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Tujhse Hai Raabta 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalyani pretending to be drinking and tells Malhar that she had strong drink after a lot of time. She goes to bed and rest. Malhar thinks if he is doubting on Kalyani unnecessarily, thinks she wouldn’t have drank wine if acting. He thinks to find out the truth anyhow. He covers blanket on her and goes. Kalyani messages Sampada how did she know that Malhar ji will make her drink wine. Sampada says she had talked to Pawar and came to know that Malhar had sent Rao to buy wine. Kalyani thinks this is getting dangerous. Malhar tells Aao Saheb that he feels that Kalyani is acting. Aao Saheb says when Sampada’s soul comes inside her, then Kalyani reacts strangely. Malhar says he thinks that Kalyani is doing this to save Moksh from Atharv. He says this can be done by using tantrik baba. Aao Saheb says Pandit ji had confirmed too. Malhar says they shall do it.

Someone informs Atharv on call about Malhar’s doubt on Kalyani. He thinks how did Kalyani tell me what only Sampada and I used to know. Kalyani wakes up and checks her mobile. She finds Pawar’s call and is about to call him, when Malhar comes there. She pretends to asleep. Malhar checks her phone and finds Pawar’s call. Kalyani thinks I told him not to call me. Malhar calls Pawar. Pawar says that fake baba…Malhar says Pawar…you are telling about my plan on Kalyani’s mobile. Pawar asks if call came on Kalyani’s mobile and says it is by mistake. Malhar says Kalyani shall not know about my plan. He checks her phone. Kalyani coughs to divert him and asks him to get water. Malhar comes to the kitchen. Kalyani thinks to delete the chat from her phone. Malhar takes water and thinks she must deleting the chat and goes back to room. He finds her resting and gives her water. Kalyani asks if Sampada’s soul has done something. Malhar asks her to sleep. Kalyani pretends to sleep. Malhar checks her phone and thinks he will know her truth before the night ends, and wants to know what is her helplessness.

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