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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

In today’s episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega we see Rani asking Birju why he didn’t pick her call. She reminds him that they need to find proof. He says he has already found proof and asks her to come along with him. Rani goes to Birju and sees him standing there with one earring. Birju recalls how he met the Tea vendor again. The Tea vendor asked him why he is questioning him again and again if he has already told him the truth. Birju warns him and threatens him. Tea vendor the gives him that earring.

Birju asks whose earring is this. Tea vendor says it’s belong to the person who was driving that car on the night of the accident. He says that person dropped this while running from accident area but he was not able to see the face. Birju tells everything to Rani and gives the earring to her. He says that the earring will not take them to the real culprit. She says she will find the real culprit no matter what and says because of that person Ramadheer and Veer suffered so much. She thinks only this earring can lead her to the real culprit.

Vikram tries to woo Rani’s heart and asks the waiter to play a son. He asks her for a dance too and they dances on “Moh moh ke dhaage” song. Everyone cheers for them and Vikram says he really enjoyed their performance. Kiara collides with Rani and Rani drops the earring.

Rani realises that earring is missing and starts searching for it. Rajeshwari notices  her and thinks what she must be searching for. Rani finds the earring and thinks that she will keep it safe now. Kiara moves towards Veer but Nanthini stops her. Kiara says she is going to play Holi with Veer. Rani wonders where Veer went and searches for him to play Holi. Kiara applies colour on Vikram assuming him as Veer. When she looks at him she realizes the mistake and says that he has spoiled her mood. He applies colour on her and says it’s their first holi after marriage.

Rani throws colour on Rajeshwari thinking that Veer is coming right from her side. Before Rajeshwari sees her Rani runs from there. Rajeshwari scolds Kiara assuming it’s her who threw color on her. 

Rani and Veer collide and fall in eye lock. He shows his care towards her and caresses her.

She takes colour on her hand and says she hates him because he portrays himself as devil but in reality he is a really kind man.  She was about to leave from there but he pulls her in his grip and says he also hates her because she can go to any limits just to save the ones she loves. He says he hates her for putting efforts to save him. She says she got proof against real culprit.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Swapnil

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