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The next day, Virat found Sayi had already checked out from the hotel. He took at the piece of paper where Rishika had written Pulkit’s address, and decided to go to him once.

On the way, Pulkit’s words were echoing in his mind “Try removing the blindfold once, the world of truth will be crystal clear.

On reaching the place, he found a small house. The nameplate read ‘Dr. Pulkit Deshpande’.

He rang the bell and the door was opened by Madhuri.

“ACP Virat? Please come inside, bhau has gone to the airport, he will be back in a while.”

“I will wait.”

“Tea or coffee?”

“Nothing actually, I just had my breakfast before coming.”

Pulkit enters just then.

“I have told you several times…” he saw Virat standing in front of him “Virat? What are you doing at my house? How did you find my address?”

“I’m a police officer, I have my ways.”

“I’m curious which version of yours came here today? ACP Virat Chavan, Devi’s brother or Sayi’s ex.”

“I’m off duty, so definitely not as an ACP! I’m here to seek answers.”

“That I figured out, seeing your desperation that made you reach here”

“To be honest, right now, you are the only person I can trust to tell me the truth and I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

“As far as I remember, the Chavan’s hold a degree in mistrusting people! I will try my best to help you, believing or not is your call!”

“Then please tell me why you ran away”

“The person best suited to answer this question is my mother-in-law. Bhavani Chavan, your father, Ninad Chavan and your kaka, Omkar Chavan.”

“I want to hear your side, I want to remove that blindfold!”

“They gave money to kidnap me. I managed to send videos to Sayi, but they were clever enough to delete them.” He describes how they kept sending fake messages to Sayi and forced him to record the voicemails on the order of Bhavani and her puppets

“Sayi found me a night before holi and asked to prove myself innocent, but I knew things would get worse and it may affect Sayi, so I decided to go away from you lives and shifted here! I messaged her to say that I wanted revenge and Sangeeta is the one I love.”

“So, who is Sangeeta Deshpande?”

“A fictional character planted by your kaku! On leaving the college I found that she bribed the receptionist to show you the fake documents. I can show you my real documents, I never wrote any other name than Devyani Chavan as my wife. I’m willing to accept her in any condition, because I believe, my love for her is the only cure”

Madhuri came with all the documents and as Pulkit said, it had Devi’s name only.

“I believe you will not question them to be fake or fabricated.”

“What about your daughter?”

“I found Harini in an orphanage. After Devi gave birth, they told her that the baby was dead, when instead, your kaku, sold her to an orphanage! I found her with great difficulties! I also recovered these videos from my phone”

He showed Virat the videos that were sent to Sayi and later deleted!

“I was too weak back then, but now I feel like I have the answer to your each question!”

“Are you still willing to accept Devi tai?”

“No! I don’t want to see any of my loved one get hurt. Sayi already payed a huge price for supporting me. I only have my sister and daughter left now, I can’t risk it with them!”

“Where is Sayi?”

“Ask me anything, but that. She doesn’t want you to find her, so I will respect her privacy.”

“Then you must know the reason behind her cheat!”

“She never cheated on you! Just remove whatever garbage you have in your head about her. She fulfilled her every duty as a wife, but you failed as a husband! You cheated on her, she had always been the loyal one! I fear a day may come when you will realize your mistake, and she might have gone far away from you!”

Virat reminisces Ashwini telling the same!

“Then for the sake of my mental peace, can you please tell how is she doing? Is she okay?”

“She is an amazing doctor, who is excelling in her job and she is very much okay, in fact better than she ever was! She has built herself as an independent and strong personality. Rest, I think it will be better if you ask her”

“I’m glad she is fine, that is enough for me for now. And, I believe you! I have a flight to catch, hope someday we will meet as relatives!”

“I hope so too!” they shake hands and Virat leaves to go back to the hotel.


“Karishma, you even hired a nanny for your child, can you now please help me with the chores”

“Pakhi bhabhi, I just had a manicure, I don’t want to ruin my hands!”

“I work as a maid the whole day, even kaku said she will get a house-help but no one came! Even I’m a daughter-in-law!”

“Pakhi bhabhi, I have to feed my baby also, if I get tired, then Arush would be hungry!”

“You and you excuses! I know it well what are you up to these days”

“Pakhi bhabhi, don’t you think you are saying a lot these days?”

“I’m stating facts. You don’t even take care of your own son!”

The whole family gathered to witness the two of them fighting.

“Arush is my son, I don’t need a suggestion from someone whose husband doesn’t even sleep with her.” Karishma taunted

“Says who? The one who goes to other men when her husband is out for work?” Karishma’s eyes widened in shock “Whom are you staring at? What do you think? You will go out of the house every other hour with an excuse of bringing wet wipes and I will not know anything? I saw you hugging that guy yesterday”

Bhavani moved forward wanting to say something, but Ashwini pulled her behind signing to stay silent

“Since, you already know, then there is nothing to hide! Yes! He is my boyfriend Avinash and I love him!”

“Then what about Mohit?”

“What about him? He was just a struggling actor, I had my desires, that he failed to fulfill, that was when Avi came to my life”

“I can’t believe how shameless someone could be.”

Karishma laughed “It feels weird coming from you!! Despite being married, you were wandering around your brother-in-law and you even plotted to remove Sayi from his life, so that you can have him for yourself. You were never bothered about Samrat dada missing, but you were more worried about finding ways to create a rift between Virat dada and Sayi. Am I right? I am right!”

