Riansh Os : Many stories 3 – Telly Updates

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First Os: His mother’s painting

N: It starts from the painting track.

Author’s pov

R: Vansh, I didn’t d(he pushed her harshly making her hit the wall with his angry eyes)

V: Don’t dare to play with me, You have just one hour to find it, Otherwise, The fire inside me will burn you. Don’t show me your face till you find it.

He pushed her out of the room while she knocked trying to make him understand her but in vain.

She moved to search for the man in black gloves and found a kerosene smell in the place.

After an hour

Riddhima’s scream echoes at the mansion and All of them ran to the mysterious room only to find the ashes of His mother’s painting.

Vansh broke down in front of the family crying touching what left from his mom, ashes!!
V(crying): maa!
Riddhima looked at him with pity, whatever was his evil nature, he doesn’t deserve to pass through this pain.
R: Vansh
As if awakening the demon, he eyed her with pure hatred, and pushed her while choking her.

V(with despise): it was my maa’s last nishaani, & you have burnt it, how cruel you are! god, damn you!
R(shivering): vansh, please, hear m(his shout stopped her from adding another word)
V(ON THE TOP OF HIS VOICE): Angrey, take her out of the house NOW, SHE IS NOT ALLOWED HERE.
R: Vansh
He didn’t look in her direction and moved away angrily.

The other members threw angry glare at her and went to their respective room.
She folds her hands asking god for help and support that she needs.
R(to herself): I have to bring out the truth in front of Vansh. I have to find whoever did this.
The next day
Furious Vansh shouted when he figured out that Riddhima attacked Angrey and was still inside his house.
V: RIDDHIIMAAA COME OUT NOW BY YOURSELF, IF I CATCH YOU, THEN I WON’T FORGIVE YOU.(he gave Aryan & Angrey a look to find her and then nodded)
They started checking room by room looking for her while she was trying her best to not get caught before catching the person who was responsible of the incident.
She saw someone and followed him and then felt unconscious when someone hit her head.
An(to unconscious Riddhima): bechaari she was blamed for nothing, Vansh will kill her for sure if he reached her. Sorry, Riddhima, Actually I wasn’t able to bear this Uma’s sight anymore, I got rid of her before, killed her and took her place between the family members, But her painting was always bothering me, So I have no one but you, Vansh trusts his family so much, But you, Because of your moves, Jasoosi and all, He will never trust you.

VOICE: But I trust my eyes, Mom, & I believe that what I have seen was so real. I heard you what you said too.

She was frightened to see Vansh there looking at her with hatred.

An: Beta, No, I didn’t

V(shouted): Jooth! You are lying to me And blamed Riddhima for that. Taking advantage of the misunderstanding between us, you did it.

An(crocodile’s tears): You preferred this girl over your mother, I am your mother Vansh.

V: Mother? Right? You have known what it meant for me, still, you did it, And let me show you something.

He played the video of her hitting Riddhima and saying those words. Hearing his loud voice, dadi and the family came there and got shocked to see the video.

D: Anupriya, tum? You said you couldn’t bear Uma? Why? You hated her !!

V(with tears): You hated my mother that you killed her? How cruel and heartless you are. Now, Your game is over, I will send you where you belong Because you merit it. Angrey, Call the police, Or else, I will forget my limits.

Angrey went to call them while Anupriya was totally trapped, she looked around and eyed a broken glass and she put it on Riddhima’s neck.

Anu(warning): Angrey, don’t take another step.

V(with confidence): Isn’t it stupid? to try to take an unconscious hostage? You can try, I will enjoy the show.

Anupriya in response tried to injure Riddhima but in a fast move, he caught her hand.

V: Thank god, I gave Riddhima a chance to prove her innocence, or else You would have been still fooling us. Angrey, Bring it.

An: Ok boss.

He brought something and lift it so that she can see it, She widened her eyes in shock.

An: I saw it set to fire, It’s impossible.

V(looking at Riddhima): I am grateful to her, she helped me to reach the biggest secret, I tried hard to find who killed my mother, but due to her today, I came to know about you.

S(sobbing): We were blinded by mother’s mask which you wore for years, You played with our emotions, And broke our heart. My mother, what she did to you that you killed her? Why this cruel penalty was given to her?

An: because I hated her, I hate her kindness and the love she received from everyone, The ideal Bahu of this house, So I wanted to snatch everything from her. This is her crime.

The police arrived and handcuffed her, she was moving with them and then stopped.

An(smirk evilly): Don’t think that you have won, I still have my way to destroy you all.

I(despise): SO cheap woman was among us, and we didn’t get it, But Bhai, How did Riddhima help you?

V: She came to me after smelling the kerosene in this room.

Fb starts

Riddhima touched the floor and smell it only to find it kerosene, She hurried to Vansh.

R: Vansh.

V(angrily): You again?? I chucked you out of here, where is my maa’s painting? Did you found it?

R: Please, I know, I put huge blame on you, but I am not cheap to do this. I smelled Kerosene in the mysterious room. someone is doing it, Just come with me. Please, I am not requesting you to believe me, all you have to do is to check it with me.

Vansh observed her eyes which exclaimed her innocence and decided to give her one opportunity to clear everything.

V: let’s go.

She was happy that he was at least ready to go with her.

R: But wait, we need An extinguisher, I said I smelled it, I am afraid what if the fire was turned on.

V: Ang(she hushed him with her hand)

R: Shhh, If you call him now, Everyone will hear it.

V(furiously): What do you mean? Do you think my family is able to do it?

R: Calm down, Vansh, I thought that Vansh Raisinghania use his mind more than his emotions, But I guess you’ll judge the situation, Sorry, not judgment, Prejudgement. Even in court, they give the criminal an opportunity to defend himself. Come on, Just do as I say, And we’ll know the truth.

V: We need Angrey for that.

They went inside the mysterious room and he frowned when he smelled it too.

He eyed her and she glared at him in disbelief.

R: You don’t really think that I did this and then came to you, do you?

V(coldly): I have to consider every possibility, in order not to prejudge, Right?

R: Then why would I want you to carry an extinguisher?

V: You have a point.

They came inside the room and his mother’s painting was about to be burnt but Riddhima Turned off the fire before.

R(stunned): Someone wanted to burn it and then accuse me, But why?

Vansh was hugging the portrait with fear, He was about to lose the most precious thing in his life.

V(the anger dominates him): Who had the audacity to do it?

R: I have an idea, But your help is so necessary. We can know through it how does it happen.

She told him the plan of the fake painting and they burnt it and made a scene of fighting in front of the family.

Fb ends

He picked her up and took her to their room where he placed her in the center of the bed. pouring the water on his hand he splashed on her face to wake her up.

V(patting her cheek): Riddhima

R: mmm

V: Wake up! Are you ok?

R(pain): Ahhh My head hurts, (remembering)Who hit me? Did you catch it?

He didn’t answer her as he was hurt to remember what the woman he considered his mother did.

R: Vansh? (seeing the look on his face) Was he from the family?

V: Mom!

She opened her eyes to the limits, She expected that whoever was who did it, was a member of the family, But never ever in her wildest dream thought that she will be his mom.

V(to her): Thank you, Riddhima, I thought you were my enemy however today, you did me a great favor, And in exchange, I will do anything you want. Thanks to you, I got to know that Anupriya killed my maa, Now, No need to act anymore. I will show you the biggest truth that you were dying to know. Come with me.

He pulled her with him to the car and drove it to an isolated place. He could hear her heartbeats.

V(with sincerity): Chill, I won’t hurt you, I promise.

She nodded. They reached their destination, and he went first and she followed his steps till she saw a girl. For a moment she was confused and was about to ask him who was she, But then she gasped.

R(exclaimed): Ragini !!

V: Ha The Ragini whom you accused me of committing her murder is actually alive!

R(speechless): !!

V: What? Where are your allegations now?

R(guilty): Vansh, I am sorry.

V(with honesty): I kept her hidden to save her life, when you came into my life, I doubted you because I have known that you are connected someway to the past. Especially, The fact that you were convinced about me being a killer. Someone had to make you believe in that theory, Riddhima, And he is an enemy.

R: I don’t believe it, It’s just a misunderstanding.

V: It was unfair, Riddhima. But I expected it from you.

He moved in the door direction to go out.

The other day

They were both ignoring each other and Riddhima decided to bring an end to their game. She went out of the house to Kabir’s place.

K: Riddhima, You are here? What if Vansh saw you? Are you mad?

She was stunned to see his reaction, Normally he was the soft-spoken guy who never raises his voice.

R(confused): Kabir, why are you shouting? I came here because of work. And you didn’t even ask me about myself.

K(irritated): Go now, You’ll be caught, Wo Vansh RAisinghania, He is criminal, don’t you get it?

R(shouted): Kabir

K(realized): Sorry, Riddhima, I am worried about you, don’t mind my words.

R(calming herself): Ragini is alive, I have seen her with my own eyes.

K(stunned): WHAAT?

R(startled): What kind of reaction was that? I said I saw her, Vansh is innocent, we were doubting him for no reason.

K: Where did you see her?

R: she is in Coma, But I remember the place very well.

K(to himself): wow, She brought for me a very great way to send him to jail, My mom was arrested because of him, and I am going to put him behind the bars soon.

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K: Give me the address so that I can save her.

R: He won’t harm her, don’t worry.

K: Itna trust? For Vansh?

R(raising her eyebrow): Because he is not a murderer, And I won’t believe it anymore.

K: How many people are there?

R(thinking): Except the nurse? No one.

K(hurriedly): let’s go.

They rushed to the address she gave him, he crossed the door to Ragini who laid lifeless.

K(over-excited): Riddhima, Great job, You are such a great spy. wow, you impressed me, You fooled Vansh, I can’t believe it.

