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Inspector thanks Prakashi for cooperating with him. We have spoken to everyone in the house but we couldn’t find any clue. Prakashi’s phone rings. She recognizes the number. It is of the goon who had abducted Purvi. Did she do something? The goon calls her again. Prakashi is unable to attend his call as the Inspector is still there. The phone rings for the third time. Whose call is it? You look tensed. Prakashi lies that it is her Massi in Rohtak. Anjali gets confused but Prakashi manages the situation. Inspector tells them that no one can come or go out of the haveli till the time Purvi is found. This is a government order. He leaves with his team.

Prakashi picks the call this time. Goon informs Prakashi that Purvi has run away. Prakashi tells him to find her or I will kill you. The goon pulls the knife out of his hand and screams. Purvi notices a broken door / window and knocks at it for help. She gets wounded in the process. Goon comes in that direction after hearing her scream but she hides. He continues searching for her. You cannot escape from us! Purvi starts feeling dizzy and falls down. She wonders if she will be able to meet Mukhiya ji and the kids ever again.

Virender is thinking about Purvi as well. Virender thinks of how angry she had been with him recently. Purvi is thinking about the happy moments that she has spent with the kids and with Virender. Purvi passes out.

Sudha gives the phone number to Inspector. Purvi called kids from this number only. She had shared that she has been kept in a godown behind Sakshi Mills. Inspector says this case falls under UP Police then. I will brief the team and send an officer to bring her asap. Priyu says kids shared that the call got cut abruptly. We are very worried. Inspector assures them that they will find Purvi asap. He gives the number to constable to find the location.

Prakashi tells Anjali that they have lost Purvi as well as Sakshi. I am losing the game slowly. I don’t know what I should do! Anjali says let’s curse our fates as we lost the game right when we were about to win. Inspector has told us not to step out of the haveli even. Nothing can be done now. That Molkki proved out to be stronger. Prakashi reprimands her for speaking negatively all the time. You can say that we will find that Molkki but you only say inauspicious things. Nothing like that can happen till the time I am alive. Police wont come before tomorrow. We have tonight. We will go out of haveli and kill that Molkki. No one will be able to find out anything. This is called smartness!

Maid brings milk for Manas but he refuses. I will complain to Dadi about you. You aren’t giving me chocolate milk since haathi has gone missing. Maid agrees to bring it right away but he leaves to complain.

Anjali asks Prakashi what if police catches them. I am a little scared as they have come home. Prakashi says you get so scared easily. This is what I don’t like about you. I wont get afraid as I want to take revenge form Molkki. I will cut her in small pieces and grind them! Come with me if you want to or I will go alone. I will send that Molkki to her right place today. Manas overhears it. Dadi seems to be miffed with haathi. She has been scolding everyone. Will she scold haathi too when she is found? We must save haathi from Dadi’s wrath. We must find her before Dadi does.

Juhi notices Manas packing his bag. What are you doing? He shares that he is going to save haathi. She asks him how he will do it. You don’t even know where she is. Manas says Dadi does and she is going there only. She will scold haathi so let’s tell haathi everything first. Juhi asks her how they will go there. He tells her a plan in her ear. They high-five.

Bhuri tells Prakashi that she has kept the medicines and other important stuff in the bag. Kids head outside with their bag. They have left their water bottles on the bed. Prakashi tells Bhuri to make sure no one is able to find out about her and Anjali’s disappearance. Juhi and Manas head outside avoiding being seen by anyone.

Bhuri gives food for Prakashi to guard to keep in the car. Juhi and Manas get to the car safely. Juhi reasons that the place seems to be really far as Dadi is carrying a lunch box. What will we eat? He shows a packet of biscuits. She asks about water. He realises that they forgot it upstairs. She stops him from going inside again. It is risky. They see Prakashi and Anjali coming outside and hide in the trunk.

Prakashi tells the driver to take them to Sakshi Mills. Drive fast. Juhi says we will be with our haathi soon. Manas is scared but Juhi reminds him that haathi says one wins by fighting, not by getting afraid. Manas is tired but Juhi assures him that they will be there soon. Anjali feels hungry. Prakashi tells the driver to stop the car at a dhaba. Juhi and Manas watch them eating. Manas is hungry. Juhi says the biscuits are over. We should have saved some for the rest of the route. Juhi tells Manas not to be sad. I will bring something for you. He is reluctant but she reasons that they would need water. Manas says our haathi must be hungry too. We will also eat with haathi now. We wont eat before that. Juhi hugs her brother proudly. The kids are a little tempted by the food but don’t do anything.

Prakashi takes the car from the backdoor. Anjali and Prakashi go inside. Driver checks the air in the tyres. He notices that the trunk is open and locks it. Kids shout for help. Manas is afraid but Juhi assures him that he will be fine. He starts coughing. The oxygen is also low. Juhi tells him he will be fine. They keep shouting for help.

All the goons have gathered up but they haven’t been able to find Purvi. Prakashi tells them to look carefully. She wont be able to go too far. The goon says she hasn’t eaten from 2 days. She will not have any strength to walk. Anjali seconds him. They start looking again.

Purvi wakes up. I will jump out of this window. She tries to open it.

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