“Yes! Because I loved him! And he had made a promise to marry me! And Sayi was the one who cheated on him!”

“Pakhi bhabhi, it was you who cheated on Samrat dada and Virat dada who cheated on Sayi. Those pictures were just a result of the camera angle!”

“How can you be so sure of it? Have you seen her in college?”

“I’m just sure of it”

“Enough!” Bhavani couldn’t hold it “Whatever you both just said…is it true?”

“No, kaku” Pakhi said coming close to her “Actually, we both..were…getting bored, so we… we…”

“So we decided to act….” Karishma completed!

“You are indeed a good actor!” Mohit came from behind

“Mohit? Weren’t you supposed to come after 6 days? Did they fire you?” Sonali asked coming to his side!

“No one fired me, I was done with today’s schedule and wanted to meet my dear wife!” He said clenching his jaws.

“Aww!! I missed you too” Karishma went to hug him, but he stopped her

“Mohit…wh…when” Pakhi questioned

“When was it exactly?” Mohit said scratching his head “Ahh yes! When you both were fighting like cats revealing your doings”

“Mohit, whatever you heard was just a drama” Bhavani came to Pakhi’s rescue

“Kaku, whatever they told was truth! And this is the proof.” He handed a package to her.

“What is it Mohit?” Sonali asked confused

“DNA Test?” Bhavani looked at the report in shock. Karishma also got nervous

“What does it say?” Omkar questioned

Bhavani dropped it and Pakhi picked it up to read aloud

“It says Arush and Mohit’s DNA doesn’t match! He is not Mohit’s son!”

“What? Whose sin did you bring and put on our head?” She pulled Karishma by her hair and threw, but, someone came and caught her.

“Now, who are you?” Bhavani asked

“Kaku, he is the same guy I saw hugging Karishma. They seemed really close!”

“Yes! We are close, I’m the father of Arush!” Avinash said without hesitating

“How dare you come inside my house. Don’t you know who am I?” Ninad questioned

“Ninad Chavan, I know you pretty well!”

Avinash pulled out his gun and put it on Bhavani’s head.

“If you want to see her alive, just sit here quietly.”

Everyone sat on the sofa and Karishma came to Avinash’s side!

“Who are you and what do you want?” Ninad yelled

“You are still the same angry young man! Ninad Chavan! I want to destroy you and make your life a living hell! I want to see you get tortured every single second alive. I want you to beg to me for death!”

They heard a gunshot! Everyone in the family screamed getting scared.

“My men have surrounded the house, no one escape or come without my will”

A man comes with a drone in his hand “Sir, I found this hovering and trying to get inside here.”

Avinash takes the drone in his hand “Good Job! Seems, someone wants to play games with me. It will be fun now!” he lets out an evil laughter.

“What do you want? Money? Just tell how much you want” Ninad shouted

“Kaka, he is not poor to want money” Karishma interrupted

“And who are you to advocate on his behalf?” Sonali questioned

“I really don’t have time for your family drama! Ninad Chavan, because of you, my father committed suicide, you killed him!”

“Who was your father? How would I know it?”

“Subedaar Rajnish Shekhawat!  I see you remember him, seeing the change of expression on your face”

“He was an anti-nationalist, he betrayed the country! You just lost your father, but 11 families lost the lamp of their houses because of him! Because of him, my SISTER LOST HER HUSBAND!”

Avinash started to laugh loudly “You should have been a dialogue writer, if not me, someone would surely fall for you emotional manipulation. But did your sister or those 11 families had to go through the humiliation like I did? The kids from your family are living a lavish life in this huge house, they studied in the best school, but what did I get? The school where I went refused to let me study further, I was called the son of a betrayer, they tried blacken my face. You made me an orphan, I suffered in every step of life, just because of you!!”

“Then just kill me and leave my family”

“Ninad sir, didn’t I tell you that I will make you beg me to take your life”

“For now, you can beg to not put you in the prison!” Virat came from behind and put a gun on his head.

Bhavani, who was still on the gunpoint was quietly praying to get saved was pulled by Mohit as Virat gained Avi’s attention!

“How did you get in?”

Virat reminisces seeing a few gunned men around his house. He asked for his team to come and decided to watch the activity with the help of a drone. The drone was shot the moment they tried to reach inside.

“As I suspected! Someone is inside and has ordered his men to keep an eye”

Virat’s team slowly moved and replaced after killing all the men around the house.

“The game is in my hands now. Your men are all dead and now this house is secured by the police forces!”

Avi put the gun on his head and laughed

“Ninad Chavan,  doesn’t it feel like a déjà vu? I am standing at my father’s place and your son at your place. I wish my son takes my revenge from you all. I won’t waste time like my father delivering huge dialogues, but I just hate to go to prison, so adios!”

He shot straight on his head like his father and fell down laughing. The members of the family turned their head in shock and disgust, meanwhile the forces barged in hearing the gunshot. They had packed the dead body in a plastic bag and were about to go from the front.

“Dada” Mohit came to Virat “Don’t take him from the front, and please try our name doesn’t come in between, if the media finds out, it will be a trouble from me and all of us”

Virat nods and arranges to secretly take the body from the back door!

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