R: what do you mean by I fooled him?

K: This opportunity, I was literally dying to take it, Now Ragini will die and he will be condemned.

R(shouts): What is that bullshit?

K(laughing evilly): Not bullshit my love, but the truth, And unfortunately, She won’t die alone, She needs a company (blinking at her in a dramatic way) You are the Mahaan Riddhima, Will you let her alone?

R(thunderstruck): Kabir !!

K: After all, You deserve it after sending my mom to jail.

R: Your mom? (she frowned then the realization hit her) Anupriya?

K: Bingo! Now goodbye.

He took out the gun toward her, but a kick on his hand made the bullet shot in Freespace, He looked behind only to find Vansh, They fought together till Vansh was injured in his leg.

Luckily the police came on time ad arrested him, In the meanwhile, Riddhima ran to Vansh and supported him.

R(with concern): Are you fine?

V(in assuring gesture): I am, & I am glad that nothing went wrong. Thank you for trusting me.

Fb starts

V: It was unfair, Riddhima. But I expected it from you.

He moved in the door direction to go out.

R: Wait! You are correct, It’s unfair to you! I asked you not to prejudge me and I won’t commit this mistake again.

V: You were trying to find proofs about Ragini’s death to send me to jail, Right?

Riddhima hesitantly nodded.

V: Who is your partner?

R(closing her eyes): I can’t tell you.

V: He was your fiancee, right?

R(stunned): How?

V: The ring you were wearing, and the way you hid it, means you didn’t want me to know about him because I know him?

She was speechless with the way he connected the dots.

V: I am not judging you, Riddhima, I wanted you to know that I can understand that much. Just tell me.

R(shutting her eyes): Kabir.

V(thunderstruck): Inspector Kabir? That cheap man? You were his fiancee? I can’t believe it.

R: what do you mean by that?

V: He was trying to get me for more than Three years, false cases, He is a real psycho. (realizing) I was right that day, You called him.

R: What evidences you have to accuse him?

Vansh felt ache without knowing why But hid his emotions.

V: I will show you.

He showed her many papers and pieces of evidence that prove Kabir’s truth.

V: And I have a plan that will bring out the truth in front of you, I will follow my doubt and see.

He instructed her to go to Kabir and tell him about Ragini.

Fb ends

2 days after the incident

Vansh and Riddhima were confused about their relationship’s future, They don’t understand what will be better for them.

VR’s Room

Vansh came and found Riddhima lost in her thoughts, He cough to gain her attention.

V: I came to tell you, that You are no more caged, Riddhima. You will decide now. If you want to be free, I will let you go.

She remained looking at him, And he kept the divorce papers on the table and vanished.

on the other hand, Vansh was trying his best to distract himself from the divorce matter but he found himself unwantedly eager to know what she will decide.

V(to himself): Did she sign it? I want to know, But I don’t want to look desperate. And what If she signs it, Then? SHe will go forever! Why does it hurt so much? I am not the emotional type! arghhhhh I have to focus on my work.

He kept struggling for an hour till he surrendered to his feelings and went to check the room, Seeing no one there, He arrived and looked for the papers.

R: It’s in the dustbin.

V(startled): WHat?

R: Divorce papers are in the dustbin. Marriage is not a game, No matter how we started it, I don’t accept the divorce. A new beginning (forwarding her hand)?

He wished for the same, but he didn’t want to pressure her, He was joyful to know that she wants the same.

V(smiling): New beginning.

R(joking): wow, Mr.Raisinghania, I didn’t know that you can smile too.

V: I didn’t know that you can joke Mrs.Raisinghania.

R: Then, There many things that we’ll discover.

Days passed, Vansh & Riddhima get used to trusting each other, The distance between them started reducing by the pass of time.

One day

He came to her and bend in front of her, She was perplexed and shocked.

R: Vansh?

V: Shhh, I am not good at forming words, But I can show you how I feel about you.

He took out his mother’s Payal and made her wear it gently and kiss it which sent a shiver to her body. He caressed her leg while kissing it slowly making her lose her mind.

They were disturbed as his phone was continuously ringing, he picked it up.

V: Yes? What? Awake? Thank you very much.

V(happily): Riddhima, Ragini is awake.

She was happy that Ragini went out of the coma state, but his happiness didn’t go well with her.

R(smiling slightly): Thank god!

V: Let’s go.

R: Where?

V(frowned): Of course, to see her.

R: Ohh, Ok, Let’s go.

After an hour

Riddhima was sitting not knowing why she was upset, While Vansh was talking with Ragini, She asked for forgiveness ad he forgave her. Ragini signaled him to come closer ad when he approached her, she kissed on his cheek.

R(eyes out of socket to herself): WhAT THE HELL? she kissed him in front of his wife How could she?

Vansh felt uncomfortable, His ex kissed him in front of his wife, And this is was so awkward. He eyed Riddhima as she stormed out of the room angrily.

Ra(looking at her retreating figure): Did I offend her? I am sorry, I was just trying to say thanks.

V: You could have used just words. No need for such acts. Now I am going.

He sat in the car where Riddhima was looking in the window direction.

V: Riddhima?

R(rudely): I don’t want to talk, I am tired.

V: Riddhima, It’s not what you think, She just tried to say thank you.

She didn’t answer him and he started the car to their house, The journey was quiet, She said nothing and he decided to wait till their house.

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VR’s Room

She laid on her side of the bed and slept, He stood looking at her behavior.

After 3 days

Riddhima was avoiding talking with him, ANd it was so irritating for him to bear her acts. She came into the room And called someone as Vansh gifted her a phone after sorting out their problem.

R: Hello Om, I missed you.

He was taken aback when he heard “I miss you” saying it to someone else.

R: aweee how cute, I will definitely go with you on a date.

R: Tomorrow, I will see you.

The phone was taken from her hand and she looked at her angry husband.

R: What is this? Give me back my phone.

V: I won’t, enough of ignoring me.

R: Why do you care?

V(in rage): I do, I care, I won’t bear it if you talk with another man.

R(snapped back): SO what did you think that I will bear it if you romance with a girl in front of me?

V: I wasn’t romancing, and I have already told you.

R(in fury): She kissed you.

V(holding her to calm her down): I didn’t expect it, sweetheart, I thought she wanted to tell me something. I even warned her.

R: You did?

V(hugging her tightly): Of course, Do you think that I care about her?

R: Don’t you have feelings for her?

V: Do you still love Kabir?

R(without hesitating): no!

V: Why?

R(with hatred): Because he was a blo*dy cheater, & so evil.

V: Then why do you expect me to love her after what she has done.

R: Do you mean you are not in love?

V: I am, But not with her.

R: Matlab?

V: I told you I believe in gestures.

He went on his knees and took off the “VR” Ring and made her wear another one V❤R.

V: I don’t know anything about how to propose to someone (she smiled), But All I know that I want you in my life, YOu are an inseparable part of me, without you, I feel the pain and the emptiness. I want to fulfill every wish you dreamt about, & I promise you to be always with you, I love you.

R: I love you too. (hugging him) Who said you don’t know how to propose? I am impressed.

Their nose touched while smiling, Then he recalled her call and glared at her.

V(glaring): WHo is om?

R(laughed): He is my sweetheart.

He pulled her by the waist to the door and pinned her.

V: Come again, sweetheart?

R(breathing heavily): He is my (she couldn’t continue her sentence because her lips were already in his)

They kissed slowly while his fingers were drawing circles on her bare waist making her moan.

V(with intensity): Say it again.

R(with a challenge): He is my sweetheart.

V(smirked): I think you are in the mood of getting punished today. And I will gladly fulfill your wish.

She wanted to fight him back but his touch was too good and intoxicating to let her be in her right mind. She gave up and he pushed her on the bed with her hands in his.

V(huskily): Tonight, You’ll remember just me, my name and my touch, I’ll love you that you forget your name.

His words were such a turn on to her, She was getting excited to feel their intimacy,& to feel his love. As if hearing her thoughts, he started his torture on her body, Kissing her jaw, neck & shoulder, and occasionally bite them leaving his mark on her.

V(still kissing): You see those marks? They are the proofs that you are mine.

He loved and cherished her body that the world darkened around her, she felt as if she will pass out at any second because of the passion of their making out.

The moment came and he understood her fear, as it’s a very painful step at the first time, He assured her, Hugging her, trying to cheer her up then they became one in all means;

They intertwined their fingers together as they laid in each other’s arms.

R(chuckling): By the way, Om is a 5 years old boy.

His jaw was dropped to the floor and she laughed, He recovered from the shock and started tickling her.

V: You were teasing me!! I was burning as I thought he is a man.

R(pecking his lips): I enjoyed it, Your jealousy I mean.

V(pulling her): Achaaa, You pressed my buttons intentionally, & you liked it.

R(embarrassed): shut up.

V(giggled): I love you so much, Jealousy, shyness, anger, I love all your avatars.

R(said while drifting to sleep): I love you too.

He kissed her forehead and slept as well.

5 years later

Vansh was waiting for his lifelines to come as they were going to see their family, After dadi’s death, Vansh couldn’t live there anymore, He lived in his private mansion.

He heard the steps on the stairs descending it and looked in their direction. How beautiful the scene was of his wife and his kids Isha & Rian with her.

She was wearing a sleeveless green dress, looking so attractive, despite being the mother of two kids already.

V (leaned to her ear and whispered): Looking gorgeous, sweetheart.

R: Behave, Mr.Raisinghania, Our kids are here.

V(in romantic mood): They have to see how much their dad love their mom.

R(hiding her blush): Let’s go, we are late, Ishaani, Angrey, Sia & karan are waiting for us.

