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Qurbaan Hua 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neel answers the call, she looks in amazement Chahat says that Dua might have called someone she goes to her mobile so as to answer it and kneeling down sees the basket full of fruits and places it on the table, Chahat then picks the mobile, Neel is about to see the face when Salog explains that he fears the scolding of Neel which is why he doesnot want to go there, AlakhNanda comes to him asking what is the matter, Salog says that Neel is trying to force him however he doesnot want to go there, AlakhNanda also asks why is Neel forcing him, Neel responds that he wants Salog to like other children and be strong, AlakhNanda also insists to come with them however Neel doesnot allow her to come with them.

Chahat asks Dua why doe she want them to go to Shimla, Dua explains that it is because Chahat gets tired taking care of the patients and also needs some rest, Sahil agrees saying that along with the patients Chahat also brings mad people, Chahat scolds him saying that they are not mad but just helpless, Dua asks Sahil if he wants their Shimla plan to cancel she then says that a doctor like her would also need some rest, she then asks if such cute talk is enough, Chahat mentions that she has gotten really mischievous and is trying to convince her, she then questions what would happen to her patients, Dua asks for Sahil’s mobile then shows a video of the patients who plead with Chahat to leave for the vacation. Chahat leaves for the inspection, Dua explains that she can now win the huddle race and show to her mother that she is indeed a champion, Sahil advises her to calm down.

Sahil is by the car when Dua comes asking how her stuffed toys got in the car, Sahil explains that he even knows what her stuffed toys desire, then questions who the best father is, Dua demands a packet of chips first, Chahat comes asking why she has not brought her bags, Dua explains that she is even elder than her, Chahat however scolds her then she prays to Allah before going back inside to bring her bags.

Chahat explains that she desires to inform Dua that Sahil is not her true father, Sahil however says that she has loved Dua like a father and also loves her, Chahat however warns him to never say that because she only loves one person who is Neel, Sahil is listening carefully then mentions that he has no control over whom he loves and has not even demanded any love from her side but would always be with her like a family, Chahat pleads with him to not talk of such a fictious family otherwise she would leave with Dua, Sahil is talking when Dua comes out with her bag exclaiming that it was so heavy that made muscles out of her hand, Dua then hugs Sahil, Chahat wipes off her tears and going to the nurse orders her to take good care of the patients, the nurse exclaims that the nursing centre is also their pride so she must not worry about their care, Chahat remembers Vyas je, thinking of his teachings to care for others instead of spending the money for leisure, she starts crying saying that she really misses their house and family.

Dua calls Chahat and they leave for Shimla, Neel also reaches the stadium with Salog explaining how it is a nice place, Salog however says that he has gotten tired but stops seeing the anger of Neel who demands that Salog practice a lot because he must win the competition, Salog then requests to first have lunch however Neel questions if he has come for practice and should not think of running from the practice as he would only get something to eat after the practice.

Neel pulling Salog shows him how to run after instructing him the distance which he has to cover, Salog says that he cannot run fifty times between the two poles, Neel says that he got punished for a single mistake that his life was ruined so doesnot want Salog to witness the same mistake, Neel then sends him away before ordering the valet to take out the bags from the trunk.
Chahat is driving the car when Dua speaks a joke, which angers Chahat who reveals that there are a lot more news in the paper when Dua reads out the horescpoe of Dua which states that she would meet the person who loves her the most, Sahil jokes that he is sitting with her when Chahat remembers that the only person who can love her the most is Neel, she recalls all of the moments spent with him then exclaims that he should be fine wherever he is. Neel in the room wonders why he thought that Chahat was calling him and wonders when he would forget thinking about her.

Salog is positioning himself for the practice when he sees a baby goat in the middle of the path, he picks the goat in his arms when Chahat is driving towards them, she suddenly sees them and with all her might stops the car.

Chahat walks out to Salog and immediately hugs him asking if he is alright, they both do not leave each other which worries Sahil and Dua, they both get out then Sahil pushes Salog away asking why is he hugging Chahat so tightly and should be careful where he stands, Chahat asks him to not scold the child because he was saving the life of the baby goat and would get reward for it, Dua also questions why is he crying then, Chahat reveals that he is scared and asks if they can drop him anywhere however he mentions that he is residing in the hotel, Salog turns to leave however comes back to take her blessings mentioning how it would further his good deeds, Chahat starts weeping when Salog calls her as his aunt. Dua gets mad with Salog and vows to teach him a lesson for hugging her mother.

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