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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Happu asking Beni why did he become miser? Beni says he has bought bhang and used money to buy it. Happu says if Rajjo comes to know then? Beni asks him to have it later. He gives drink to Happu. Happu drinks. Hritik asks Happu what they will do on holi. Happu says we will play with colors and will play with crackers too. Hritik says they shall do something else. Happu scolds him. Amma tells that first they will watch film and then will have food at special place. Ranbir asks what will you do with the money. Happu scolds him. Kat tells that Movie and Food planning is out, but she don’t understand Hindi films. Rajjo says they shall go out.

In the room, Rajjo and Happu talk about holi celebrations. Happu tries to romance with her. Rajjo says they already had 9 children already. Happu says it shows my love for you. Rajjo says she has a plan. Happu asks for a kiss. Rajjo asks him to fulfill children’s wish. Happu asks for kiss. She gives him flying kiss.

Kat tells Malaika that last time she had colored pan shop guy and he didn’t wash his face for 4 days.. Malaika asks her not to take Kamlesh’s name. Kamlesh comes there and says Kat…Kat gets happy. Kamlesh says he is bringing organic colors for Kat. Kat says only kamlesh can apply color to her face. Malaika asks what is she saying? Kamlesh says Kat’s skin is golden skin etc. Kat says you are my true friend and thanks him. Malaika asks him to go.

Next day, Rajjo and happu celebrate holi with Amma and kids. Kat asks Malaika not to colour her face as Kamlesh will bring organic color. Happu dances with Beni and Amma. Malaika dances on the song balam pichkari. Chamchi also dances. Kat thinks Kamlesh didn’t come and says you have destroyed my holi.

Kamlesh is on the way and is stopped by some college boys. He asks them to let him go now as Kat is waiting to get the organic colors. The guys snatch colors from him and beat him. Kamlesh faints. Happu asks Beni what to do, if he shall drink the bhang or not. Beni drinks. Rajjo watches the promo of the new show and tells Amma when she comes. She promotes the show. Amma asks her to make tea for her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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