V(extending his arm for her to hold): Then, let’s go sweetheart.

Is: Papa, tell your sweetheart that I am not going to bear his acts.

Riddhima’s mouth were opened and Vansh giggled.

R(scolding him): Think how embarrassing it will be when she is at school, if she got late and the teacher asked her why, she would say I am late because of papa and his sweetheart. And Isha, I am your mama, So call me mama.

V: let my little sweetheart say what she wants, she is Vansh Raisinghania’s daughter, Then she will do as she wants.

R: Your arrogance has no limits.

Ri: Papa, don’t bother my mom, She is so sweet.

V: That’s why I call her sweetheart.

She gives him an angry look making his smile wider.

R: Ouff I hate sweets.

He suppresses his laughter, Her annoying state is because of the fact that not only him but the kids too call her the same way.

They reached VR Mansion and found the couples waiting for them along with their kids.

Sia & Karan’s daughter: Sian

Ishani & Angrey’s son: Aditiya

Aditya ran to Riddhima’s arms and hugged her, She is his favorite.

Ad: I missed you, AUnt.

R(bend and kissed his cheek): I missed you too, Adi.

V: And your uncle, You didn’t miss him, Champ?

He hugged Vansh too who carried him kissing on his cheek.

Ad: I missed you too Uncle.

He felt someone pulling him away from Vansh, And he knew who he was. Isha!

R: Isha baby, Don’t do that.

Isha(adamant): No mama, He is my dad.

R(rolled her eyes): Same possessiveness as him.

Sian came and hugged Riddhima too, But Rian pulled her away

Rian: Leave my mama.

V: And he has the Same possessiveness as her.

Rian: Haa, I am so possessive about my maa, and I hate to see someone near her.

Ishaani and Sia smiled looking at Rian, and Then at Vansh.

I: You are wrong, Bhai.

S: This possessiveness is yours, You were like that too about our maa, and now, About Babhi too.

V(holding her hand): Of course, They have to take after me, after all, (leaned to her ear) You wanted me to be glued to you 24/24 when You were pregnant. Ouff kya memories!

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She wished if only she could disappear when she saw Ishaani and Sia giving her “We understand” look, and she pinched his arm.

Ang: Bhai, Let’s have our dinner before World war 3 starts between Rian & Aditiya.

They greeted the family and sat around the table to have their dinner.

As expected they started fighting again as each time they came there, Rian fell while walking back and got hurt.

Ad(worriedly): Rian, are you fine? does it hurt?

Vansh smiled as Angrey’s son has taken after him, and taking care of his son.

V(to Angrey): They look like us, the same friendship, I am confident that their bond will be like ours.

Sian and Isha were playing quietly and enjoying their time.

R(to Sia): And these two are like us, We were always coping up well together.

S(continue): And the same, for our daughters.

R: I miss dadi’s presence, she would have been so happy.

I: She is in our heart, I wish if only she met the mature version of me, I was always a troublemaker to her.

Ang(pacifying her): But she loved you anyway, you were her precious granddaughter.

Karan hugs his wife trying to soothe the pain she felt While Riddhima rested her head on his shoulder.

R(pointing to their heart): She lives in here, and all of us will show her how happy we are so that she can be at peace always, she loved us the most. (looking at the sky) We love you, dadi.

It bought a smile on their face while they thank heaven for being together.

The End

Second OS: History repeats itsef

R’s pov

it has been more than a week since Ragini disappeared, Sia blackmailed me to expose me before exposing her. I recalled her words.

Fb starts

S: Babhi, Whom Bhai trusts more, Riddhima ya his Pyaari Behen Sia?

I appealed , She is right. He doesn’t love anyone more than his little sister. Without proof, he won’t believe me, in fact, he will doubt me more.

S: it’s better for you if you focus on how you are going to bring back Ragini before he got to know, That it was you who freed her. And one more thing, He will not spare Ms. Spy for harming his family.

Fb ends

It doesn’t matter how she gets to know my truth, what really matters here is the fact that maybe Ragini was kidnapped by Sia. She challenged me with full confidence that I will be just watching the show without doing anything.

I and Vansh became more close to each other, I am afraid of the results of my stupidity,I couldn’t get a proper idea about how to reach Ragini. Apparently, Sia is more alert, she didn’t do any wrong move that can help me.

V’s pov

I was searching for Riddhima, She is behaving weirdly and her eyes show sadness. I am glad she becomes more comfortable with me after that night, we seem to be inseparable. I can’t even breathe without her, Finding her finally in our room, I back hugged her and inhaled her aroma, My flower, Her fragrance is so intoxicating.

R: Vansh

V: What happened to my sweetheart? Why are you thinking so deeply? (she looked at me again but still silent) oh, achaa i understand what’s wrong with you.

R(shocked): What? How?

V: Your hubby, so I must thoughtfully Understand you.

R: what do you mean?

V: I mean, my beautiful wife, That you are missing me and thinking about me, Right?

R(smiling): Yeah, I was thinking about you.

V: I am with you, Why do you need to think about me? You can tell me anything.

R’s pov

My eyes were teary again, I feel like screaming and slapping myself for the mess I created, first I snatched the last hope he had to catch his mom’s murderer and then I give it to Kabir who lost her, What kind of inspector is he?. Now, Even though Sia is against him, I can’t tell him.

I burst out crying bitterly, I am a bad omen for him, I destroyed his life more, He was living well without me.

V(panicked): no don’t cry, shhh what happened to you all of sudden?

R: Vansh, I am sorry, I can’t tell you, I did a horrible thing.

V: Tell me, What’s wrong with you? I’ve been noticing you, Is it because of that night?

R: WHAT?? Nooo

I recalled the night he talked about, The day I went to tell Kabir that Vansh is innocent.

FB starts

The moment I step inside the room, I found myself between his arms.

V: You said, You’ll not leave me.

R(wiping my tears): I am sorry, it was something urgent.

V: No if I burden you with what I asked, Then I am sorry. You don’t have to do me that favor anymore.

He moved away from me and I hugged his back burying my face in it.

R: Never use the word “burden”, I am yours, When I do something for you, Be positive that I am happily doing it.

He pulled me to face him and I hugged him glueing our cheeks together. Then our hands moved around each other’s body, and next, the moment became more tempting. Neither he stopped nor I wanted him to. We spent the night in each other’s arms like giving a promise to never let down each other ever again.

Fb ends

R: That night is a memory of our love, The love we never confessed to each other.

V: But at least we know it does exist.

R: I know, We have a long time to do it after delivering justice for your mom and Ragini.

V’s pov

I looked at her as she sighs with the guilt is evident in her eyes, I know how she feels, what she did. Still, my heart couldn’t hate her, on the contrary, I am more smitten by her.

She is guilty regretting what she did, however, I don’t see only the betrayal part, I see how she was ready to face anything to free her thinking that maybe I will kill her.

Her pure heart is the reason why she is fooled easily by others. You are suffering while trying to find a way to bring Ragini back, I know it very well, I will show you the truth first, then I will make you forget all the trauma you passed through. I promise.

R’s pov

V(kissing my forehead): I have some work to do, I will be back by the evening, Take care of yourself.

R: by

I didn’t see Sia this morning, Where is she? Is she planing something else?

I sneaked in her room secretly trying to find anything that may make me reach Ragini but nothing was there.

I heard the wheelchair coming closer and I hid myself closing my mouth.

She was on a call.

S: I don’t know where is she? Yeah all this plan, and we still couldn’t reach Ragini.


S: I am confused too, Many people are involved in this matter.


S: Don’t worry, I will be alert.

Sia ended the call and was coming close to the place when I was hidden, I closed my eyes in fear . Next, Vansh came calling her.

V: Sia

S: Bhai, I thought you were out.

V: I was, Now I am here, Something appeared suddenly.

S: Oh, Then You wanted something?

V: No, Actually,dadi needs you. Let’s go. (dadi is the famous excuse lol)

S: Yeah let’s go.

They go out thankfully.

By the way, What did she mean by saying she didn’t know where is Ragini? Wasn’t she the kidnapper? This puzzle is become harder to solve it.

The night

I walked inside the room and felt scared by the darkness, Where are the lights?? Did something happen here? Oh no


Someone walked behind me and I turned but I couldn’t see him.


A screen played many pics of me.

The first time I met you, you told me that white lie while glancing at me, You don't have any idea, How much I found it cute, I should have been angrier at you, but instead, I liked it how much unaffected with my identity with all the bodyguards f...

The first time I met you, you told me that white lie while glancing at me, You don’t have any idea, How much I found it cute, I should have been angrier at you, but instead, I liked it how much unaffected with my identity with all the bodyguards following me, You answered me back. It was just like you and me, Just the normal Vansh and you.

After staying with you, It was the first day I see you laughing wholeheartedly, I meant it when I said your laughter was beautiful, even though I said it sarcastically, I really meant it

After staying with you, It was the first day I see you laughing wholeheartedly, I meant it when I said your laughter was beautiful, even though I said it sarcastically, I really meant it.

After staying with you, It was the first day I see you laughing wholeheartedly, I meant it when I said your laughter was beautiful, even though I said it sarcastically, I really meant it

that moment, I got to know how much honorable girl you are, Despite the fact that you slapped Aryan, I loved the way how you defended your self-respect, I couldn’t feel more proud.

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that moment, I got to know how much honorable girl you are, Despite the fact that you slapped Aryan, I loved the way how you defended your self-respect, I couldn't feel more proud

The scared Riddhima, I felt bad to scare you, However, You managed to break my walls that day, saving me despite knowing that maybe I was intending to kill you.

