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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant catches helper and is shocked to identify him as Sagar. He decides to hand him over to police when Hema throws stone on his head from back and signals Sagar to escape. Sagar runs away. Anant sits down holding his head. Hema and Kanak rush to him and asks who injured him. Inspector reaches and Anant informs that Sagar disguised as helper mixed poison in food. Inspector says he will catch Sagar soon. Gehna takes Anant back to hospital and gets his bandage. Inspector informs that Sagar escaped, but will be caught soon. Anant says even they want their culprit to be punished and will inform him if they find Sagar’s clue.

Back home, Chetan confronts Kanak and Hema that he knows they knew Sagar is disguised as helper and poisoned their food, even then they protected him. Hema acts. Bapuji warns to stop advocating Sagar as someone would have died because of him. Anant asks Kanak and Hema to explain how did Sagar come disguised as helper, poisoned their food, and when he caught Sagar, he was hit by a stone and they came to him immediately, this proves that they knew about Sagar poisoning food. Hema cries that Sagar is her bhaila and even Anant is her devar and like bhaila, why will she protect Sagar after seeing his past acts and seeing her own children being poisoned; she takes her children’s oath and says she really didn’t know helper was Sagar. Gehna backs her and says a mother would never take her children’s oath. Kanak also backs her and says Sagar must have brought his helper who threw stone on Anant, she curses Sagare’s help who threw stone on Anant and made Sagar escape. Hema angrily looks at her. Family gets convinced. Back to room, Kanak tells Hema that she should be thankful that nobody found out truth. Gehna enters and says she knows truth. Hema asks what she want to say. Gehna says this family gave them so much love and respect, even then they risked whole family’s life just to humiliate her. Hema tensed says how many times to explain her that she doesn’t know what Sagar does and why she was acting as supporting them. Gehna says she told truth as there was poison in food, but she cannot believe that they both don’t know that helper was Sagar; she saw a video where they were speaking to Sagar, they didn’t have food and let Pankaj and Chetan have it, children ate food by mistake and got ill. Hema warns her to shut up. Gehna says she will not as its a question of her family now and hopes they are telling truth. Kanak gets Sagar’s call. Kanak walks towards phone. They both stop her, and Kanak warns to return with proof and not disturb them till then. Gehna pleads not to trouble family as it is also their family and if they do anything wrong against family even then, she will go against them and protect her family.

Once she leaves, Kanak fumes that a maid dared to challenge her. Sagar calls her again. She picks call and warns how dare he is to call her. He says police is behind her, he doesn’t have money and a place to stay. She yells he will not get a penny, its food good if police catches and tortures him; orders him to go underground and not call her again until she calls him. He determines to take revenge from Gehna and Anant.

Gehna returns to her room and seeing Anant reminisces him rejecting her love. He informs her that her school is starting tomorrow and she should make arrangements tonight itself. Gehna gets excited hearing that. He asks not to inform bhabhis about her school and to go silently. Gehna says she will lie that she is going to temple. Anant asks what if Baa insists to accompany her to temple. She asks him not to worry as she will handle Baa. She walks to Baa and says a lot happened recently to their family, so she wants to perform pooja for family’s happiness. Baa happily agrees and asks her to make pooja arrangements. Kanak and Hema hear their conversation and get jealous of Gehna.

Gehna goes to kitchen to prepare food. Tia walks in and asks what did Anant reply when she proposed him. She says doesn’t know what went wrong, may be she made a hurry. Tia asks if bhai rejected her proposal and says not to worry as bhai will love her soon. Paresh enters and says it will happen for sure as Gehna is 1 among lakhs, sometimes one doesn’t find that they are in love and he will help her make Anant realize her love. Gehna asks what she should do. He asks her to act as busy when Anant tries to speak to her and make him realize her value, only then Anant will realize her love for her. Anant enters and asks her to come and give his file and other stuff. Gehna agrees, but Paresh reminds his advice. Gehna says she is busy and informs him file’s location.

Kanak calls Mrs Surat Competition’s organizer and informs that she has filed a nomination to participate in it. Pankaj praises her beauty. She says she wants to win this competition at any cost and after that, everyone will run behind her. Family gathers for pooja. Gehna holding pooja thali slips, and sindhoor falls down. Baa worries its abshagun and don’t know what trouble is coming. Gehna says it was her mistake. A lady stops her car and gets out of it. Baa says she is worried that abshugan may happen and her and Anant’s relationship may be at risk.

Precap: Gehna informs Anant that her teacher is Mayuri bhabhi. Anant says Mayuri is will tell the truth to Hansa who will inform Kanak and Hema.

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