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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh asking Riddhima who are you. She says you should tell me, who am I. He says no, you aren’t my Riddhima. She says look into my eyes, can’t you see your pic, I m your love, love never dies. Vansh says you are lying, you are Vyom’s wife. She says how much will you get cheated in life, if I m not Riddhima, then why do you feel upset. He says these eyes aren’t one which had my pic, you aren’t my Riddhima, I will find her, no one can stop me. She disappears.

Siya cries for Riddhima. She says I miss you a lot, I can’t believe you can leave me, I miss you so much. Siya gets Vyom’s call. He says your voice is so mesmerizing, I m just thinking about our date, how are you feeling now, is everything fine. She says Riddhima is dead. He gets shocked. He asks what did you say. She says Riddhima is dead. He shouts no, how can this happen. She says Vansh killed her. He says how can anyone do this with his own wife, are you sure, Vansh did this. She says yes, I heard Vansh telling this to Dadi, everyone thinks a human is a toy here, I hate this business. He says I can understand what you are going through, but we have to come out of this sorrow, give me a call or come to meet me, I m there, calm down and smile, I m not a romantic man, just smile for my sake, I will come to meet you and family. She smiles. He ends call and says how could you do this Vansh, you are so done. He gets shocked seeing Vansh in his house. Vansh says its a comfortable chair like mine, but you will still stay the same. He taunts Vyom.

He says now tell me where is my Riddhima. Vyom laughs and says you killed her, you are asking me. Vansh slaps him and says she isn’t Riddhima, but your wife. Vyom says my wife is dead, you had killed your wife Riddhima. Vansh points the gun at Vyom and says stop playing games, you had hidden Riddhima and sent your wife to my house, she was working for you. Vyom laughs. Vansh says I won’t kill you, you have to answer me, where is my Riddhima. He leaves.

Vyom gets someone’s call. He says I think Vansh is fooling us, he didn’t kill his wife. He burns the chair and goes. Siya thinks of Vyom. Ishani comes and asks where are you lost. Siya says nothing. Ishani jokes. She says these signs of the sweetest disease, love, you tell me something, who is that guy. Siya says nothing like that. Ishani says come on, tell me. Siya takes her promise and says Vyom. Ishani asks what, really, I really like your choice, he is so good, rich, he is dangerous types. Siya says I like him, when he is with me, I feel lost and smile without a reason, do you feel the same about Angre. Ishani says you know our marriage is like a joke. Siya says your ego comes in between, tell your feelings to him once, he loves you, give him a chance. Ishani says leave it, you are lecturing me on love.

Vyom comes and takes Dadi’s blessings. She asks where is Vansh. He says he came to meet me yesterday, I don’t think he killed Riddhima, is it confirmed. Dadi slaps him. She asks him to get out of her house. He asks the reason. Vansh says the reason is here, our ancestral rifle and diamonds, both found at your place. Dadi says I felt Riddhima can’t do this alone, but you were planning to ruin us, just get out. She goes. Vyom says you don’t know a big storm is awaiting you, Vansh. He goes to Dadi’s room. He taunts her to ask if she is hiding an old truth or regretting. She asks how dare you come here, I will call Vansh.

He says if I open up my mouth, then you will be gone. She says I m not scared of you. He asks her to think now, when Vansh’s dad and his dad had a game, if the family knows her role, what will happen. She asks what are you saying, what do you know. He says Vansh will hate you knowing this truth. Dadi worries. She calls out Vansh. Vansh comes and raises hand on Vyom. Vyom stops him and warns. Dadi says throw him out right now. Vyom says sure, I will go, I promise I will come back soon. He goes. Vansh asks what is Vyom saying, what truth. Dadi says he was making fun of our family game, you have come back, will get the lost name back, tell the world that are the most superior. Vansh goes out. He drives somewhere. Someone follows. Vansh says sorry, I got late, did you miss me a lot. He sees Riddhima tied up. She asks how dare you do this.

Vansh asks where is Riddhima. She says in front of you. He says prove it. She says I met you first when I came in front of your car. He says anyone can give this info. He asks Angre what is he doing here, he didn’t call him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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