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Brahmarakshas 2 28th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalindi running when her dupatta catches fire. Angad sets off the fire and also makes her wear dupatta on her head. He says I didn’t let your condition break and nobody saw your face. Chandini asks how she will take care of Minty when she can’t take care of herself. Minty takes a stand for Kalindi and says they are saved due to Kali Maa and shall go there to take her blessings. Angad says I will take you both there. They come to the temple. Minty’s dupatta gets stuck and she stops. Angad asks her what happened which made her go near holika dahan fire. Kalindi says Chandini/Kalindi is right and tells that I don’t deserve this job and is absent minded. She asks him not to get personal and reacting. Angad says I got the thought that I shall ask you if you are fine. Kalindi says you shall not ask anything about me, and I will just work for Minty. Minty comes and says ok. Angad asks her to do puja and he will sit in puja. Minty asks Kalindi what happened to her and jiju. She says something had happened in his life then he is irritated sometimes. Kalindi says sometimes, people don’t get satisfied with what they have. They go to do puja. Shalini tells Prithvi that Minty didn’t have milk as Nurse stopped her. Prithvi says he will do something and will ruin them. Kalindi finds a box there and keeps it in her bag, thinks to ask Yug. She lights the diya with the match sticks.Minty comes there. Kalindi tells that there is nothing like inauspicious or auspicious and asks her to think positive and be positive. Angad and Minty talk about dropping kalindi home, while Angad argues, Kalindi goes. Iravat tells Yug that when he marries Kalindi, then he will become immortal and asks if he forgot his aim. Yug says he didn’t forget his aim and is working towards becoming immortal. Iravat asks why she is not here then. Kalindi thinks to stay away from them and the jungle. Iravat asks Jwala/Yug if he couldn’t handle Kalindi, then tell her, tells that he will handle her. Yug becomes brahmarakshas and tries to scare Iravat. Iravat asks him to go and search Kalindi. Kalindi comes there and sees them fighting. They act as if they are practicing to fight. Yug asks how was the day. Kalindi says fine. He asks her not to get close to the family. Kalindi says she feels so. She goes to the room.

Sona comes to Chandini and shows water balloons. Chandini gets happy. Robin asks Angad where is he going? Angad tells that he is going to London and tells about his plans. Robin asks what will happen with Bhab then? Angad says he can’t wait for anyone. Chandini throws balloons on Angad. Angad tells that she is going to London. Chandini enquires with Minty about Angad. Minty says Angad goes to the high mountain every holi and talk to his London friends. Chandini gives her candies hidden by Robin. Angad comes to his car and finds it punctured. He sees Chandini puncturing his car and is about to book the cab, but she says she has asked all the cab services not to send car here. Angad goes inside.

Prithvi tells Shalini that he is fixing bomb to the speaker and when someone keeps the volume above 100 and then the bomb will explode. Chandini couldn’t arrange the DJ. Prithvi says his plans are ruining. Shalini says if someone from us raised the volume then? Prithvi asks her and her daughter not to go near the speaker.

Yug tells Kalindi that today he is staying at home and asks her to take off today. Kalindi says she has to go as the girl for whom she is working, must have cut Papaya for her. She says she is like a family now. He asks if he can apply color to her face. She says yes. Devi Maa’s temple is shown. Yug tries to apply color, but he feels current and looks at the tika on her forehead. He asks did you go somewhere after work? She says she had gone to temple with her. Yug says ok. She asks him to apply color. He says you are going to work and it doesn’t look nice to have color on face. She goes. He thinks to follow her. Chandini and Shalini have a talk. Shalini gets upset.

Angad is in the storeroom. Chandini comes there and plays music on the speaker. She says lets party, today she is DJ. Angad makes the volume less. Chandini asks him to take it outside. Angad says you are not my Kalindi, but a viper. He goes. Chandini says you will play holi. Kalindi and Minty make laddoos. Kalindi asks why the color is strange. Minty says don’t know, di give me ingredients. Minty brings laddoos to Angad. Angad is about to eat it. Kalindi stops Minty and says it has bhang in it. Angad refuses to eat it and gets upset on Chandini. He asks servant to throw the laddoos in the dustbin. Minty goes to hand wash. Angad thanks Kalindi from saving him from bhang laddoos. Kalindi says I asked Minty and not you. She talks rudely with him. Angad asks her to learn manners and goes.

Gurumaa comes to Kalindi’s room in Yug’s house and finds the box. She thinks atlast she found it. it is written on it that the sisters will unite when they turn 23 years. She thinks once Kalindi opens the box, she will understand who is her sister.

Chandini eats the laddoos and tells Sona that she had it. She asks everyone to gather. Minty tells Kalindi that she has to give medicine to her sister else she will have headache. Kalindi asks how is Chandini and Angad’s relation. Minty says like tom and jerry, etc. Chandini dances….Shalini asks her to increase the volume. Kalindi searches for the medicine box in Chandini’s (her own) room and finds wolf ‘s sketching. She gets some flashback scenes. Pari goes to increase the volume. Shalini stops her and says the bomb will blast. Pari goes. Prithvi and Shalini wait for someone to increase the volume. Chandini and others dance. She sees Angad and runs behind him. Kalindi finds a secret room in the cupboard behind the sketching of wolfs and gets inside. Chandini tries to apply color to him, but he runs away. The secret room takes her to the room where she finds the victims’ pic who were killed by brahmarakshas. She finds the weapon which she had used to kill Brahmarakshas. Chandini tries to celebrate holi with Angad. Angad thinks to go to Kalindi’s room and hide there. Angad goes there and finds her there. He asks what is she doing here? He finds her hand injured and goes to get medicine for her. The bomb explodes when Chandini throws stone on the speaker. She falls down far. Angad and Kalindi hear the sound and run out. Iravat sees Kalindi in Angad’s house.

Yug talks to his Police team about how to woo a girl. The Police team tells that the girl like the guys who look in their eyes. Inspector comes and tells that there was a blast. Yug asks him not to trouble him for small cases. Iravat informs Yug that Kalindi is working in Angad’s house for Minty. Yug is shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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