The scared Riddhima, I felt bad to scare you, However, You managed to break my walls that day, saving me despite knowing that maybe I was intending to kill you

The free Riddhima, I was astonished to see your behavior, Freely laughing, shouting, I had a wish to see you always like that.

The free Riddhima, I was astonished to see your behavior, Freely laughing, shouting, I had a wish to see you always like that

The anxiousness on your face for me made my heart flutter with joy, I met the worried Riddhima.

On the injection day, You argued with me over the matter as you were afraid, It was the first time I met the childish sweet Riddhima

On the injection day, You argued with me over the matter as you were afraid, It was the first time I met the childish sweet Riddhima.

He came forward turning on the lights.

V: I saw All your shades and I couldn’t help keeping falling for you day after day. I love you Riddhima, Nothing ever will change this fact as long as I am alive.

No, He will be heartbroken when he knows I cheated on him, He won’t forgive me.

V(shaking her): Riddhima, Kya Hua, Where are you lost?

R(sweating): Ha nothing Vansh, I am just tired.

V: wait, I have a gift for you.

He showed her a beautiful pendant With “RVR”.I gazed at him with all the emotions I have for him, And the next moment, I throw myself into his arms sobbing.

V: Ohh my emotional wife, stop crying, I wanted to cheer you up and here you are in tears.

R: It’s happy tears. I have never been happy like this.

V: where’s your confession?

R: You surprised me, I want to surprise you as well.

V: Then I will be waiting for it. let me help you wear it. How is it?

R: so beautiful, Thank you.

V: Just like this?

Riddhima blushed and kissed his cheek and he sided hug her.

The morning

S’s pov

I accessed Bhai’s room to discuss something with him. I just wish Riddhima is not here.

V: You want something, Sia?

S: Bhai, I did what you asked me to. I came in front of her as the masked man.

V: She made a huge mistake by working behind my back.

He sighs and I tried to pacify him, I know what he is going through. she could have been hurt herself.

S: I know Bhai, We have to continue it.

V: Yeah, She must see the truth, She is still mistaken and I want her to see clearly what’s happening around her.

S: Yeah, This is why I talked about Ragini not being in my custody with her presence, You came to give her the opportunity to go out. But Bhai, I still can’t understand why she is helping the inspector?

V: I know one thing very well, that she genuinely loves me, she can’t betray me, Whatever she did it was out of duty, she has been played by Kabir. His motive is still unknown to me. Why so much dedication to send me behind bars? As if he has a personal problem with me.

S: Yeah, Exactly. I think he is manipulating babhi making her assume that He is the good soldier who is doing everything for his country.

V: I know, If he was really good person, He would have saved her when I knew her reality before the shootout. I sent him a hidden message still I don’t think he came to see her. If it was me and I knew there’s someone holding her captive, I would have created a DHAMAKA to save her. He has some bad intentions, Keep an eye on her, I want her to stay safe.

S: But why did you tell me to blackmail her?

V: Main majboor hoon, Sia, She is still thinking that I don’t know about the whole matter. Maybe if she knows that I know she will unknowingly alert the enemy.

S: I understand, What’s next?

Kabir’s place

He was along with Anupriya looking at Unconscious Ragini.

K: Thank god, we captured her.

A:Is mishra still keeping an eye on Riddhima?

K: Yeah.

The bell rings and Kabir opened the door finding Riddhima, he closed it again.

K: SHit mom, Riddhima is here, Let’s hide her,fast.

We hid her and mom was with Ragini inside,I opened the door.

K: Sorry, I went to change my shirt.

R: Yeah, I see. Kabir actually, I have a doubt that Ragini was held captive by Vansh, Let’s go to check for once.

K: Noo

R: no? you don’t want to save her? Then do you know where is she?

K: No, you are right, let’s check.

Is she lying or does someone else try to manipulate her? Poor Riddhima, so easy to manipulate.

I couldn’t reject or else she will doubt me.

Just then, Mishra called me.

M: Hello, you asked me to figure out why Riddhima visited the hospital the last week,I found out from the doctor, She is pregnant.


K(shouts): WHAAATTT

she jumped startled by my voice.

K(controlling my tone): I mean are you sure?

M: 100 %.

K: ok keep informing me of the updates.

Something is odd, She was shouting Vansh’s innocence after we kidnapped Ragini, and then she lied to me to take me out of the house, So was it a plan?

I called mom again and again to confirm it, but she did not answer.I called once more and the call was opened.

K: hello

Man: Hello

I gritted my teeth, It was Angrey’s voice. They reach her. Because of this Riddhima.

K: Tell your boss to bid farewell to his wife and his child forever.

Hanging up the call and looking toward Riddhima. I pulled her out of the car.

K: You played with me, tumne mujhe dhoka diya h .

R: Really? I did or you? You betrayed Kabir, You manipulated me against my family.

K: I did, and I don’t have the slightest regret over it.

R: You’ll have it soon.

K: You won’t be here to see it. I will kill you here and now.

Lifting the gun and putting it on my head.

Voice: Don’t dare to lay a finger on my wife, Kabir.

K: Oh welcome, Vansh

Fb starts

R’s pov

First, I was stunned and hurt,I thought he was using me but then i heard how much he loves me, It was so overwhelming to have a man like him,I am sure nothing can happen to me with him around.

V: Main majboor hoon, Sia, She is still thinking that I don’t know about the whole matter. Maybe if she knows that I know she will unknowingly alert the enemy.

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S: I understand, What’s next?

R: I will help you.

V(shocked): Riddhimaa?

R: I heard your conversation and I understand. I will guide you to Kabir, He must have lied to me about Ragini’s disappearance, Now I realized my stupidity. Please give me one more chance to help you.

V: I will be just after you following you, don’t worry, sweetheart.

Fb ends

K: He was following us? What the use? He can’t protect you, either you or your child.

V(stunned): What?

K: I guess he doesn’t know the happy news, Congrats Vansh Raisingania you are going to be a dad.

V’s pov

I glanced at Riddhima only to find her eyes having guilt, She didn’t tell me about it?

I wouldn’t have permitted her to come, Damn, I have to save them both.

K: I meant you were going to be a dad, not anymore, not with my presence.

He pointed his gun toward Riddhima’s stomach, and I shot him before he shot her.

He fell and I run to Riddhima securing her while Kabir was wincing in pain holding his arm.

The police came and arrested him.

I hugged her tightly cupping her face.

V: you didn’t tell me and risked your life like this? How could you, Riddhima?

R: We are fine both of us, I wanted it to be announced as our new start.

V: I wasn’t about to let him touch you even without our child.

R: I had full belief in you as you had in me, Even though I was manipulated by your enemies, You loved me honestly. How’s Ragini?

V: She is safe, You won’t believe who was Kabir’s partner. It was mom, No actually she doesn’t deserve to be called mom, She is that psycho’s mom, His place held many proofs that help us to send him to jail, Just because of you my love, Thank you. Now my mother’s soul will be at peace.

R: You remember when I heard your conversation with Sia, First I felt cheated, I thought you played with my emotions because I unknowingly betrayed you, but while listening to the whole conversation I slowly realized how many times I misunderstood your love to be a Dhoka, a scene to hide your crimes. I was fooled by the facades, The Kabir who acted to be a lover , was the real criminal, and the criminal whom I wanted him arrested was my real lover, My love & life.

You said you loved me while witnessing all my shades, And I fell for you while denying myself till the end, till I found myself drowning in your love. I love you.

20 years after

Riddhima and Vansh were having their breakfast.

V: where is he?

R: still getting ready.

He held her hand

R: you’ve become old for all these mischievous acts.

V: Still you are so much in love with me, sweetheart.

Voice: So true, dad, Please tell your sweetheart to not bother me early in the morning.

V(laughs): I can’t help you, she had the license to bother me personally, Viransh.

Viransh the carbon copy of his father not only outside but also inside

Viransh the carbon copy of his father not only outside but also inside.

R: both of you, don’t start.

They had breakfast together joking and laughing. And then Viransh stood there.

Voice: Sir

Viransh looked at His dad’s pa Rima.

Ri: Excuse me, I have some files , sir has to check it.

Vi: Let me see.

He held the file and frowned.

Vi: It’s a mess, who made all these errors.

Ri: What? I didn’t make any mistakes. Show me the mistakes.

Vi: You really have no idea? What kind of pa you are?

Ri: Mr raisingania, I am so much satisfied with my work, and Mr. Vansh Raisingania too, So the only one who has a problem here is you. Moreover, it’s your problem.

Riddhima & Vansh (wide eyes): OMG The history repeats itself.

V(whispering): Was she sent too by our enemies?

She smacked his arm playfully laughing.

