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RadhaKrishn 15th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Balram tells Krishna that time for his and Radha’s meeting is nearing and he should celebrate instead of looking at sun. Krishna says its not a time for celebration and he wants to discuss something. Balram says he will listen to him only after celebration. Krishna insists. Balram agrees. Krishna says he has to face problems before meeting Radha and soon a problem will hover the whole universe. Balram is shocked to hear that and asks reason. Radha plays holi during sabha. Revati asks why she is celebrating during sabha. She says she will inform once Krishna and Balram come. Revati asks where are they. Nishad says they both are missing since morning.

Sam runs afraid of ganpret. Jamvati with Laxmana stops him and says he has shani’s vakra drishti on him, so he should chant maha mrityunjai mantra. Sam asks her to protect him from gangrept. Jamvati asks she can’t see anyone and suggests again to chant maha mrityunjai mantra. Sam does same and sees ganpret running away from him.

Radha sees Krishna and Balram returning. Balram asks why she is celebrating holi before its time. Radha reminds that they used to start holi celebrate before time and asks if she can’t now. Revati asks if they will have to bear colors for days. Radha says they can play many kinds of holi. Krishna says they can play water holi, dirt holi, flower holi, lathmar/beating with stick holi, and a comic holy reminiscing playing with Radha. Nishant says its exciting to know about so many kinds of holis. Krishna asks Balram if he remembers. Balram says they were kids then. Krishna says he is afraid even now and his old wounds are still raw. Radha says this time they will celebrate it lavishly. Balram says they have a lots of work. Krishna says dau bore a lot of beatings during lathmar holi and is afraid of it till now. Radha says he is lying. Krishna says she should ask Balram. Nishant and Ulmukh say they are very excited to play so many holis. Balram says he has a lot of work to finish and even they are, so they can’t play holi. They get sad. Radha says they can play with Krishna. Krishna says he will not play with Radha as she always applies colors on him first. Radha says he is acting as he applies colors first.

After sometime, Radha asks him why did he lie as he always applies holi to her; says this time she will celebrate holi lavishly like before. He says this time its different and reminds her about shani’s Vakra dhristi on him and upcoming problems. Radha doesn’t listen to him. He thinks how to explain her.

Sam sees Ganpret sleeping and silently walks away. Radha celebrates holi with laides and asks them to mix color in water. They do same. Radha praises them and says they should throw someone into water. Ladies see Sam passing by and decide to throw him into water. Radha denies and says they should throw someone else instead, but they insist and calling Sam near them try to throw him in water, but he pushes them away and says they cannot hold her. Ganpret reach him and throw him in water. Sam gets angry takes oath to destroy whole Dwarka. Krishna gets worried hearing that.

Precap: Radha apologizes Krishna and says she will play holi the way he likes. He says whatever she does, she will not see a smile on his face. Radha determines to play holi with him like in Vrindavan and see a smile on his face.

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