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Yeshu 26th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the old man Magan looking at the sky when Yeshu handovers 2 coins to him. Devdoodh says the old man doesn’t know that he initiated his sales with Yeshu’s money. Joseph tells Mary that he feels that he is not needed in yeshu’s life anymore. Mary says we always knew that Yeshu is God’s son and if he wants to take his own decisions under God’s guidance then what is wrong in it. she says we shall support him like him. Yeshu hears Magan pleading infront of the other sellers to let him win in the fair, as his son will come in sometime. The sellers laugh at Magan and tell that every year he loses. His son comes there. Magan asks him to sit. His son asks him to sit at home and not to sell the jaggery balls. He talks to him rudely and asks him to accept that he can’t sell the jaggery and can’t earn money anymore. He insults him and goes. Yeshu and his friends hear them. He comes to Magan and tells that he wants to sell jaggery along with his friends and siblings and asks him to teach how to sell. Magan explains to them about selling the things seeing the customers’ emotions and needs. Yeshu makes the teams. Yakub says he will be in James’ team. They try to sell the jaggery. Yakub tells yeshu that it is very difficult to sell. Yeshu talks to a lady and asks her to make her child eat jaggery daily after food. The lady bugs jaggery from him. Everyone sell the jaggery and gets happy. Other shop keepers get worried. They keep the money in the pot.

Magan says I had prayed to God to help me and God sent you all. James says they have earned more than Yeshu’s team. Yakub says first yeshu had sold and praises him. Yeshu says he is planning to sell more jaggery in the next 2 days and plans to make jaggery balls to earn more money, so that he can win in the competition. Mary comes there. Yeshu tells her about Magan. Mary asks how will you make the jaggery balls. Yeshu says they will do. Joseph comes there and asks them to stay away from business, being the kids. Yeshu says Magan Chacha needs our help. Joseph says if you think that you can take your own decisions then ok, I will not interfere. Mary is surprised with his behavior and asks the kids to sleep. Magan comes there and says he came to give share to Yeshu. He says from tomorrow you will be my co- seller. Yeshu says he couldn’t help him. Magan gets upset and handovers his share to him before leaving. Mary thinks what to do, either Joseph or Yeshu’s heart will break. Yeshu tells Mary that he can’t hurt his father and asked her to return the coins to Magan tomorrow. Mary says if your father agrees. Yeshu gets happy and hugs her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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