The End

Third Os: Temporarily paralyzed

R’s pov
I did the best I could to stay awake and rescue Ragini but my body gave up, the death wouldn’t be as painful as the betrayal. she repeated to herself “Vansh is a murderer” before drifting into a deep sleep.
V’s pov
My plans can’t fail, You forced me, Riddhima. This is my mission, We are now against each other.
The morning
R’s pov
I opened my eyes, trying to remember what happened yesterday, then all appear in my head, what he had done to me? I tried to move once again but failed, I looked at myself shocked.
V: don’t worry, take this tea, after few times you will get back on your feet. I will help you.
R(laughed sarcastically): Help? I will die before asking for your help.
V(warning): this is a small dose, next time you won’t imagine how I will punish you.
R: you can’t punish me worse than this one, I wish if only you killed me, I would have died happy, believing that your acting was real.Now with every minute passes I die 100 times.
I burst out crying feeling bitterness.
R: I haven’t hated myself being an orphan, But now I hate myself who trusted you.who has you as her family.
He gave me his back ignoring everything I said.
V: now, the medicine’s effects are finished, you can get up.
R: I can’t.
V: Stop being stubborn and try to move.
R(tears): I can’t move.
V(shocked): This is impossible.
He stormed out of the room and I cried more, I have no energy left inside to fight. I am sorry Ragini, I wanted to save you, however, I couldn’t.
V’s pov
He was talking on the phone.
V: you stupid doc she said she can’t move, because of your stupidity, my wife is suffering.
D: I am so sorry Mr raisingania, it must be some side effects.
V: what do you mean by that? You said it was safe for know you are lucky because you are out of my sight or else I don’t know how I would have done to much time it will take to get back her ability?
D: I don’t know, it depends on her.
I hang up the phone, covering my face with my hand.
I felt a hand on my shoulder.
V: she is in pain, what to do? I can’t take it, Dadi this mission is getting harder for me.
Da: I know, you are afraid that your enemies misused her and hurt her.
You should have told her the truth.
V: how? I can’t, being the Riddhima who I know she will dig up the truth till she gets harmed or killed.
Da: She needs you now, go and help her.
V: she has lost her faith totally in me, She sees only my devil side.
Da: Even if it was the devil, let him stay by her side and protect her.
V: you are right dadi.
I came back to our room, she was there with tears looking at nowhere.
Her words held the pain, she wished if only she died.
V: can you move your legs now?
Her eyes started tearing again.
R: just kill me, please.
She is serious, she must be out of her senses.
V(shaking her): Riddhimaaa you will be ok.
R(her lips shivered while she was sobbing): you think it’s physical pain? Your betrayal injured my soul, my existence, I have prepared everything about me and put it in the drawer to step ahead with you, I loved you and I was stupidly thinking that you love me, I was longing for that new life, I was sent here to prove you guilty, however, my heart cheated me, you told me red is the betrayal’s colour, you were right. thus I feel sorry for Ragini, I won’t live to help her.
V: what are trying to say?
R: it means it’s time to fulfill our marriage vows but with a light’s unfair for the person who gets betrayed to live and suffer, so it’s will be a goodbye, vansh.
She cut her wrists and she started bleeding.
The blood froze inside my body and I couldn’t either react or move. seeing her losing her conscience. I screamed and Angrey came running.
V: Angrey calls the doc noooowww.
He left.
V: Riddhima, don’t die please, I am sorry.don’t leave me here alone, you are my life, my breaths, my heartbeats, I did it for you, I was protecting you.
I held my head crying, sc** this mission which will cost your life, f*** the property.what have I done to her? I killed her.
The doctor came treating her and I was unable to focus on anyone else but her.
Do: she was saved, it was so difficult to stable her condition.she needs care, the nurse will be with her.
Da: vansh get a grip on yourself, she needs you now more.
V: I am the reason, dadi, she said I killed her existence, she doesn’t want to live, anymore. she trusted me with her life, how could I be this heartless?
Da: I told you since the beginning the right decision, you were stubborn.
It’s time to do it, don’t worry.
I stood there thinking about something then I made up my mind.
2 hours later
R’s pov
I woke up examining my whereabouts, it is not Vr mansion, did he decide to kill me? Then what was the need to save me? maybe he didn’t want to be a killer in front of his family.
He appeared in front of me.
R: you can kill me now, do it on your own.
V: it’s not my intention.
R: then you want to torture me first? Too bad you can torture only my upper part.
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V’s pov
I know I have given her reasons to say it, yet It hurts to know she has no more trust for me.
I touched her feet.
V: you still can’t feel anything?
R: don’t touch me, don’t think you won, I will try to repeat it similarly.
My heart beats faster, I am afraid, what if she tries it again?
V: Riddhima please don’t do it.
R: is it your new love scene?
Her angry expressions changed again too damaged ones.
R: stop it, I don’t want to be part of it again, love you again. I was the cheater who has never cheated on you, I saw the video but I didn’t believe you were a dumb right? Take my life or else I will do it because I can’t live anymore.
Caressing her face, she tried to push me away, however, I held her and kissed her softly trying to soothe our pain.
V: I love you, I am crazy about you like you have a mission, I have mine too, I can’t tell you, but I assure you, I won’t kill Ragini, I wanted to scare you to stop you from investigating, now I left everything, I don’t want anything which can cost me your life, I was dying when I saw you lifeless.
She gave me a blank look, not even interested in what I was saying.
R: I am hungry.
I went to the kitchen ordering the cook to make a soup for her.
After half an hour, I brought it to the room.
V: I brought soup for you.
She made a disgusting face and I smiled at her childishness.
V: it’s the best for you, I will feed you.
R: no need to show this fake affection. I will eat by myself.
V: really? See your wrists you can’t move it too. I will feed you.
After fighting him for some minutes, she started eating silently while he was admiring her.
R: don’t look at me like this, you are making me uncomfortable.
V: you did not have a problem with it before.
R: Because it was my vansh’s love, that’s what I thought back then, thank you for ruining my dreams.

V: please sweetheart, give me just one more chance.
R: I won’t, you will deceive me again.
V: I will die this time but I won’t hurt you.
R: you won’t break my heart again?
V(kissing her forehead): never my love.
R: you’ll always stay with me?
V: for eternity.
R: then ok, just one more chance.
I hugged her tightly vowing to not let my enemies shadow fall on her.
Author’s pov
Riddhima was in his arms, and lift her face and winked at us, moving lightly her legs.
She was recalling how she heard his words when he was talking to Dadi, she injured herself without causing damage to her nerves.
R’s pov
Sorry hubby, you started acting first, I was just supporting you as I promised before.
Now I am sure, no one will come between us, just the two of us, Vansh.



One week after that incident

V’s pov

She was still unable to move her legs, However, I decided with dadi to punish the criminals, Who tried to kill Ragini and was responsible for Sia’s condition. My mission was only to not let them know about Ragini being alive.

The truth is always bitter, and I have always tried to not see it although I know who could have done all this. Damn! Sometimes, we don’t feel like losing our family, so we ignore the truth with all the power we have. I’ve done it too for a long time.

My phone rang.

V: Ha Angrey?

An: Anupriya, Kabir, Chanchal, and Aryan. All of them are arrested, The hidden cameras exposed them. They are gone now, you can return with babhi home.

V: And Ragini?

An: The doc said she is getting better by the time, don’t feel bad, Boss, About getting her into this matter anymore.

V: What a relief! Finally, after years, Life gets back to normal. We will come soon. Till then, take care of my family.

An: Of course, Boss

V: Stop calling me boss, Call me Bhai, Now. My cousin brother tried to send me to jail, and the step-brother did everything he could to harm me and my wife. You are the only one who was by my side more than a brother.

An: Bhai, I had no family except this one, For years, I was like a shadow for you, hence I consider you my brother.

V: Thank you Angrey, I appreciate it. See you soon.

An: Sure, Goodbye.

I walked to our room, During this week I helped her to take care of herself. Nonetheless, I still feel bad because she is in this state due to my foolish plan.

V: Riddhima, do you need something?

R: I want to take a shower.

I looked at her bewildered, she is not asking me to help her in taking a bath, is she?

V: I will call the maid to help you.

R: I don’t want her to help me, You know what just take me to the washroom, And I will do it by myself.

V(sigh): Ok, I have no choice.

Her eyes widened and I diverted my eyes feeling embarrassed.

R(laughs): I was just teasing you, I will take a sponge bath.

V: But how?

R: I can move my hands, I will do it on my own, I need you to wash my hair.

V: Thank God, Then it’s will be easy for me, and comfortable for you.

R’s pov

He washed my hair carefully, next He held a towel and started caressing my hair with it. Then he surprised me when brought a hairdryer to dry it and I loved the way how he did it.

V: You can’t let it wet, I don’t want you to fall sick again. It’s time for lunch, I will go to bring it.

He walked outside and I stood up, This act is so hard, I’ve trapped myself.

R(to herself): God, everything has a price, And this is the price I pay for lying, Staying idle 24/24.

I am enjoying his full attention, however, I can’t do anything otherwise he will doubt me. Despite the fact that I lied for our relationship’s sake as our enemies wanted to break it, while I wanted a new life together.

I heard footsteps coming close and I jumped toward the bed and slept again.

V: Sweetheart, look at what I have for you, Your favorite dish.

R: Thank you, I was craving for it, You know being tied up to this bed is so irritating.

V: Of course, I am aware of this fact, Oh I forgot to tell you, the doc ordered me to give an injection in your upper outer thighs, The good thing is that you will not feel anything.

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NO no, I am stuck in my own trap!

R: V..vansh I will be fine soon, I feel it.

V: No I don’t feel like you’re really fine, just let me do it.

He took out the injection and signaled me to remove the clothes for him to inject me.

Looking at it close to me, I shouted and ran away.

R: AAAHHHHH noo anything except this. See I am even jumping, no injections, please.

V(shockingly): Riddhima, You fooled me! you can walk.

R(with guilt): I am sorry, I did it because you were stubborn, I had no other paths to convince you.

V: You were acting all this week, What do you take me for?

R: I am so sorry.

V: Of course I knew you were acting, your acting skills are so ill.the worse nautanki in the world.

R(stunned): You knew I was acting?

V: Yes, Since a week, I have known you were trapped in your lie, So your punishment was to stay

on this bed.

Fb starts

R: you’ll always stay with me?
V: for eternity.
R: then ok, just one more chance.
I hugged her tightly vowing to not let my enemies shadow fall on her.
Author’s pov
Riddhima was in my arms, the mirror was in the side and I saw her moving her legs. I was determined to make her regret this white lie.

Fb ends

R(hitting him hard): you are evil, Rakshas. I had a hard time. I won’t forgive you.

V: Oh really? I am not the one who needs forgiveness here, It’s a certain liar who requires it.

