is drunk and is about to fall but riddhima holds him.

Riddhima: Vansh, you are not fine lets go to the room come.

Vansh: WAIT!! On our wedding night you asked me who she was right, i will tell you.

Riddhima: Vansh, its alright we will talk about it later.

Vansh: NO! Today i will speak, you just listen!…..Her name was Arohi, she was also just like you simple,sweet and very kind hearted, she was a lawyer you know! She worked as a legal advisor in some company! i met her in her office, i was no one at that time, dad was alive and he was handling the business and everything… was like love at first sight!! You know i followed her for so many weeks but she didn’t fall for me, and after 3 months she accepted my love.

Riddhima: Amazing, wonderful, now lets go into the room.

Vansh: I am not done yet! ………..She met my parents and I met her parents,my  Dad died and i had to handle the business, and i was not able to give her time, but still she supported me through my emotional phase in my life till my successful life as a businessman, everyone were happy with our relationship and i decided to marry her.

Riddhima: Vansh, please stop you will regret telling me this in the morning, and i know you wouldn’t want to share this with me if you were sober.

Vansh: Why? You have the right to know about my past, afterall you are my wife, my love…listen..listen the story will get interesting now, i was sitting ready at the wedding stage…i waited for hours but she never showed up!!! YES!! you are guessing correct she ran away!!! And siya told that all her jewellery was also missing……….and everyone told me that all the way she was just a gold digger… first i didn’t believe anyone but later i got used to the fact that i was cheated…..wait you never saw her photo clearly right, let me on the lights……and Riddhima meet Arohi and arohi meet riddhima……

Riddhima has a closer look at the pictures…

Riddhima has a closer look at the pictures

Riddhima's pov: I was there Vansh i came to the wedding, but kabir told, you called me and took me away from there

Riddhima’s pov: I was there Vansh i came to the wedding, but kabir told, you called me and took me away from there….i wanted to share my whole life with you Vansh and till today i still do…but i trusted kabir and he tried to kill me, he pushed me into a heavy waterfall and i almost died but some people of the forest thankfully found me, and my face at that time was nearly destroyed and they admitted me in a hospital where i got this new face….and i remember our moments vansh all of them…..and this time i swear i will not leave kabir and his partner……i worked for him first, and at that time he trapped me and sent me to destroy you but i fell in love with you at that time and i told him about your truth and stopped working for him……i missed you vansh, you were the only thing that kept me alive……that kabir even killed my parents to hide his tracks……he practically destroyed my life vansh…and i will not stop until i destroy his! They gave me the details of this girl and when i visited her friend she told me evrything about her and with her help i successfully transformed myself into riddhima and she has been supporting me since that time…

Riddhima: Enough Vansh, lets go the room.

She carries him into the room.

Vansh(murmurs): I loved….her…….she cheated on me……i…i…hate….her

And finally he sleeps.

Riddhima: Vansh, when i tell the truth i hope you will support me…i love you!

Next morning vansh wakes up.

Vansh: Ugh..My head hurts, did i drink a lot yesterday?

Riddhima enters the room.

Riddhima: Yeah, you did have a lot yesterday, here take this coffee  it will help with the headache i guess.

Vansh: Thanks, did i misbehave yesterday, did something happen yesterday night, did i? tell you something?

Riddhima: No, you were passed out, you didn’t tell me anything.

Kabir is in his office

Kabir’s pov: I really loved arohi but she, she went on to love you, i didn’t wanted to kill her vansh but what to do my vengeance on you is slightly stronger than love on her, because of you i had to kill the first love vansh, you dont know but all my happiness and love some way or the other you were the reason i couldn’t have them and i will take revenge….


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