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RIDHIMA: how are you? what are you doing here?
VANSH: looking at a chimpuπŸ˜›(short form of chimpanzee)

(ridhima has understood now he was vansh because of chimpu but try to control her)

VANSH: what are you doing at this hour in kitchen?

RIDHIMA: looking at donkachabi😜( donkey)


RIDHIMA hurily ran to her room and close the door. VANSH also went to his room. Both started to recall what happen some time back and start smiling.

In the morning

everyone wake at morning at meet vansh. RIDHIMA went to her university early in the morning and also to avoid vansh
in the evening anupriya asked vansh to pick up ridhima.(drivers Hain vr mansion mein but story bhi to likhni hai)

vansh went to pick up ridhima.BUT When ridhima come to open the door vansh locked it.

RIDHIMA: huh! vansh open it.

VANSH: first say sorry

RIDHIMA: for what?(knowing everything but trying to be innocent)

Vansh: for that what you have done yesterday.

Ridhima: no way

Vansh: okay no problem I will wait for some time.😎

Ridhima: no.please don’t waste your unimportant time on me.(smirking)

Vansh who is now on angry mode decided to go back but then see some university boys looking and smiling at ridhima.

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