R(pouting): not fair Vansh, I apologized and I did all this for us.

V: I know sweetheart, that’s why I decided to free you from this punishment.

R(mocking): So lenient! I wonder how to pay off this debt?

V: Stop taunting, sweetheart. You know, If I was the old Vansh, I would have taken it as a betrayal. Unlike the Vr, this Vansh trusts his Riddhima’s love. He wants her as much as she wants him.

R: I’ve never felt so loved before meeting you, Even K

V(closed her mouth): No one else, just you and me, So Mrs. Raisingania, Do I have the honor to take you out for a date, where we can enjoy our moment.

R(with fear): Our enemies?

V: They are in prison, We can live as a normal couple now. So what do you think?

R: Date? Mr I am already married and I love my husband.

V: So what? I am married too and I am in love with my wife, by the way, she is more beautiful than you.

R: Then why are you after me?

V: I felt pity for you as your hubby let you emprisoned here for a week.

R: It’s between us, Mr, And there no comparison between you and him, he is more handsome.

Pulling me toward him, He kissed my neck softly.

V: Enough, love, Say yes. I am dying to live these beautiful moments with you.

R(blushing): You already know, it’s yes.

He took my lips in a passionate kiss showing how happy and excited he was to start it all over again with me.


Fourth Os: Kidnapped

R’s pov
I was looking at my husband, like every year this day refresh the bad memories in his head.

I ambled toward him, sitting near him.

R: Vansh, forget it.

V: How may I forget the way she betrayed me? She was my damn mother, even if I was her step-son, I loved her as my real mother, I would have handed all my property to her. Why she teamed up with Kabir to kill us both?

R: I know how you feel, Thank god, You installed the CCTV cameras, they were always playing with the cameras so that you don’t reach the truth. But after the attempt to kill me in the Navratri day and to burn me inside Ravan Effigy, You installed new ones. After sending us all out of the house.

V: Yes, I was suspicious seeing how many times you were closed to death, And then I was protecting Ragini too from death. She begged me to help her and save her. I am glad you confessed everything at the right time or else we would have never been together, our enemies are in jail and this is a great thing.

Voice: papa

He glimpses at his baby girl and opened his arms for her to come. sHe cuddled him holding her dad’s neck, while Vansh showered her as usual with his kisses.

V: My doll is awake, you know your papa can’t eat without you. I was waiting for you baby.

R: Vari baby, Let’s have breakfast, the three of us.

Var: Dad, mom, don’t call me baby, I am a big girl now.

V: You are just 5, baby.

Var(pouted): Dad, you called me baby again, The baby is so small like Angrey Chachu and Ishaani Chachi’s baby boy Ari, So small and tiny.

R: Baby, he is a newborn but that doesn’t mean you are big now, you too are a baby for us.

Vari used her trick on her favorite daddy.

Var(pouting): Daddy, see mom, she is calling me baby.

Pretending that she is going to cry, Vansh glared at me.

V: No one will call her baby.

She grinned happily.

V: except me, hai na baby?

I laughed at my daughter’s precious expressions.

Var: you still remember today’s plan, right?

He winked at me and frowned.

V: Which plan? Riddhima was there any plan for today?

R: Nahi Toh, I am hearing this for the first time.

She glared at us angrily and walked out of our room. We chuckled again.

R: You like teasing her so much.

V: Of course, Her anger reminds me of yours, during our first marriage days, Remember?

R: Ha I hated you so much back then, I didn’t know how much good you are.

V: Let’s pacify her, she is angry with us now.

We Walked inside Vari’s room, and we found her covering her face.

V: Oh no, Are you crying baby? I am so sorry, I was joking, of course, I remember.

She turned to us smiling mischievously.

R: Wow drama queen, your acting skills are improved!

V: This trick! Always works on me.

Vari: Yes daddy.

R: Let’s eat.

After breakfast

V’s pov

I was waiting for my girls to come.

V: Ladies, where are you? Let’s go.

They came down ready wearing the same color, they looked cute both of them.

I kissed both their cheeks affectionately holding both of them, I headed toward the car.

We were going to the park today, my baby was asking for more than a week for this outing. I was busy with a deal, So I promised her to take her today.

We reached there and excitedly she jumps to get off the car.

She started playing, i and her mom was looking at her excitement acts, Our baby girl is so adorable.

R: You love her more than me?

V: No, I love you both. You gave me the most beautiful gift.

R: I still feel jealous of your bond together.

V: You know she loves you too.

R: yes look at her she (I saw her looking with shock at a direction) where is she?

V: what?

R: Vari

I jumped running looking for her, she disappeared suddenly.



We rushed outside searching crazily for her, However, there is no sight of her.

I called Angrey and he was looking around for her but in vain.

My phone rang and it was an unknown number.

V: Hello

voice: your daughter is in my custody

V: Who the hell are you?

voice: you did not recognize your biggest enemy?

V: No way, Kabir? How? You were in jail, Don’t touch my daughter or else I’ll kill you.

K: I am not that cruel now, but if you don’t give me what i want,I will be so cruel

V: What do you want?

K: Just 2 things, I am not greedy.

V: Get to the point, What do you want?

K: I want as ransom, first your money, I went to jail & I want to continue my incomplete mission.

V: And the second thing?

Riddhima was listening keeping her hand on her mouth and crying bitterly.

K: I want you, Riddhima to come and give me the money yourself.

V: That will never happen!

K: Really Riddhima?

R: I will come, just don’t harm her.

I clutched my fits helpless, this bastard has to get some glimpse of the old “VR”.

V’s pov
K: tomorrow come to this address at 5 o clock alone otherwise you’ll find her corpse.
K(LAUGHING EVILLY): so happy to see you suffering, well you know what you have to do to take her back, I am not interested in keeping this noisy girl here, she is eating my head already, hurry up or else I will cut her tongue.
If you dare to show me your face tomorrow, I will not think twice before slaughtering her.
He hung up and I broke everything near me in anger, I don’t let someone near her shadow, how could she be kidnapped like this? How the hell may I be this irresponsible?
I sat on the floor, he wants my wife to go there, I will lose them both, f****!
V: I can’t afford to lose you too, he wants to harm you.
R: I can’t let my daughter captive there, I have to save her even if I will give my life in exchange.
V: don’t say that, let me think, arrrrr why my mind stopped working? My princess would be scared, daaaaamn him , this mistake of his is deadly.

R: we have to work wisely.
Gathering my broken self together, I looked at Riddhima and Angrey determined.

(🔕 conversation with them)
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The other day
At 04:45
R’s pov
I looked at my husband with tears in my eyes, this is too risky but I have to do it for my daughter’s sake, for her safety and well being.
He held me close to his chest trying to calm himself and me down, we both know what can occur there.
I took a deep breath and smiled a little at him.
I walked at a slow pace to the car and drove to the address.
I accessed the door and see my daughter was tied to the chair. my cheeks were wet with tears, my baby girl what did he do to you?
I sprint to go to her but a gun sound stopped me in my spot.
K: No no no not so soon, love. first, throw the money.
R: not before giving me my daughter, Kabir.
K: oh trying to show me your smartest again, like back then when you betrayed me for Vansh?
R: you were at fault, always. my vansh was falsely accused by you, you deceived first.
K:tumhara vansh?I will make sure your Vansh will spend the rest of his life crying.
R: What are you planning to do?
Putting the gun on Vari’s head.
K: blowing out her head if you don’t give it to me in 5 s, 1 2 3
R(shouted): take it.
K(laughing loudly): you should have done it from the beginning.
He took out his phone calling someone.
K: did you make sure he is still in the mansion?
Man: yes, he is still in there.
K: send me his pic
He ended the call waiting for it.
And here is the pic of him sitting.
K: look how powerless your husband is, sitting there like a woman at home while his wife and daughter are kidnapped.
R(in horror): what?
K: congratulations, you are kidnapped too now.
He was shot in the arms, I turned to see vansh there. Thank God.
FB starts
V: I have one idea, he will surely keep an eye on me and Angrey but what if another man who came out tomorrow from the mansion, will they follow him?
R: probably not.
We used a 3 d human mask of me, a bodyguard who has the same height as me wearing it. I instructed him how to act not to talk to not get exposed.
Angrey spotted the spy and we made the bodyguard sat where he can see him easily.we are lucky that he is a dump, I wore another mask to be hidden from him.
I ran away with difficulty from the backdoor.
(It can happen, it won’t be illogical more than the show 🤣🤣🤣)
FB ends
K(holding his arm): who are you?
V:vansh raisingania
K(stunned): what? Mask? (Gritted his teeth) you deceived, say bye to your daughter, he held the gun and shot in her direction.
They were horrified, he was bleeding on the floor.
Yes, he took the bullet on himself for the baby.
My husband took the gun and shot kabir on the other hand.and rushed to Angrey.calling police and ambulance, we were waiting outside for the doc to come out, my princess was crying after witnessing all these horrible incidents.
Var: dad, Angrey chachu is there because of me.
V’s pov
It pained me to hear her blaming herself in this age of someone being shot, I will be always indebted to Angrey for this, God please save him he protected my daughter.
V: baby, your uncle will be perfectly fine, you see how much strength he is? You always praise his muscles right?
She nodded with tears.
She is too smart if we consider her age.
The doctor came out and I started feeling anxious.
Doc: don’t worry the operation was successful and we took out the bullet from his body, he needs proper care nevertheless he will recover soon.
R: thank God, you heard him, doll, your uncle will stand up soon and play with you.
Ishaani came crying there and I felt guilty since all of this happened because of us and my stupid plan. I did not have another choice, yet I would have never asked him to sacrifice his life for me.she came holding Ari.
I: Bhai, how is he?
I hugged her softly.
V: he is ok , the doc said he will take some period to get back to normal. I am sorry all of this happened because of me.
I(perplex):how? I don’t get it.
I naratted everything to her,I and Riddhima bend our head ashamed.she held both our hands.
I:bhai, babhi I know you both have the same loyalty which he has in him, you would have done the same to save Ari,I am proud of my both take Vari she is so scared.
R:how can be leave you here?
I:i have to stay with him, just go , guys.
R:give me Ari I will take care of him.
I:will you? Thank you very much,that’s so sweet of you.
The house
I made Vari took a shower and fed her along with Ari, then I started singing for my babies a lullaby.and they slept.
I put them both in the middle of the bed and walked to the balcony.
I sat there and sobbed,I was so scared before, if the plan failed anything could have happened.Vansh sat near me and I held him closely crying out all the fear and helplessness that I felt.
V:everything is ok now,I am sorry now nothing like this will happen again.
R:i know, but I can’t help remember this nightmare.
Var:mom?i can’t see you in tears.
I opened my arms and she sprinted to me.
R:my baby,I love you so much.
Var:i love you too mommy.
V’s pov
I was eying my ladies with tears, then Vari looked at me and jumped In my lap taking me by surprise.
Var:i love daddy too so much.
We smiled together holding our life in our arms promising not to let this incident happen ever again.

