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Udaariyaan 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasmin saying you are educated, how can I come in between, the alliance came for me, its not any dupatta that you rejected it and I selected it, I have no right on your fate. Tejo smiles. She hugs Jasmin. Jasmin asks her to see the pic. Tejo says no, I m fed up fighting with you all. Jasmin insists. Tejo sees Jas’ pic and says he is handsome, you keep the pic now. Satti and Chachi have a talk about Tejo. Jasmin comes and says now there is one way to convince Tejo. Satti sings Man jaa… Everyone sings for Tejo to convince her. They make her emotional. Tejo bursts into laughter. They also dances with them.

Fateh recalls his dad’s words. He hits the punching bag. Amrik comes. Fateh says dad will break his relation with me, you know about Simran, I can’t upset dad more. He gets Buzo’s call and says my mood is bad, I will talk later. Buzo says its about Jasmin. He tells something. He says the guy is going with the alliance tomorrow. Fateh says I have to make the game attacking now. Jasmin makes Tejo ready. Jas and his mum get ready as Canadians. Jasmin says Jas jiju will take me to Canada. Tejo says he didn’t become your Jiju yet. Jas says Tejo will catch you if you behave wrong, we will behave cool types, I will impress her that she can’t refuse, just wait and watch.

Fateh and his friends come there with hockey sticks. Fateh says everything is fair in love and war. He stops Jas’ car. Jas goes to talk. He asks his mum to sit in the car. Fateh says you have come to see a girl, you can fall into trouble. He warns Jas. Jas asks what is your problem. Fateh says my heart string is connected to that girl. Jasmin compliments Tejo. Fateh and Jas angrily stare. Jas leaves. Buzo says mission successful, you have won, what will happen in the club, your dad is there. Fateh leaves.

Jas says we will go back. His mum says you will get your bones broken. Jas says no, they would have gone away. She takes the car back. They come to meet Tejo’s family. Biji looks at Jas. She says I think I have seen you somewhere. Jas and his mum try to lie. Biji doubts him. Fateh is at home. He talks to his family. He says Jasmin is just mine, the guy won’t go to see her. Mahi says convince dad, else you have no chance. Tejo meets Jas and his mum. Jasmin tells that Biji had made the snacks. Fateh asks Buzo to come back, Jas won’t go now. Buzo says Jas has reached here. Fateh asks what, stay there, I m coming, Jasmin is my life. He leaves.

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