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Santoshi Maa 15th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev Rishi praising Prabhu Mahadev & along with him all join & Dev Rishi praises about his blessings on this Mahashivratri day to whomever who does Pooja for him with true devotion.

Devi Santoshi requests Prabhu Mahadev to describe how his blessings by humans on this day is achieved & he explains all of them that whoever truly devotes for me & does pure hearted Pooja on this day he gets my blessings while Dev Rishi also says giving example that it was time when in Tretayug there was evil Dund who use to steal, kill animals, harass humans only for his family’s day to day food & once he came across a female Goat.

The evil Dund says seeing sea that till now I haven’t found any animal for my family’s food from jungle hence I’ll wait here till any animal comes to drink water as I know some animal will definitely come & he climbs a Bail tree to wait while he doesn’t know that under the tree there is Shiv Kund. A female Goat arrives to drink water & he while getting ready to kill her but unknowingly a Bail falls on Shiv Kund which blesses him later. The Goat understands & requests him to not to kill her now but she’ll return handing over her children’s to their father & then you can kill me for your family’s food requirement  but he asks her that how can I believe you & she tells him that I only believe in truth as I haven’t betrayed anybody in my life or my family will also be cursed due to my wrong deeds & he believes her to let her go. He keeps waiting for her hitting Bail’s from tree which falls on Shiv Kund but he isn’t aware of it. The Goat returns but the evil Dund praises her saying that now I do not wish to kill you because you have taught me the lesson of truth & I pray you for this while Prabhu Mahadev also emerge to bless him & he is shocked praising Prabhu that you came to bless me it’s my honour & Prabhu blesses him that you have did Pooja of me on this Mahashivratri hence I bless you that you’ll lead your life with your family near Ayodha happily ever after & also you’ll get chance to meet Shri Ram in near future & he praises Prabhu Mahadev while Prabhu Mahadev also blesses the female Goat for releasing her from curse converting she & her family into human’s hence they too praise Prabhu Mahadev.

Dev Rishi praises saying that this is kind of blessings Prabhu Mahadev does on humans with his powers unknowingly those human’s also.

The marriage skit is performed of Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati by children’s in temple in front of Indresh & his family along with all other people. Indresh along with family praise Prabhu Mahadev while Swati along with her mother in law perform prayers for Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati.

Bubli’s mother dashes Indresh in temple while he takes her aside & she tells him that it’s good you met me as I wanted to meet you & blames her daughter who harassed him & Swati alot in their life but he asks her that had Bubli called you but she instead refuses of Bubli calling her & he feels confused while she tells him that Devesh told her he is fighting the case of Bubli hence Indresh understands it was Devesh who played trick with him.

Devi Polomi arrives to join Singhasan & Laila while Singhasan is surprised to see her remembering of earlier incidences happened with her.

Indresh pleads his mother as well as Swati to forgive him as he now has known that its father who is at wrong end while he was feeling they were wrong & they hug each other while his brother also pleads his mother & she hugs him too while Singhasan watching this is getting wild & Devi Polomi along with Devesh instigate him against his family & he is thinking about the incidence happened with his daughter falling down when Devesh helped her hence leaves from there.

Dev Rishi comes to call Devi Polomi while she asks him why have you come here & he informs her that Prabhu Mahadev has called her & leaves.

Devesh shakes hands with Laila for instigating Singhasan while Indresh watches them confusingly thinking why they are shaking hands?

Devi Polomi reaches to Prabhu Mahadev asking him that inspite of losing last test I wish to request you to please take lenient attitude towards me but he explains her that earlier when you were given the task it was as per your choice but you didn’t bother of Guru Shukracharya while Devi Santoshi respected him but you chanted my mantra hence you have won some leniency from me so will take care of it. Devi Santoshi also praises Devi Polomi due to whom she also becomes excited to face such tests.

Devi Polomi requests Prabhu Mahadev to give her the test as per her behaviour so that she’ll see to is she wins this time & promises him while Mata Parvati reminds her that your win will allow you to enter into Swarlok again hence to remember that.

Precap: Devi Santoshi tells Dev Rishi whatever Asoor Rani Polomi’s behaviour is but its due to her some good points  while Dev Rishi says that her behaviour is entered into Singhasan & Devesh tends to be her devotee & she says that they do not know this behaviour will destroy them in future. Singhasan informs everybody that he has decided to marry his daughter Pinky & boy’s family is coming in the evening so if everything is ok then will finalize today itself. Singhasan asks  boy’s mother you came but where your son is while she tells him see he has arrived but who is none other than Devesh while other family members of Singhasan are shocked to see him.    

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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