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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 26th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babu asking Preet to tell what did he do with Baby ji. Preet says I didn’t do anything. Pratap asks Preet to say what did he do? Preet says I didn’t do anything. Babu says I will kill you. He says Babu is jealous of me and lying. Kamini says if anything had happened, then baby would have told bhaiyya first. Preet says yes. Babu says real man is the one who understands woman’s pain and says I have seen her pain which this devil has given her. Kamini says baby shall come here and say. Babu says ok, I will bring her and handover Preet to police. He knocks on the door asking Baby to come out and tell truth to everyone, as nobody is believing him. Baby is sitting in shock. He breaks the window pane and gets inside. He gives her water, but she is still in shock. He says you fights much and shouts and asks why is she silent today. He says this is not your mistake, if you break your strength and sit silently , then you will be proved wrong. He says come, I will stand with you. Baby says you was leaving me and going. She says you are not related to it and asks him to go. Babu says you are not looking normal like before and says he thought to go, as she is happy without him. He says he is doing husband’s duty, tells that they shall get him punished. He says if you stay silent then he will not know what he did. He asks if she flowed in emotions and asks where did he touch her? He touches her. Baby gets restless and slaps him asking not to touch her again. Babu asks her to show the same fire and teach a lesson to Preet and slap him for not understanding her refusal. He says she shall learn from the past and tells Mahabharat’s story. He says he will do his duty and fight for her, says that he is sure that she will say against Preet. He is calling Police and goes out.

Pratap asks Preet to tell the truth and says I am giving you last chance. Preet says I didn’t do anything. Pratap says why she is not opening the door then? Preet’s father asks Pratap to calm down and says Baby and Preet know each other since years and was about to marry. Anuradha says but it didn’t happen. Preet’s father says they might have small fight and says he didn’t ….Pratap grabs his collar and gets angry. He says Preet did something wrong. Preet’s father says may be something happened with their consent. Babu comes and shouts enough. He tells Preet’s father that though he is of elderly age, but small in thinking. He says I am leaving you due to your age. Baby comes there and says I will tell you, what he did. She says whatever happened, it was not with my consent. She says I refused him repeatedly. She blackens his face and says she was in shock until now, as she was safe with her brothers and Papa. She says she will tell everyone. Pratap and Preet’s father’s common friend and lawyer ask them to patch up and not to file the case. Babu asks what do you mean? The lawyer tells that if the complaint is filed, then baby will be questioned. Baby says she is not vulnerable and helpless girl, knows how to answer the questions. Inspector comes and arrests Preet. He says Babu has filed the case and they will take Baby’s statement.

Pratap tells Baby that they shall think about themselves and says if the case is filed then their respect will go. Anuradha asks what are you saying? Pratap asks her not to interfere and blame her for getting baby married to babu. He says we shall not stain our respect. Babu says it is not baby’s mistake. Pratap says I don’t want your interference. He tells Baby that he loves her and don’t want her respect to get ruined. Babu says you are asking baby to lie and asks why did he make palace like house, but there is no respect for woman here. He asks Baby to keep her head high and says I have brought you here, now I will take you back from here. Anuradha hugs Baby. He says Baby will get justice, and FIR will be filed too. Nidhi says Villager met Mama ji quiet. Kamini says Kaushalya and the villagers will send Baby back.

Kamini calls Kaushalya and asks how will you bear the black spot. Kaushalya asks what happened to Babu? Kamini says not Babu, but Baby….Baby holds Babu’s hand as they leave from Pratap’s house. Anuradha smiles. Babu signs at Baby. They leave.

Precap: Sarpanch’s son tries to set fire to Kaushalya’s house and throws the message asking Babu to choose Baby or the villagers’ respect.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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