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It was dark all around her. She didn’t even know where she was. The only thing she knew was that she had to continue to run. Her knees were beginning to give into the fatigue, but still she kept on running. Every minute or so, she kept on turning around to see if he was still following her or not.

Suddenly she came towards a dead-end, beyond which she couldn’t run further. As she heard approaching footsteps, she frantically tried to hide herself. But it was too late. He was now standing in front of her, looking at her menacingly and giving her his classical devilish smirk.

“How dare you hide this from me! Did you think that you could get away so easily after betraying me? No. Vansh Raisinghania neither forgets his betrayers, nor lets them forget about him. For what you did to me, you will definitely be punished, SWEET HEART.”
Saying this, he took out a revolver and pointed towards her, while she could only manage to scream.

Riddhima woke up with a start, panting and puffing. Her heart was still racing against her chest, and she was drenched in sweat. She looked around and found herself in the safety of her bedroom.
“Thank God, it was just a nightmare,” she said to herself.

She suddenly realised something and quickly ran over to the adjacent room. She heaved a sigh of relief, when she saw her two lifelines, Rhea and Reyansh, sleeping peacefully in their bed.

When six years ago she had given birth to the twins, she never knew that they would become such an important part of her life. But now, she couldn’t even imagine her life without them.

Rhea had a doll cuddled next to her while Reyansh held his favourite picture book in his hands. Riddhima smiled at them, and quietly put those things away, taking care not to wake them up from their deep slumber.

“I love you both so much,” she said with tears in her eyes. “And I’ll never let you both to ever get away from me. I promise you that.” She planted a soft kiss on each of their foreheads.

She left their room and quickly went downstairs in a bid to prepare some breakfast. She could hear her brother, Roshan, and Mrs. Francis, their caretaker, talking to each other in the dining room.

“You know what Mrs. Francis, it was such a beautiful dream! I didn’t even want it to get over so fast,” said Roshan dreamily.

“Don’t worry Roshan Baba. Soon a day will come, when that dream would turn into reality,” said Mrs. Francis in her loud and shrieky voice. “It’s said that dreams seen at dawn always come true.”

Riddhima shuddered on listening to this. She had also been getting the same fearful dream since many days at the same time –  in the early morning. Would her dream also turn into reality? Was God sending her a sign of some kind?

No, she could not let Vansh Raisinghania to get anywhere closer near her kids, her brother and herself. And she would do anything to keep him away.

Precap : Riddhima calls someone up to increase the security around her house.

Vansh gets to know about the place where Riddhima has been secretly residing in for the past 7 years.

At night, Riddhima hears someone break into her house. She gets frightened.

Hello everybody! While studying, I randomly got this idea for a new FF, and thought to type it down. It won’t be a long one, and will end within maybe 10-15 chapters. Do comment below on your views about this update.

Peace out!

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