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Salim asks Sai to come asap. We cannot see you in this condition. Subhan thinks how he hasn’t missed his aim till dat. It wont happen today either! The kid tells Subhan to hear Fakir’s answer first. I have a feeling the Fakir wont leave. Sai refuses to come with the villagers. Subhan and the villagers are taken aback. Tatya tells Sai that Subhan can harm him. He can come to seek revenge. Your hand is wounded too. Keshav says your hand needs medical attention. We cannot leave you with that dacoit in this case. Sai assures them that He is fine. You don’t have to worry about me. The kid wonders why that Fakir does not want to go. Keshav asks Sai why He is thinking of a culprit. Sai says he is not a culprit but he is ill. I cannot leave an ill person alone. My decision is final. Please leave. Don’t worry about me. Have Shraddha and Saburi! Everything will be fine soon if Maalik will wish! Tatya says we cannot say no to you. We will leave but we will be nearby. You might need us. Sai nods. Villagers leave with a heavy heart and Sai goes back inside.

Subhan asks Sai why He is doing this. Why dint you run away? Why do you want to stay with me? Om Sai plays.

Shanti’s MIL asks Shanti why she dint wake her up. We got rid of one problem though. Hope my son gets out of this mess too. I will be able to die peacefully then. Shanti requests her not to say so. You need to live. Kids need their Ajji and I need my MIL who is more like a mother to me. They share a hug. Shanti gives credit to Shesh for her recovery. He wont say anything though. Shanti’s MIL kisses Shesh on his forehead sweetly. Our problems have begun to get solved since you came here. Shesh says I haven’t done anything, Ajji. Maalik does everything. He can see how much you two have been through even though you are innocent. Maybe that’s why He is looking after you and has sent me here to help you.

Subhan tells Sai to answer him honestly. Why dint you leave when you got so many chances? Sai says you consider me your culprit. You wont be at peace till the time you take your revenge. I stayed here to instil your faith in me. Sai walks up to where the kid is sitting. Plus, he (the kid) said that I wont go and sounded positive about it. Subhan and the kid look at Sai in shock. Sai says I couldn’t prove a kid wrong. Subhan asks Him if He can see the kid. Sai cups the kid’s face and says yes. I saw him the day you two were hiding behind that giant tree when we were on our way to Kopargaon. Subhan mumbles that no one can see the kid except him. Sai says I can see him. I can see everything. I can see you your childhood too. Subhan steps back in shock, confusion.

Shanti says a lot many problems are still there. we have neither food nor money at home. We don’t even have a resource to earn money. No one will even give us work. Shesh says there is no need to look for work. You have a piece of land. Shanti’s MIL says that land is barren. Shesh reasons that we call earth Mother barren. She will surely give us food if we will look after her well. Shanti says you haven’t seen that place that’s why you are saying this. Shesh says things turn around when we will try to make them work. I am sure Ram ji will pay us for our hard work. We will go there today itself.

Shesh, Shanti and her MIL are looking at the land. Shesh speaks positively whereas the villagers mock them. The leader of the village advises Shesh not to waste his time on this family or this land. Neither of them will give you anything. They only know how to take things. Shesh says determination can move mountains. This is just a piece of land. One guy says we will see how this land will give anyone anything. Shesh, Shanti and her MIL plough the land. Villagers shout that this is futile. Sai requests Shanti keep trying. She nods. Hare Krishna Hare Ram plays in the background.

Sai says I can see anything. I can see what you have become and I can also see what you wonce were. I can see that little kid who wanted to study and become a good human being but this society dint let him as his father was a dacoit. Subhan says that’s true. Baba disappeared when his truth came out. We tried to improve our life. The kid says people dint let us. Flashback shows people labelling Subhan’s house as dacoit’s house when he was a kid. People taunt him and refuse to give him any work. His mother assures him that God will surely bless him for his good deeds. A shopkeeper brings constable at Subhan’s house and blames him for stealing stuff from his shop. Subhan pleads innocence but constable takes him away. Flashback ends.

Little Subhan says I was innocent yet I was taken away. Subhan says my Baba wanted to surrender just to get me out of jail. Police dint want it. The moment my Baba reached jail!

Another flashback is shown where Subhan’s father comes to police station to surrender. Everyone points their gun at Subhan’s father. He threatens not to spare anyone if his son is hurt. Inspector shoots him. flashback ends.

Little Subhan says Baba was shot in front of my eyes. They dint give him a chance to surrender.

Shanti, her MIL and the villagers look on as Shesh suggests sowing grains and veggies here. He takes out grains from his bag. We will sow these. Shanti says we have tried it in the past also but nothing worked. Shesh says it will work out if we will be well prepared. Shanti asks him what’s inside the bag. Shesh tells her. We must sow it first. Villagers mock Shesh. Shanti’s MIL seconds them. Shesh advises her to have Shraddha and Saburi. I wont let anything go wrong here. Do you trust me? Shanti says we do but. Shesh says there is no but where you have faith. Shesh sprinkles Shesha in the land. Prabhuji kare sahaye plays. They all sow grains in the land. Villagers look on. Sai says the attempts are happening at both ends. Ram ji Bhala Kare!

Subhan says I understood that day that no one treats you well when you are good. I turned into a dacoit and committed crimes. That young Subhan has stayed with me since then. He started changing after we met you. His perspective changed. Why dint you meet him in his childhood? I would have been a different person then. Sai says it isn’t late even now. Subhan says I dint recognize you on time. I was so cruel to you yet you cared for me. I now know why villagers love you so much. My thoughts changed but my nature dint! I understand now that I am responsible for the situation I am in. This was bound to happen one day. I am not destined to be with someone like you. I free you now. Sai asks him when he will free himself. If you know that this is the wrong path then you should surrender too. Subhan shakes his head. You have been very good to me and I will be indebted to you for this. I cannot accept your suggestion though as I know that law wont be able to do justice to me. I will continue walking on this path as this is my destiny. I will find a way to look after my family just as I am destined to. I will free you before eloping from here. we will go our separate ways from there. Sai says Allah Maalik.

Precap: Police surrounds the house where Subhan and Sai are. Sai asks Subhan if he should tell him an easy way out of here.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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