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RadhaKrishn 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha asks Krishna show his dance. Krishna says as she wishes, the whole universe will watch his dance. He starts dancing. Radha thinks whole universe would be happy seeing Krishna’s dance. Mahadev happily greets Krishna. Krishna then gets angry and stops his dance. He remembers Sridhama’s curse and promising him to live on the earth as asur while he and Radha stay on earth in human form. Asur Sridhama is shown. Krishna dances rigorously. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev which dance is this.
Krishna says this is Krishna’s most fierceful ras/dance Vibadhras. She asks why is Krishna performing this. He says along with happiness, there would be sorrow and disaster. She requests Krishna to stop it as its disastrous. Radha also requests to stop his dance as its getting very disastrous, but Krsina doesn’t. Mahadev says he has to stop it somehow.

Mahadev requests Krishna to stop his dance or else he has to use his trishul on him. Radha pleads Krishna to stop as she will also die if something happens to him. Krishna stops. Sridama is seen walking towards him. Mahadev thanks Krishna and disappears. Radha asks Krishna what is he experiencing. Krishna disappears. Radha searches him, reaches palace searching him and seeing him calls him. Krishna locks himself in a room. Radha says she will sit near door until he opens it.

Citizens question Balram about Krishna. Balram says Krishna is resting in his room. Two days pass, Balrma’s family gets worries for Krishna and Radha. On third day, citizens question Balram again. Balram assures that Krishna is still resting and he will speak to Krishna soon. He with Revati walks to Radha and asks her to have food as 3 days have passed. Radha says when Krishna didn’t have food, how can she. He requests to not spoil her health. Radha says she saw Krishna performing raudra nritya and left her alone, she will wait till he answers what is happening with him. Balram says Krishna must be trying to find solution for a big problem, so she should not wait near door for him and have food. Radha denies.

Devi Gauri asks Mahadev why has Krishna locked himself in a room. Mahadev says Krishna gave boon to an undeserving person and is worried seeing that person’s injustices. Devi Gauri asks who is that person. Sridhama walks to his palace and guards chant Maharaj Shankchurn ki jai. His wife Tusli performs his aarti and touches his feet. He hugs her and says her place is in his heart.

Krishna opens door, walks to Radha and wakes her up. Radha asks what is happening with him. He says when he was dance, he sensed a big upcoming trouble as he had booned a dear one and it turned hostile. He says he fought with biggest asurs and danav, why can’t he fight with this person. Krishna says he could end asurs and danavs as they were not powerful than him, but this time its different.

Tulsi tells Shankchurn that if he loves her so much, she will demand something unusual. He says she can ask anything and knows that he can fulfill it. She says she doesn’t need any worldly things and just needs his love as she got him after much prayers. He asks her to give her power of love to him as he is going to fight with gods and win the whole universe. She says he is very powerful, but she is fearful a bit. He says he knows that fear is Krishna. Krishna tells Radha that he gets power from her love and fought with that power, but his opponent’s power also comes from love and he cannot face it; he is worried that when he can do go with a power of love, his opponent can misuse it. Shankchurn tells Tulsi that he had gone to meet Krishna and found fear in his eyes, so he is undefeatable. Tulsi says nobody can defeat him as her power is with her.

Precap: Radha asks which truth is related to her. Krishna describes Sridhama’s curse on her.

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