Hey, dears, this chapter was requested from a friend, I hope you all like it. I love you.

Sia is married

Dadi doesn’t come out of the room anymore because of her age.

Var’s pov

I woke up early feeling excited and happy. I looked around for mom & dad, They are not here yet.

They must be still sleeping nevertheless I will go to them. I love their hugs and kisses, especially during this day.

I walked toward their room and get upset seeing them awake.

V’s pov

I was romancing my wife, People usually says that the relationship after a long time, the husband and wife started to get bored with each other, But I can’t get enough of my wife.

I was nuzzling her neck when I heard my bubble of joy’s voice. Riddhima glared at me pushing me away.

Var: Dad

V: Baby, come, Good morning.

R: good morning Vari

Var: I don’t see anything good in this morning.

V(confused): Why baby?

Var: You both became old.

We opened our mouths at our daughter’s words.

R: Vari, Do we look so old?

Var: Mommy, not by the look, but the memory.

Oh my god, my daughter’s intelligence sometimes scares me.

V: you mean, we forget things?

Var: yes daddy.

R: No we did not forget anything.

V: Riddhima you really became old, of course, we forgot something so important.

Var(happily): yes daddy, what is it?

V: We promised Ishangre to go with them out today.

Var(sad):No,Not this.

R: I know what Vari wanted to say,(her expressions were cheered up again) She wanted to say that we should go to the zoo this time.

Var: Forget it, I don’t want you to remember anymore.

V: By the way, I and your mommy are busy today, your mommy has some seances with a patient, and I have an important deal.

Var: Dad, did You cancel the outing? No way!

V: Sorry cupcake, Ishaani, and Angrey will take you with them.

Looking at her upset face, I felt sad too, however, we are forced to do so.

Ishaani and Angrey came holding Ari in their arms.

(Ishaani had a miscarriage the first time, that’s why she has only her and Angrey’s son)

I: Vari baby, it’s time to go.

Angrey carried her playing with her.

An: We will have fun together, I promise.

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Var’s pov

Everyone has forgotten My birthday, They are just talking about the outing, Oldies!

Angrey Chachu drove the car to the zoo leaving mom, dad behind.

R’s pov

Oh, my daughter is so cute, She thought we forgot, not knowing the fact that Vansh was more excited than her since yesterday.

V(grinning ear to ear): We fooled her, We convinced her successfully that we forgot.

R: I pinched you, owing to the fact that you were about to tell her everything to pacify her sad face.

V(smiled feeling caught): you know me, right?

R: Ha Vansh raisingania can take anything, except her princess’s unhappiness.

V: Not only her, yours too. I can’t bear it.

R: Now, let’s began preparation, you’ve made all this plan to fool 6 years child, I can’t believe it.

V: Correction ! to surprise her, No one dares to fool my princess.

R: So obsessed father.

V: I am obsessed about you as well, don’t you remember what I did last week?

She stared at me angrily and I laughed.

R: You’re happy with what you did, The poor man was just saving me from falling but you without understanding the situation you beat him black and blue sending him to the hospital.

V: I corrected my mistake.

R: By paying the hospital fees? You must be kidding me.

V: Naah by sleeping outside for all week, you forgave me just yesterday. It was worse than in jail.

R: Stop behaving like a possessed by some ghosts.

V: I am trying sweetheart.

R: And you are failing miserably,dear.

V: You don’t value my attempts.

R: You are impossible, and arguing with you will make me go to the mental asylum.

V: Not allowed to leave me, even to the hospital.

R: You know although you make me sometimes very furious over this matter, however, I melt when I hear that tone, it has the intensity and possessiveness.

He took a step closer to me and I widened my eyes.

R: Nooo we have work, Now move, You insatiable husband!

He chuckled and held my hand going downstairs.

We spent many hours getting everything ready before her arrival.

Var’s pov

I am not enjoying without my parent, I wanted them with me during this day. I love Chachu & Chachi, they are my favorites too. However, I need my daddy and mommy today.

We were coming back home as dad called Chachi saying there’s something important.

We walked inside and everything was dark, I felt scared, Did something happened to mom, dad? A monster ate them like ” supernatural”?

Var(crying): Daddy, mommy, I am not angry with you anymore, Monster leave them.

The lights turned on and the mansion was beautifully decorated.

V’s pov

My baby was afraid of darkness, I turned on the lights and run to her lifting her up.

V: Sorry baby, I forgot about your fear.Happy birthday my princess.

Riddhima came and hugged her.

R: Calm down baby, see we’re fine, and we love you.Happy birthday my lovely Vari.

Her colleagues and all the family screams together: HAPPY BIRTHDAY VARI!

VR Mansion

Riddhima was speaking with Ishani calmly while Vansh is pacing around, Angrey was looking at him perplexed what was he doing?

Ishaani turned to her Bhai.

I: Bhai, What’s wrong with you? My head spins because of you.

R: Ishaani, let him, It’s useless to talk with him.

I: What’s the matter? Why is he like this?

R: What’s the only topic that can make him worried like this?

I: Vari

R: Exactly. And where is Vari?

I: It’s her first day in that school, oh I understand now.

R: Vansh, seriously stop it, I am her mother but I am not this anxious, I gave the teacher my number, she will call if something occurs.

V: I am not used to staying without her, what if she did not like the school? What about her classmates? When will she come back? And what do you mean by “I am her mother”, Is it specific for only the mother to worry?

R: I have a headache now, I will go, I can’t endure his craziness anymore.

V(angrily): I am not crazy.

R: You are, moreover that you behave like a kid now.

V: not a kid too.

R’s pov

My eyes softened as I looked at my husband, It’s not right to tease him anymore.

R: dear, I think it’s time for her to return, Her school bus will arrive now.

His eyes shined up looking at the door, Then he glared at me.

V: What was the need for her to go by the school bus? you did not let me take her today.

R: I don’t want her to be dependant on you, she has to discover things without your shadow.

Before he can snap at me, We heard a sweet voice.

Var: Daaad, Mom

She ran into her daddy’s arms and he laughed happily.

R(pouting): See Ishaani, If I haven’t had a strong memory about the pregnancy and the delivery, I would have doubted myself being the step-mother.

Ishangre chuckled at our daily scene.

She hugged me too kissing my cheek, my baby!

Var: I missed you all day mommy.

R: Awww my baby, I missed you too.

V: Liar, I was the only one missing you here. She was happily chitchatting with your aunt. And me, your poor father was out of his mind.

I stared at him angrily and he shrugged his shoulders, I signaled him “I will handle you later”.

R: No princess, I knew, my baby girl can take care of herself, on the contrary of your daddy.

I smirked looking at his terrified expressions.

Var: Is it true daddy?

V: No baby girl, See the princesses are strong but they need someone to protect them, I am your protector.

Var(holding his hand): And you are my strong prince.

V: Yes, That’s why your mommy is jealous of you.

Var: Yeah mommy is jealous because you love me more than her.

My jaw dropped hearing them, And Vari showed me her tongue teasing me.

R: Then this poor mommy, no one wants her here.

Var: Drama queen mommy.

I opened my eyes stunned, And Vansh giggled along with Ishangre.

R: Not fair to me. I will search for someone to be on my team.

V: I can tell you how to find it if you want.

R: Shut up, Vari is here.

Var: No dad, I want to know, tell me.

R(widening my eyes): You better stay quiet Vansh, You have no control over your tongue, especially with Vari here.

V’s pov

She was damn cute while scolding me for ruining Vari’s innocence.

V: Vari, I will tell you now, Come, You can add another member by

R(interfering): Have you hit your head during your childhood? Don’t talk further

V(ignoring her): So baby, what was I saying? mmm yes, You can add it by

She came and pulled me with her to the room leaving Vari with Ishaani & Angrey who were laughing their heart out.

Accessing the room she closed the door and spun around to face me.

R(in rage): You pervert, what were you about to say to my innocent daughter? She is a child.

V(acted confused): Pervert? me? I was about to tell her to add Ari to the team if she wants another member, What did you think?

She looked down blushing and I suppressed my laughter.

V: oh you thought I was talking about getting you pregnant?

R: Shut up, I didn’t.

V: Oh really? wifey, it’s you who has a pervert mind, by the way, the idea is great. We need another member.

Kissing her hand, arm then neck softly while she is closing her eyes.

R: It’s too late.

V(frowned): What do you mean?

R: I am already pregnant.

Circling her arms around my neck.

