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Hamariwali Good News 30th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akki saying you have no self respect. Adi says shut up, she is my mum. He knocks the door. Navya asks Alok to get away, stop the drama. Mukund gets the car keys. He opens the door. Adi goes to Renuka. Renuka stops him. Navya asks Adi to go. The lady taunts Adi. Mukund and Navya take Renuka to the hospital. Sumitra asks Adi and Akki to leave. Akki says they don’t respect you much. Sumitra spits on her face. Akki gets angry. Sumitra asks her to shut up. She says you have spoilt Adi, you both have useless, you can’t do a simple work, you don’t have a house now. She says Mukund said right, you can’t do it. Mukund says you will be fine. Akki says you should be thankful, I didn’t reveal your truth that you are Dadda ji.

Sumitra slaps her and says you are my slave, I can do anything, you wanted to become rich, I gave you a chance. She says Renuka will not spare you. Adi comes. Sumitra asks will you just spy on me or do something else as well. Adi comes to her. She jokes on them and laughs. Adi says tell me what to do now. Sumitra says Mukund made me leave the house, we have to get together now and teach a lesson to Mukund and Renuka.

Alok and Preeti pray for Renuka. Alok says the baby should be fine. Doctor says its a good news, you got a son, Renuka’s state is critical, we have to keep her under observation, I can’t tell anything until she gets conscious. Mukund cries and thinks of Renuka. Navya consoles him. She also thinks of Renuka’s words. Doctor says Renuka must get conscious in some time, else it will be tough to save her. Mukund sits in shock. Its night, Sumitra sneaks into the ward and take the baby. The baby cries. Renuka wakes up and says my baby……Mukund and Navya get up. They see Renuka crying and rush to see. Renuka asks for baby. Mukund says baby is in incubator. Mukund says thank God, you got conscious. Navya says I will get the baby. She gets shocked seeing baby missing. Nurse says I will ask other staff and come. She asks the staff. Mukund says Adi is fine. don’t worry. She says don’t take his name. Navya calls Mukund. He gets shocked.

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