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Hamariwali Good News 15th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mukund and Renuka getting shocked seeing Sumitra. Sumitra sits in the grave. Renuka asks Mukund to say something. Mukund stays sad. Renuka goes and asks what are you doing, you can’t do this. Pandit says she wants to get Moksh, because she has cheated her brother and Bhabhi. Renuka says we are her brother and Bhabhi. Pandit asks is this true. Sumitra says yes, I want Mukti, else my coming births will go waste, please read the mantra and complete the rituals.

Renuka says suicide is also a sin. Sumitra says no, I have come to this ashram after getting released from the jail, any punishment is less for me. Renuka says if we forgive her, then she will be free from the sins burden. Pandit says yes. Renuka says we forgive her. Sumitra says no, let me die, please. She cries. Renuka says if you want to repent, then it can’t be suicide. Sumitra says I have no house now, the family has ousted me, I can’t go anywhere. Renuka says you have our house, its still yours, you come with us. Mukund signs no and goes.

Renuka asks Mukund to see how Sumitra was giving her life. She says we can’t leave her to die. He says you think from heart, not your mind, not every decision is less. He goes. Mukund comes back home. He gets shocked seeing a guy drunk leaving from his lane. They see loud music playing. The lady says such parties are always happening in your house. Kusum says we have called you many times, you didn’t answer, go and see what Adi did to your house, he bought the big cars by selling the car you gifted him, that too for her. Renuka asks for whom. Kusum says don’t make me say, go and see.

Mukund and Renuka go home to see Adi. A dancer performs. They get shocked seeing the house turned into a night bar. The people get drunk and dance. Alok and Preeti are also present. Adi dances with the girls. Mukund sees Preeti serving the drinks. She gets pushed away. Alok hides from them. Mukund shouts stop the music. Alok says I shall leave, else Mukund won’t leave me. Mukund throws water on Adi’s face. Adi shouts what’s this. Renuka asks what’s this Adi, come to senses, is this a house or a wine shop. Mukund says I want my house vacated in 2mins, else I will send you all to the jail. Adi says they are my friends. Mukund shouts shut up, just leave. Sumitra also beats the people and makes them out. The girl shouts who the hell are you, how dare you make my friends out, this never happened in Akki’s party, you insulted me. She throws things. She shouts. Adi says listen to me, don’t panic, come with me. Akki says no, make them out of my house. He takes Akki. Preeti says Akki is mad, she is dangerous, don’t go, let them talk. Renuka asks why is Akki saying its her house. Preeti says its Akki’s room now, not yours. Adi says I will talk to them, they will apologize, I promise, don’t worry. Akki asks who are they. Adi says they are my parents, don’t worry, I will handle everything. Preeti says Adi ruined it all, he was going to change the temple as well, Navya isn’t here. Mukund asks where is she. FB shows Adi coming home drunk with Akki. Navya gets shocked. Navya stops Adi from slapping her. They argue. She cries and leaves the house. FB ends.

Renuka cries and says Adi made this heaven a hell. Mukund asks where is Navya. Preeti says just Adi can tell about it. Renuka says I want my answers. Adi comes and asks them to ask. Renuka asks why did you make our house a hell, what’s all this, who is that girl, what is she doing in our house. Adi laughs and says its my house, I can do anything, its my wish. Mukund says this house is still on our name. Renuka says I did a big mistake, Mukund didn’t trust you, but I trusted you, I gave you many chances, you didn’t change. Adi says I invested 2 crores and will be the owner of 10 crores soon, I couldn’t do anything if I walked on Mukund’s footsteps. Renuka says you left Navya behind. Adi says Navya left the house, stay here if you want, you forgot, you named the house and property to me, I m the owner, everything will go according to me, Akki got a panic attack, I don’t want any disturbances, good night. He goes. Its morning. Renuka and Sumitra do a puja. Mukund comes home and says I got to know about Navya.

Mukund and Tiwari go to bring Navya home. Navya says I won’t go back, I decided to take divorce.

Update Credit to: Amena

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