R(winking): The new member will come after 8 months.

I carried her laughing and twinkling around the room.

V: I am very very happy, Wow, We will have another child.

R: This time, he will be my prince, I will take revenge on you for torturing me.

V: all yours, You can do anything you want with me.

I captured her upper lip while she nibbled at my lower lip kissing passionately celebrating our happiness.

Knocks were heard on the door, We looked toward it, she was our baby girl.

Var: Mommy Don’t be sad, Daddy loves you too.Hai na ?

V: Definitely baby, I love my sweetheart very much.

R: I love you too, My lifelines. Vari baby, you want someone to play with, right?

Var: Yes

V(pointing toward her stomach): here your sister or brother is , he or she will come soon to play with you.

Var: What is he doing there?

V: Baby you were in your mommy’s stomach too, baby needs to be strong then he can come out.

Var: Will he be like Ari?

R: He will be smaller, so tiny.

Var: Yaaay, I am very happy, I will take care of him. I will feed him too.

Stepping closer to her mom’s belly, she kissed there.

Var(talking to the baby): I will always stay with you & love you.

We smiled together waiting for our second bubble of joy, I thank the stars for giving all this happiness in life.


Please ignore the author’s notes you’ll find it as I was posting it into parts. nd the other stories are written in not a very good way, I don’t know either you’ll like it or not.I will post an example of my first os.


starts from the poison incident and riddhima’s blaming Anupriya for it.

Riddhima’s pov:
I am feeling confused these much emotions whenever i see him i feel increasing in my heartbeats..i was deeply thinking when i saw the watermelon having a blue mark on it ..poison???? Oh my god ..that what was she talking about??..
I shouted unwillingly:vansh no don’t eat it ..
He frowned at me:why shouldn’t i sweetheart??
I shouted:because it has poison into it.
He looked at me as i grew another head then he laughed crazily:seriously riddhima you have a very weird imagination..relaxe sweetheart.
And before i even react he ate it..
I rushed to him:Oh lord ! Vansh what had you done ?? Are you fine?
He rolled his eyes at me:stop it silly!who would want to kill me in my own house..don’t w…wo..(he started chocking )
I held him before he fell on the floor:NOOOO PLZ KEEP YOUR EYES OPENED FOR ME PLZ!!
he started loosing his conscience slowly.
I shouted loudly:ANGRE HELP ME FAST..
he came running to the room ..seeing his boss on the floor,he called the doctor to vr mansion i felt myself unable to do other than crying holding my husband between my mind turned blank, I can’t lose him at any cost , I want him back to me .
Vansh’s pov:
I was finding riddhima’s scared face hilarious..sometimes she really becomes ridiculous..she actually believes that the watermelon is poisonous but I liked her worrying face for to tease her , I ate a piece of it laughing when I started feeling difficult to breathe..the last thing I heard is her screaming my name.
The doc came and examined him.
Doc:he had been given a strong poison..yet you called us at the right time! Don’t worry!
Hearing that riddhima sobbed more ..she went to him pleading:plz save him.i can’t live without him..will he be able to wake up again??
Doc felt sad for her : keep praying for his safety.God will never let you separate from him!
Angre went out with the doc.while riddhima sat near her vansh. promised to stay with me protect me .. I rely on you ..the poison was for me ..why did you eat it, dear !
Anupriya came .
A:my plan got ruined were supposed to be in his place as I had no intention to kill him for now.
Vansh opened his teary eyes listening to her words ..his voice trembled as he shouted:riddhima could you actually say this to my mother???
A:vansh Mera beta..thank god you are awake..otherwise this wife of yours would have got me arrested !
R(run to him hugging him):thank heaven you are safe , I was dying when I saw you in that state…Aur app Sahi socha.i was intending to do that!
V(warning voice):riddhima ..don’t speak against my mom..this is my last warning.
A(sadly): I am going beta .. I will give you both some privacy.
Saying this she went out of the room.
V’s pov:I was hearing some voices near me ..when i started acknowledging it ..i opened my eyes only to find a frightened Riddhima that too for me??..if it wasn’t for another situation .. I would have secured hee between my arms once and forever.i shouted at her for her behaviour and my mom went out feeling sad.
I turned to face her :when will common sense come back to your mind?? Wasn’t your behaviour so foolish??
R: I am sorry vansh..but I am not really sorry for it..(that was surprising)..she had the guts to answer me back ..was it because I had been so lenient on her recently??
R:believe it or not ..this attack was meant for me but you accidentally took it on yourself for heaven’s sake when I decline you from something just obey my words for a change.
V:so you think this is an attack on you? From our family??..wait give me my phone !
She gave it to me and I started researching for a certain number.
She asked me confused:what are you doing??
V: I am searching for the psychiatrist’s number as I think you lost your mind.
She gritted her teeth glaring angrily..then she left the room.
Vansh to himself:ok jokes apart she is right..the situation is more dangerous than what I thought.
The other day
At breakfast:
Vansh came down announcing about a trip where all except him&Angre will go ..
R:but i don’t wanna go..
V:i am not used to no as an answer sweetheart ..besides dadi will want her dearest bahu with i right dadi??
Dadi:bilkul beta !
R(gave up):fine i am going to prepare everything!
V:no need Mrz RVS just go and change..
Riddhima went to the room and she found a gift “from VR:..she smiled happily looking at the packet..
Soon..all of them went out in cars..the trip was to a beautiful nature..everyone was discovering the place when she walked alone in a deep thought which was cut by a sound behind her..
A:actually, i can execute the plan here beautifully!..I should thank your husband for this chance.
R:what plan??
Continued on next page…

A:of course the plan of killing you forgot it that fast!
R:i understand that..but what is hard to get is why are you acting??
A: was it a dead person’s wish?? Ok i will fulfill it dear bahu..actually i never loved anyone from this family..except the money..I was doing it all for money.
R: I can’t express my disgust toward you..the son who will give up his life for are betraying him badly!!
A:Oh come on don’t act saint in front of me..there’s no woman who can accept her step-son..get out of your dreams..moreover before dying I am going to tell you a sad truth about me ..i had known about you being spy since the first time i saw you..because you were my real’s son pawn ..kabir’s mohra!
R(shocked):kabir ??your son??
A:ha dear..and your pathidev is innocent ..we wanted you to defame him ..yet you started showering him with love and care..and in spite of telling you to stay out of my way you came behind me so I will happily kill you .Goodbye, riddhima!
Riddhima looked scared at her then smirked surprisingly making her think she is insane.
A:knowing that you’ll die smiling?? Poor you..was your life this awefull??
V:nahi mom..but your life will be .
R(removing the Bluetooth headset):actually dearest mummy ji..this was vansh’s plan.
V(mimicking her) I am hurt a bit raised me all these years even with your fake love know that making me bewaakoof is not that easy..if it is ever possible!
Actually ,shouting at riddhima was a part of scene ..that i wrote and i played perfectly.when i was unconscious ,i heard that confession of yours..may be you didn’t notice me crying for making fun of the mother-son relationship ..nevertheless i learned from the I acted as scolding riddhima to expose you, dear mother.I knew that you will surely try to kill her again moreover I didn’t know the time when you will take this step..that’s why I made this plan of giving you a golden chance to kill her .by the way I came here before you all ..& you see this Bluetooth headset?..i gave it to riddhu!
A:how ?? When?
R:vansh may i have the pleasure to tell her?
V:oh dear she is all yours..go ahead
R:thanks sweetheart..he announced the outing and i got frightened of your next trap what would be..when i got to my room.
Fb starts
R : “from vansh” for me??
She opened the packet to find a letter and a bluetooth headset.
Sweetheart first of all,i am sorry for snapping at you , I Know my mom’s truth and i know she is behind your life ..put this headset &cover it carefully with your hair..i will get her arrested..just trust me !

Fb ends
A: beta she tricked me into saying don’t know ?? She has a partner his name is
V(interrupting):kabir..your son
Riddhima closed her eyes guilty .
V: you and your son really think slightly of me..what am i ? Stupid ??..i won’t know what’s happening in my mansion??..(turning to riddhima)..i searched for clarity about you & i connected the dots at a certain point..i remembered you shouting “ka” which was incomplete when i hit the man whom you contacted..more than this,kabir came to arrest me the same day i ordered Mrs dsouza to give you the phone..You talked to Mr sathe &kabir..that day i was almost convinced he is your partner ..then sunny’s acting ,scaring you were all part of my plane except one thing :the shootout changed everything riddhima ,i ignored the truth knowingly!
R(cried):i am sorry ..i tried to betray you yet you saved me.
V:no dear didn’t cheat on me..i saw everything ..i left everything for you to test your loyalty and you proved it wonderfully ..don’t cry ..i can’t see your tears..ops i forgot about her..inspector??
Inspector:yes sir
V:take her from here ..
In:anupriya ji you are under arrest..
Handcuffing her they took her from there.
R: how can you forgive me easily? I am your wife still I met another m..(he closed her mouth)
V: don’t you use that expression were’d been used may I punish you for that??..I was used too by my step-mom..was it my fault?? the way I heard someone was very angry on my behalf when I was unconscious kyu Mrs RvR?
She blushed feeling caught.
R:i was protecting what’s mine Mr Vr ..& you are everything ..I LOVE YOU !
He hugged her cupping her face lovingly: I love you too immensely crazily madly..saying this he captured her lips hungrily sucking her lips till the urgent need of air became necessary..they joined their foreheads together.
All the family except riansh:a7m a7m you came here for this??..interesting ..very interesting!
Everyone burst laughing at their embarrassed faces..phew they never know that VR can also have red cheeks!

The end

The last os was the first os I have ever written, So that’s all sweethearts. Thank you for reading .

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