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Thankyou all for your compliments…. It really means a lot

Well as in the previous episode … Certainly vansh and riddhima have a flight to Sikkim at 11.00am but vansh will go in a private chartered plane…

Riddhima – well sejal I am leaving Byee.

Sejal – ok darling bye … Please call me once you reach there..

Ishani and Sia – bye dear vansh Bhai.. please don’t forget to bring something from there..

Vansh- certainly ishani … I won’t forget… Well Sia might get a bigger gift this time…angre can u please drop me …I have a call to attend …

Riddhima reaches Sikkim …

Vansh- (calls angre) angre.. I have reached … Please inform Daadi and other family members.

Angre- yes boss.. boss I have sent you the details … Well they not accepting anything more than that cost ..

Vansh – I’ll handle them don’t worry…well by today evening I drive to Sikkim…well u have arranged a car right … Please send me the car details.

Angre- ok boss.

Riddhima- (attends the conference) well thankyou Mr. Sherpa … U have an amazing sense of humour.. every time I talk to you… I get to learn something new..u r such a knowledgeable person..

Mr.sherpa – well the more  you share  knowledge… U just start having an amazing feeling.. well r u trying to go around to see places in Sikkim… If yes.. I’ll arrange a travel guide for you… You should go to ravangla , and if you are going for shopping then u shld go to M.G bazaar, laal bazaar..

Riddhima – sure sir.. I can make many vlogs.

Vansh -(calls angre) hey angre .. the deal is half way done.. they want to  have a meeting via video call tomorrow.. pls attend it … I am driving to Sikkim..

Angre – ok boss.. go safely..

Vansh – ( reaches Sikkim) how ? How can I even I forget this place ? This place gives me peace …this waterfall … They just  cures me within where no one cares about each other  in the ever busy cities…well I have to reach ravangla by 6.00pm

Riddhima – I have to go to ravangla by 6.00pm

Vansh reaches ravangla by 4.00pm itself … Meets a monk… Seems that he knows him very well … He shares all problems to him…and after a while he   Wears a white dhoti and shirtless… Starts meditating  with full concentration in one of the rooms in ravangla Buddhist temple..

Riddhima reaches … Starts climbing the steps while shooting..

Precap – does the monk knows everything about vansh … Vansh who doesn’t share anything to anyone… How does vansh knows that monk… it’s strange

Does riddhima know the monk…or it’s just a coincidence…

So guys pls tell me do you want thriller, humour, romantic story or just a fairy tail story…

Thank you 🥰

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